Henry Stickmin – Infiltrating the Airship
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Henry Stickmin – Infiltrating the Airship

October 10, 2019

Well, well, look who finally decided to wake up. You’ve been quite elusive, but your skills make you worth the cash. You’ll be perfect for the job. We’ve been having some issues with a group of thieves known as the Toppat Clan. We know their guilty, we just can’t pin in any crimes (?) You’ll be going in their airship to bring’em down. I don’t need to remind you that we’ve got you on several charges. [INAUDIBLE] Robbery Breaking yourself outta prison… [CHUCKELS] …Even stealing the Tunisian Diamond. We’ve got quite a lot of counts on you. Do this job right, and we’ll drop out charges against you. Charlie here will be bringing you close to the airship. Then the rest is up to you. Find a way to bring’em down, and you’ll be a free man. Charlie: Hey, uh, how do you want me to bring you in? Toppat Clan Member: Hey I’ve been, I’ve been looking at the numbers here, what do you think? Toppat Clan Member 2: Ah, yes. Let me have a look. [CRASH] [ALARM] Right-Hand Man: Go, go I’ll hold him off! Come on then!!! [CRASH] [PANTING] Guy On Walkie-Talkie: Everyone (?) listen up, we got security, alert! Keep a look out for a guy in a big plastic ball. No, I’m serious. [SMASH] [CRASH] [SMASH] [CRASH] Toppat Leader: Hurry up now, activate the doors! [CRASHES] Guy In Jail: Wow [MACHINE ERROR] [EXPLOSION] [THUD] Toppat Leader: No! No! Get away! Right-Hand Man: Now I’ve got ya! [THUD] [APPLAUSE] Toppat Leader: Help! Help! [PUNCH] [CHOKING] [ALARM] Toppat Leader: Lis..Listen… You’ve defeated my Right-Hand Man, and you’ve defeated me… I surrender the airship to you. Charles: Good work Henry, now just bring him to us, and you’ll get your life back! [THUD] Charles: You think they’re alright, they had a big fall. Government Guy: I’m sure Henry had a plan. What is it? Henry!!!

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