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Heritage2health -how to make a paper aeroplane

September 5, 2019

I’m going to make an aeroplane So what you do is you fold it in half this way and then you open it up and you fold it to the corners So this time you have a line, so you can fold it on the line and do the same with the other corner like this And then this bit you fold over not too much. Where the lines are fold it over like that And then these two corners you have to fold There needs to be a bit at least like this bit this much of this still here So you need to fold it to about here and then meet the other corner next to it Yes, like that Done that And then when you’ve done that then this little bit you flip over, this way And then where you’ve already folded it, you fold it again So you turn it round like that and you go like that? This bit is tricky, so I’m going to show you So, it’s sideways and then this bit, you have to fold it So here’s the line but you have to go over it a little bit So you do it like this This part of the wing. Then you fold it over like that but not on the line, over the line I’ve got as far as there, now which bit do I turn over? This bit needs to be in here I don’t think it can go back in. Wait, let me just try Fold it over, yes. Then that bit you need to fold over like this and then you come to the line here Then you have to do the other side, haven’t you? And then when you open it up it should look like this Now if I try to fly it I will hit the yoga people and it won’t go over there, but… Like that.

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