Hellion Pre-Alpha Gameplay with Commentary
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Hellion Pre-Alpha Gameplay with Commentary

August 15, 2019

Hello everyone, my name is Milos Zivkovic
and I’m the story writer at Zero Gravity studio. Today we want to show you an extended version of our early gameplay footage with some added
commentary to explain some of the game’s features. Keep in mind this is early pre-alpha gameplay as the game is still heavily in development.
The players wake up in their cryo-pods inside the ship’s cryo-bay.
This is basically how the game starts, you find yourself inside a cryo-pod either on
an outpost or in a ship and you need to find a way to survive. Here we see the crew is splitting up into two teams. One team is going over to the bridge, while the other team prepares to leave the ship
for exploration. As the players enter the bridge, you can see
a small outpost on the left and a huge gas giant planet we call Bethyr on the right.
The captain is going to take command of the ship by sitting in the pilot’s chair and
what he’s basically going to do is move the ship a little bit closer to the outpost
in order to make the EVA trip a bit easier for the other team.
Both the station and ship are in orbit around the planet in a solar system of one third
of its real scale. So the gas giant is about 50.000 kilometers
across. Since the distance between the ship and the
station is relatively small the captain can pilot manually without any problems.
However, if the distance were any larger he would need assistance from the ship’s nav
computer to match the orbital velocity as both the ship and the station are moving at
extreme speeds around the planet. In the meanwhile, the other team is preparing
to leave the ship and enter the hard vacuum of space.
Therefore, they are putting on their pressurized suits, helmets and taking with them their
jet-packs for easier maneuvering in zero gravity. The pressurized suits the players have on
are not really designed for prolonged exposure to the vacuum and radiation of space.
They come with their own oxygen supply but the jet packs have very limited fuel supply.
That is one of the reason why the captain moved the ship that close to the station.
To minimize the risk to his crew. In order to leave the ship the players need
to approach the air-lock, then cycle the air and finally go outside. As you can see one of them just entered zero gravity.
The ship has artificial gravity generators but the airlock and several other corridors
are in constant zero G. This in mainly to make transitioning between
environments easier. The ship’s controls allow for manual gravity
adjustment throughout the entire ship or just for specific rooms.
Gravity can also fail as a result of a malfunction which would basically put everything in a
weightless state. One of the players is about to initiate air-cycling
within the airlock. As that lever is pulled you can see how the
pressure bar begins dropping. The ship’s life support system is pumping
the air out of the room in order to equalize the pressure with the outside.
Without doing so the decompression would throw both players outside uncontrollably.
Not only would they need to expend fuel to stabilize, they would also waste some of the
ship’s precious atmosphere, a very valuable commodity in space.
With all preparations complete they leave the safety of their ship. This is another big feature of the game the seamless transitions.
As you can see the players simply move from the airlock to the outside.
This is also true for all objects within the game.
There are no loading screens in this game. You can move freely from the ship to the outside
into the station without any restrictions. As the players are approaching the station
you can see that the outpost has an airlock very similar to the one found on their ship.
This is what is usually used as a docking port but since the outpost seems to be running
on emergency power docking the ship with it might not be possible.
So, the two of them split. One is going to stay outside and search for
a way to restore power to the station while the other one moves inside and tries to see
if the life support system was still running on emergency power.
Because if it was, it would mean that the station still has some breathable air left
that they can use instead their own suit supply. It would seem that the life support system
on the station is still running and the air is being pumped into the airlock but without
restoring the power it might not be possible to move further.
It seems that the player on the outside has found a way to deploy the station’s solar
panels restoring power to the station. This is one of the features of the game – most
problems will not always be obvious. Sometimes you will actually have to search
for a way to repair a ship or a station before you can explore. With power systems restored the station springs back to life. The players can now move further into the station in search for the valuable equipment and resources they can salvage. All the while the captain is carefully watching
his team from inside the ship, keeping a close eye on all of their actions. However, once both players are in the station he will no longer be able to track their actions
and in certain cases even radio communication may be impossible. Now, inside the station both players move forward. With power restored the doors will
let them in. One of them moves into the room and immediately
spots a rifle and not only that, there is also armor and ammunition within the station. As you can see the station’s interior was designed specifically for zero gravity.
And the station itself is very well preserved. This is a rare exception as in most cases
players will have to move through ruined outposts and derelict ships.
For now both players seem content with just the weapons they’ve found and they move
back towards their ship. Here we are going to fast forward a little
bit skipping the entire air-cycling routine. As both players leave the station and go back
to their ship, we have fast forwarded time a little to show you another example of the
game’s mechanics. As you can see the ship is now only visible
as a silhouette. This is because the sun has set behind the
planet leaving them in complete darkness. As both players have turned on their flashlights
they can see other players moving on the bridge. The captain is also watching his team returning
from their mission eager to find what loot they salvaged.
We will use this opportunity to show you the ship’s outer hull a little bit.
This is one of our medium sized vessels and the game will feature ships both smaller and
larger than this one. And here you can see orbital mechanics at
work as the sun slowly rises from the horizon and illuminates both the ship and the players
on the outside. This is the opportunity to show you the ship
in greater detail. As you can see, when the players turn around
this ship is very robust. It’s an industrial excavator designed for
heavy mining and salvage operations in deep space.
And it actually requires a crew of several people to run at full efficiency.
Now, we did mention this is the medium size vessel but it can still serve as a mobile
base or a home for several players. The players are finally returning from their
exploration mission and once more we’re just going to skip through the entire airlock
cycling routine. The players are now back in full gravity but
it does seem that something is amiss as they don’t look ready to surrender their salvage just
yet. And judging by their actions it looks they
are planning a takeover. Here they kill one of their former crew members
on his birthday and it looks like captain Dimbe is about to be relieved from duty. This is another important feature there are no artificial limitations for player interaction
because in the world of Hellion – you live or die according to your choices.

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  1. So another quick rip off of Star citizen.. I mean I want more SCI FI games. MORE is better, but copy paste is not.

  2. BLAH BLAH BLAH! Space game! When can I play it! Stop trying to sell me on it and put it on Steam

  3. sometimes I feel like I made a mistake with star citizen. The ships in that game just don't look as industrial as this ship at the moment and this game already has a bunch of mechanics in place before asking for money.

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  5. So some antags got onto the derelict to get some weapons to throw over the crew, sounds like an average round then.

  6. Is it just me or does the cockpit look like a constellations? Eh, doesn't matter. Re-emergence of space games is awesome. and I don't think there is anything filling the hardcore sim/survival/level kind of game. There are a lot with the open world exploration, dogfighting, trading games like star citizen, elite dangerous, no man's sky, dual universe, and lik 3 others I am forgeting but this one seems to go for a different niche, and in a weird engine too!


  7. So one player spent an hour sitting in a captain's chair, watching a ship float in orbit? Being robbed and murdered seemed like the most fun part. Seriously, who is going to volunteer for that role even if it payed off?

  8. Fucking lord above people, no, this isn't Star Citizen. It's first person, in space, and multiplayer but so is Space Engineers, PULSAR: Lost Colony, StarForge, and StarMade. Every game in space isn't fucking SC. And at least this game will come out without wasting fucking millions of dollars.

  9. Yes how do you guys have not even 1.5k subs??? Thats crazy. This game hopefully will rival Scam Citizen to a degree. Please dont make some shitty Pay2Win game like Scam Citizen where idiots spend thousands and thousands of dollars for a pixel ship… thats just crazy. Can yall PLEASE make a video about PvP or something? Im over halfway thru and dont see anything PvP related. also whats the servers like? Is it instanced like Scam Citizen? Or will it be like EvE or Rust?

  10. While obviously not at the same level of fidelity as Star Citizen, this game looks to have the same level of immersion and depth to it. I think it looks promising, and wish it the best of luck.

  11. excited for this to release, i might get it then. just worried about what the on ship crew are supposed to do while the salvage team is salvaging, i'd imagine fully looting from large space stations will take at least an hour. seems like a boring hour for anyone not salvaging.

  12. "fucking greed" and "fuck you" is star citizens middle name…this game allready has more done and more realism than star citizen……hackers allready makes that game for free..this hellion is made with peanuts money so far and has achieved more and its stable

  13. all that money is just feeding chris roberts's pockets and a bigger house and ferrari…stop spending money on that game….they just buying time and making more money by sekking ships that are so bugged

  14. I think this game has potential, I am excited to try it. I am a little disappointed to see that they ripped off the constellation pilot hub from star citizen. it's blatant. which shows a complete lack of original creativity.

  15. Games developed in Eastern Europe go one of two ways: Big Rigs Over The Road Racing, or STALKER. Let's hope for the latter here!!

  16. will you be able to set what kind of ship/station that shows up or is it all randomly generated… Also how much do you guys want to price the game on steam? can you give me the number in CAD?

  17. I didn't like how the framrate died with that first guy when they killed back on the ship… Or is it just a shitty death animation? whatever it is, fix it and I'll buy!

  18. i'm a big Star Citizen supporter but I must say this looks very very good and a lot more like a space simulation. SC is becoming too concern with pleasing console players to dumb the game down imho – hopefully this will be more "hardcore" survival mode. If so I'll definitely be on board.

  19. as long as this game is optimized, I'm happy. I'm tired of seeing games that only use one core of my cpu, holding back fps.

  20. I wish they would have two teams to explore a place. First the scout team, armed with weapons and electronic tagging gear, who go in, look all around, find what needs to be salvaged/collected and tag it for the salvage team, and make sure that everything is clear and safe for them. Then the salvage team comes in, and get automatic waypoints on all the gear that was tagged, and they have large crates to store it all in and they just collect everything and return to the ship.

  21. First saw this on a youtuber's channel, but he didn't manage to do much other than put on a suit and fumble around the starter module. Most of the video was him trying to figure out basic controls and randomly pulling parts out of equipment with no real idea what he was supposed to be doing. The dev videos do a much better job demonstrating the very very basics, but they still don't paint a very clear picture of how you're supposed to go about doing much else.

    It seems like it's still way too early in development for the devs to even be doing gameplay videos, let alone for it to be open to early access with youtubers flailing around with no clue what to do or how to do it. I think they would have been better off sticking to doing feature update videos for a while until it was a bit further along.

  22. I've spent quite a time trying to locate this baby in 0.1.4-0.1.5. Is this ship in the game atm?

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  24. i am noticing so many things that are not in the game right now that are in this will these be released in 2 or some time later

  25. Das sieht ja mal ganz anders aus als das was released wurde o.O
    Wenn ihr meine vids schaut seht ihr wies zur Zeit wirklich aussieht

  26. looks great, but how is it not a "one trick pony"? Once you know pull X to do X so you can get to X, it's just a team of people doing all those things as quickly as possible because they know what to do.

  27. I want this version of Hellion back, please πŸ™ it looks very much more advanced than the Alpha version. Yet you call it pre-alpha :-

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