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August 26, 2019

2 words that should never go together helicopter and trampoline i’m jake paul actor entropenaur creator when i was young my dad told me if you’re not living on the edge your taking up to much space so since i was a kid i have tried to live on the edge going outside of my comfort zone to reach new heights and push myself to the limits every day when i started to do that and make it a habit everyday you realise there are no limits is it weird that like we are in my closet filming this voiceover no,its perfect does it sound epic i love it 123… when i started living unlimited i accomplished so much more so i asked myself what is what i could that could push myself far than i have ever been before something so challenging something that shouldn’t be possible some thing that would make a sucker of mum’s screen the following of ecender seems legit jake paulers it is about to go down we are 30 seconds of this happening we got the trampoline set up we got lifeguards we got people over here we got 2 helicopters and basically what they are going to do is to come over here pick up the trampoline while i am on top of it and i am going to start jumping this is incredibly dangerous there is so much that have gone into this there is a lifeguard gone in the water there’s stunt crews there is so many people involved there is flipping sheriffs and cops and everything here to make sure this goes right and the only thing holding us up right now is is this seal yo we cant do this if you are here bro you gotta go bro your cancelling the production he is so cute though oh my god helicopter trammpoline us americans are crazy oh my god can i have a kiss before i die good luck kisses i want a kiss im gonna die its everyday bro kane is up in the helicopter look at this i’m about to get outta here lets flipping go ( Subscribe and Like:p) yo yo stay still i think something went wrong time to jump here we go (pray for him;p) jake paulers we did it it was so sick you have no idea in am so tired now guys i have never done something so crazy in my entire life before so much fun and its all because of you guys i get to be able to do this i want to thank everyone and team 10 for helping me for making it possible for supporting me this couldn’t have happened outsprint guys the motto is live unlimited this is truly the definition of living unlimited thank for making this happen in the time when living life is your playground where rules were meant to be broken when you could truly become whatever you want where kids from the internet making it in disney channel where social media won a election when everything is possible dont let anyone doubt you be a go getter be ruthless and live on the

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  1. Bro you need to catch up to pewdiepie because he has 88 million subscribers so every one in the world to sub jake Paul



  3. great video jake ur crazy bro love the part with all them girls running on the beach and them boobies goin up and down in them bikinis like my comment if u agree

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