Helicopter Tour Costa Rica – Scenice Helicopter Tours Guanacaste
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Helicopter Tour Costa Rica – Scenice Helicopter Tours Guanacaste

September 10, 2019

Hey guys, today we’re going to do something super exciting. We are at the office of Adventure Air in Liberia, Guanacaste and I’m with Maria who is part of their team And we are going to go on a sunset tour in
a helicopter. So Maria thank you so much for having us and can you share more information to our readers about the tour we’re going to do and the services you provide. OK you’re going to do the sunset tour in one of our most popular tours. Then we have another services we have five different tours we have the river adventure, we have the volcano adventure, we have also the island paradise and the beach tour you can do in the morning or the afternoon. And also we have transfers to mostly every part of the country. Also you can make one day tours to Arenal or Rio Perdido. Awesome, so we’re going to show you guys what the sunset tour is like so keep on watching and if you want more information just click on the links below Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy the video Alright guys, that was the helicopter tour
for Adventure Air. It was amazing I want to thank our captain today he’s Juan Carlos, he’s one of the captains here so thank you very much for having us. You’re welcome, thanks for flying with us
guys super recommended, super happy I hope you guys can enjoy this

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