Hestia – Multipurpose WordPress Theme With Slick Material Design
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Hestia – Multipurpose WordPress Theme With Slick Material Design

August 10, 2019

Meet Hestia, a beautiful WordPress theme with
a slick material design. This elegantly coded, one-page theme is perfect
for a business website of any size. [subtitle: Fully compatible with WooCommerce]
Here’s what makes the Hestia theme unique: It has a single-page design. This means that the blocks on the homepage
flow nicely one after another, keeping the user engaged and interested. It uses material design, which makes your
content pop and remain readable on all devices and screens. It is multipurpose. You can use Hestia for any type of website
or business, in any market, and to showcase any products or services that you want to
sell. It was built with e-commerce in mind. Hestia comes with full WooCommerce compatibility. This means that launching your online store
with Hestia takes mere minutes. Just install the theme and you’re good to
go. [pause]
But wait, there are even more reasons why Hestia might perhaps be the right WordPress
theme for you: There’s a full-screen homepage slider that
does a great job of grabbing your visitor’s attention and showing them your main content. Of course, fully customizable. Smartphones? Tablets? Desktops? Don’t worry, Hestia will look great on any
device and screen size. The design is fully responsive. Smooth parallax scrolling! A cool visual feature that makes your backgrounds
float elegantly as you scroll up and down the page. Fully customizable colors! Great for keeping your branding consistent
and making the site look exactly the way you want it. Full support for WordPress Live Customizer. You can adjust the way your website looks
and see the changes in real-time. No need to refresh the page over and over. Integrated portfolio and pricing tables. With these, you can showcase your offer and
let everybody know about your prices … all in a visually appealing and clear manner. Last but not least, Hestia gives you elegant,
optimized code and SEO-friendly structure that’s been fine-tuned for speed – a key factor
for all websites. And of course, since it is WordPress we’re
talking about, Hestia also provides you with a neat blog module where you can share your
posts, articles, and product news. Try it out! See how easy it is.

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  1. i installed this template free version. but when i go to the blog section i dont have the featured post how does this work ?

  2. Is it a one time purchase ? And I can use the theme on as many different websites as I would like ? Or is it pay per use? Thanks

  3. How can I embed youtube videos on the frontpage? I use the iframe embed code within the "about" section, but nothing shows up. I've also tried WP [embed] tags, but still nothing. Any ideas?

    I'm interested in the pro version, but am playing with free version to check it out. It's good – apart from this problem :/

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