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  1. FYI. You don't have to rip up a GoPro dumb ass. There's a plethora of 4k cine-whoop style drones on the market. Try Google you mouth breathing morons

  2. With the drone itself being below 250gr they don't fall under EU regulation so you can take it anywhere. The law excludes camera weight.

  3. What is the brand of the mini drone you are holding towards the end of the video? If possible can you please share a link from where I can get one of them?

  4. One way to do it, but you can easily build a shrendrone setup an not have to hack your gopro apart lol. Cool video for people to learn about our fpv community…

  5. I hate gps stuff alway like to be free while flying it’s a art a skill a passion to fly fpv. Good job on your first time mate you did good???

  6. Bro that is so cool. I have a guy in my drone group that builds contagious and I thought he is amazing, actually he is "Stanfpv" but this guy is just amazing also! Wow. I had to sub your channel, thanks!

  7. Wow that cinewhoop footage is SO smooth! I might have to try out ReelSteady 🙂 This video would be cool on too, if you don't have an account yet you should check it out!

  8. I really want to build one of those small drones. Is there a tutorial on that? Or can you make one for us Mr Potato sir?

  9. You should take the Iphone apart for the camera and put that on the drone and make your cinewhoop like that! that would be the lightest most powerful rig around ?

  10. Amazing flying ability! And still incredible, but it looks like he flew the drone forward through the rings, and just reversed the footage. Still, unbelievable and an amazing effect! 1:35

  11. Great video bro . And that go pro naked wow . That’s so smart . If I get a second GoPro I may consider stripping it lol . Thanks for the great idea .

  12. (45sec to 50sec) no.and another NO! Absolute and utter STUPIDITY. Through a kids playground with small kids playing. NO!
    And yes, your right, an evil villain. I'm absolutely GobSmacked any drone pilot alive, or even brain dead, would do that. But yup, he did.

  13. Lmfao they were called drones. This guy, the military had these. I remember in Germany they would fly them over our city.

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