Helipads & Aircraft in “LEGO City Undercover” – Finding and Buying Aircraft and Helipads
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Helipads & Aircraft in “LEGO City Undercover” – Finding and Buying Aircraft and Helipads

August 25, 2019

Hi! Brickette here to show you how to get all the helipads and aircraft in LEGO City Undercover. After Special Assignment 9, at the end of Chapter 10, we unlock helipads and get the Swooper helicopter. I get a running start and then double-jump and hold it the second time. Once we build this helipad, there’s a much easier way to get there from the ground. which I’ll show you in a minute. We need 20,000 bricks for this super build. There’s a quicker way to get to this helipad now. I’ll show you from the front of the hospital. If you have the jetpack that you get in Special Assignment 13, you can jump up here. Otherwise, you can go over to the right and climb up this wall. Oh! too far. This is our first helicopter – the Swooper, and we get it for free! During this level, we fly over to the Bright Lights Plaza helipad, which is already built. Here’s how we can get up to this helipad outside of the story, from the train station. That door is so hard to get through smoothly. We get Jupiter in Special Assignment 13 in free play with Rex Fury. Jupiter is in this last area of the level. Rex Fury needs to open this box. Now we can go buy Jupiter, which costs 25,000 studs. I’ll show you after we get Rex’s Tempest how we can change the color with these bricks. We can get the Cloud in Special Assignment 14, in Fresco in Blackwell’s Mansion: Investigation Now we can buy the Cloud for 100,000 studs. We can get Rex’s Tempest in Special Assignment 15 towards the end of the level, by smashing this boulder. Rex’s Tempest costs a million studs! Wow! We can change the color of any aircraft with these colored bricks. That’s my favorite, for the Tempest. And now we’ll get the Cherry Tree Hills helipad and the Responder. The Responder costs 10,000 studs. Next up is the Auburn helipad for the Hera. Yowza! I don’t know why I’m hesitating here. or here The Hera costs 3,000 studs. We get the Skybringer in Bluebell. The Skybringer costs 50,000 studs. Next, I went to the Airport to build the helipad and to get the Camel helicopter. The Camel costs 15,000 studs. We get the UFO with the Apollo Island helipad. The UFO only costs 5,000 studs. We get the Chopper at the Albatross Island helipad. The Chopper is 20,000 studs. I got the Guardian while I was rescuing the cat on Lady Liberty Island. We get the Guardian helicopter here instead of the Mario Hat Red Brick that’s in the Wii U version of this game. The Guardian costs 3,000 studs.

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