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Higher, Further, Faster. Angelo is Born to Engineer

August 26, 2019

My grandfather was one of the oldest Skydivers in the world We weren’t a rich family But he managed to get up to 400 jumps Make do with fairly modest equipment And the price for that is the Physical beating your body takes He was caught by a gust of wind once He broke his false teeth Within a few hours He’d glued them back together with Araldite And he was off again skydiving The kind of man that couldn’t be stopped Doing what he loved Seeing him Leads you to want to be the same For a sport that you’re so close to death I was surprised that there wasn’t More technical design Put into these suits Coming from a background in aerospace systems I thought, we have a chance to do this better The first challenge was to simulate The performance of a wingsuit in flight We get the wingsuit in a wind tunnel And then we use a laser scanning process To capture the geometry You can then use it In computer programs To simulate the airflow around the suit And that’s the critical part of understanding How engineering design principles Can be applied to make a better suit No one had ever done that before A wingsuit generates lift In the same way as an aircraft A low pressure above the wing Compared to a high pressure beneath the wing The head generates a lot of turbulence If we can use a more Aerodynamic design of helmet We can improve the air flow Not only over the head But over the entire wingsuit The vents are critical Because it gives you the pressure You need to inflate the wingsuit However they also cause a lot of drag By changing the shape of the vents We develop a better wingsuit Ultimately we’re trying to move the sport forwards Set world records for the highest altitude The longest flight time The highest speed ever achieved in a wingsuit And the longest distance flown I only started skydiving After my grandfather passed away Experiencing what my grandfather Would have gone through Is a big part of filling that hole He had to push To achieve what he did I’m having to push To achieve what I want to achieve Trying to make the impossible possible And that is, fundamentally What engineering is about

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  1. Rip Dr I only learnd about you and your amazing work after you passed away . My
    Hope some one picks up your vision and continues to make wingsuit flying safer .
    My condolences to your family and loved ones .

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