History of Lobotomy Software: Finally Exhumed
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History of Lobotomy Software: Finally Exhumed

August 30, 2019

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  1. Wow, what a brilliant video! Thank you so much for doing such an in-depth documentary about this awesome game and the company. There are many great games out there but Powerslave (or Exhumed in my case) will always have that special place in my heart 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for putting this together. I've become a bit of an early FPS obsessive but havn't got round to Power Slave yet. What in your opinion would be the definitive version? Currently enjoying Grezzo 2 in small doses of insanity. All the best, Thanks again.

  3. I grew up in Seattle and because of what happened to this company in such a short time have never heard of them but I am now(because of this vid) very familiar with their work. wonderful docu!

  4. Awesome video! kept me hooked all the hour long.. i am a huge Lobotomy fan (Saturn was my console of choice in early nineties..)

  5. Found this by accident. Very well done and very interesting. I also played the Saturn version of Exhumed some years back and was quite surprised, that it's actually a very, very good game. A real pity, that these geniuses weren't properly paid for their efforts.

  6. Fantastic review of a team that may have been one of only two development teams, the other being Capcom, the justify the Saturn's existence to third-party development.

  7. Well done. Thanks for taking the time to pay tribute to Lobotomy – what they did, they did with passion and great know-how. 

  8. Great doc and opened my eyes to alot I didn't know about Labotomy. I loved Exhumed on the PSX and my original copy still takes it's pride place among my all time favs. I still remember being drawn toward that bleep sound in the level, what is it and where's it coming from ? When I finally cracked open a wall and found a part of the spaceship, I was instantly hooked on trying to find them all. This is when I realised that Exhumed was more than just a fps. The artifacts, the excellent music and the hidden secrets all contributed to making this one of the best games ever and I've always wondered why it lacked the recognition I felt it deserved.
    Thanks for uploading.

  9. Exhumed on PSX was THE BEST fps that i play in my life.
    Graphic,puzzle,enemy,Egipt theme and MUSIC…Absolute MAGIC!
    Thank you for this documentary i was watching this with tears in my eyes.
    Thank You Lobotomy <3

  10. One of my childhood's favorite games. What a music, what an atmosphere, what a gameplay! Think that Tomb Raider and Powerslave were best adventure games of that era.

    Thanks a lot Lobotomy for the masterpiece, thanks CGS for a story about those brilliant guys.

  11. I played the PSX demo version a lot and i loved it, now i feel bad for having played through the game without knowing it's full potential 🙁
    Btw, outstanding video 😀

  12. Thank you for this awesome trip back into the deep 90s! I really enjoyed this video! I had never heard of Lobotomy Software until now or Exhumed, even though I was a huge fan of FPS back then.

    You really put some effort in this documentary. I loved the footage, but also your narration. I can't believe you didn't get more views! You should do a similar video about other great studios as well. You mentioned Looking Glass, so you're probably aware that it shares parallels to Lobotomy Software in terms of the quality games they released. How about it? 🙂

  13. All I can say is wow… Just wow… I am glad to know such a hidden gem that was almost lost within the sands of time… Also I kudos you upon the very detailed and oh so interesting documentary as well.

  14. This is a wonderfully well researched retrospective on a developer that deserves far greater recognition. It's unfortunate that the console version of Exhumed/Powerslave will likely never see a digital rerelease, and so many new players will never get to experience it in all its greatness. Thanks for creating and sharing this very insightful video.

  15. I love the game, but bodging the PC version so terribly is a real big fuck up. I never really got why people would play any fps game on a console, as they consistently featured worse graphics, less customization no modding capabilities and most of all: Terrible fucking controls. 
    Nobody could be reasonably expected to assume that the console version was superior.

  16. after watching this video my love to powerslave is up stronger. thank you for video, and thank lobotomy software for really nice game. maybe someday i will see powerslave hd remake or powerslave 2. Hope is still alive in my heart

  17. Excellent work, I'm thoroughly ashamed it has taken me this long to get around to watching this. First off, I appreciate the nod in the credits! Next, I really appreciate the mix of detailed info and commentary, the blurb about "blur-o-rama" N64 graphics had me cracking up. The Lobotomy guys were a great group, and definitely appreciative to their fanbase, as well as any publicity they could get. I still remember being flown out to their offices to see the early versions of Duke and Quake, and playing some solid matches of Death Tank with them, and Jevons. Good times, good memories; thank you for keeping it alive!

  18. Huh, the console version looks pretty cool, gotta wonder why they didn't put as much effort in to the pc version.  Really sad they didn't get the exposure they deserved.

  19. This has to be one of the coolest documentaries we have ever seen! we are big fans of the works of Lobotomy Software and to see such a well deserved and well made look into the incredible, and we would say, tragic history behind this great development studio is simply excellent. It is thorough, well voiced and has impeccable structuring. Thank you for this.

  20. Wow what a great video! So refreshing compared to endless videos informing me that E.T. 2600 was the sole cause of the video game crash (it wasn't) or how amazing Sonic 2 was or Mega Man etc endlessly. No effort put into videos like that, mostly just passing on what most of us know ad-nauseam :p I wish more videos were like this, work actually went into it, nice narration, no bias or fanboy ramblings and full of info I was not aware of, THIS is a prime example of the videos I love to watch straight though.                     

  21. Great video, you sure put way more effort into this than Youtube reviewers usually do. I too remember Exhumed as "just another Doom clone" from back then, and I have played it for like 10 minutes only. I guess I will power on my 486/133 and give it a try 🙂 It is hard to believe that they ended like this, undercharging their work… I mean how hard is it to feed 20 employees off 3 games for 2 years.. :/

  22. This is a very insightful documentary. I really need to play Exhumed. A game that done what Metroid Prime did, 6 years before I did it, deserves a hell of a lot more praise than this got. 

  23. I had this game on psx back in the day and i played it for maybe a hour and i didnt get how to progress ( i was 8yo) and this game confused the living hell out of me because i was used to titles like wolfenstein and doom.

    Anyway i started collecting for sega saturn when i was 19 and this is 9 years ago upon typing this.
    And when i picked up Exhumed i was very eager to play and master the game i so utterly failed at as a young kid. So far i have gotten to the water level and its pretty damn hard but i cant stop playing for many hours at a time anyways. It really sucks me in being an old fps fanboy.

    Man i was blown away by how emerged i got by this game. It is a masterpeice and reminds me alot of Metroid prime in how you progress within the games enviroment.

    I just ordered a new battery for my saturn as the one i had died today! (damn save is gone) i need to play this and finish it this time! Cant wait!

    Great dev making this game it deserves alot more credit and praise!

  24. There's also an interesting interview with Brian McNeely and Unseen64. Really fascinating stuff: http://www.unseen64.net/2015/03/09/interview-brian-mcneely-lobotomy-software/

  25. It's a good topic to make video on, and it's a good video. I think it suffers in popularity for being rather long, though.

  26. @Tatsu Mainframe

    There seems to be some whispers down the grapevine about NightDive studios bringing this to the Steam platform. I lost my mind when I heard this as I want this game so much available on the store. I've never played it, but I just know it's fantastic gaming.

  27. Power Slave is one of (if not THE) best first person games I remember playing. In fact, I still have my Saturn and it is among the titles I treasure. LOVE the game as a whole. Great video!

    Also I might add: one of the best soundtracks ever to hit my ears.

  28. Nice try, but most of this is heresay. All of the "shockwaves" you talk about have really no true documentation, and are just your feelings about the matter. Not to take away from Lobotomy, they did good work on the Saturn; a clusterfuck of a console. But the "innovations" you point out are just minor additions. You tried comparing finding collectibles to side quests in Elder Scrolls: stretching much?

  29. I have been impressed by what this company did on the Saturn so I came here to see this video. But since I always thought it's a small not very known company, I kept wondering "What? A 1 hour documentary on this company? Isn't that excessive?".

    But then watching the video and realizing what they have achieved in 2 years and all the struggles they went through, I grew respect on them, and sometimes there are small teams who deserve more, it's just that they failed to stay that we don't hear about them. It just blows my mind. There is a lot of interesting stories in this video, I totally enjoyed it, and it makes me wanna open my Saturn and try this game now (I have only tried to play it seriously on PC some time ago).

    Wow, I am gonna check your other videos. I think another underrated company that I'd like to see a documentary about it is Looking Glass.

  30. What a video!!!
    I don't subscribe often as I think most 'youtubers' don't appreciate how valuable one person's attention is.
    But subbed, then looking forward to your archives and eagerly await further videos.

    Ok, I'm scaring myself with my grovelling.
    But the appreciation in this video is through the roof.

  31. Exhumed on the Saturn and Playstation were no mere Doom clones, they were in my opinion far more diverse in their make up and design layout.My particular favourite version was the Saturn version which really was a remarkable achievement on a console that was at the time damned for not being able to do 3D.It most certainly could do 3D as testifies by it's wonderful gameplay and great visuals.
    I salute you Lobotomy Software and thank you!!

  32. For the fun, and in a free way, they wanted make games, with passion, they have made Exhumed/Powerslave.
    They think they have failled
    I think They have succeeded, their games are awesome and respected, PC or PS1/Saturn version, i like all of them. :3
    Long life to this group and long life to Exhumed/Powerslave !

  33. Wow this video was a great morning wake up.
    It's a huge bag of delight to hear so much about a dev that I knew nothing about.
    I kinda feel bad for having such a creative developer just die because of lack of proper exposure and general mismanagment.

  34. Fantastic video. Lobotomy were fabulous and exhumed remains the best FPS ever made, with Mario IV level design perfection

  35. ExHumed was with Command & Conquer (music used in this ExHumed minidocu!) my favourite on my Sega Saturn. Played it many many times and unlocked all secrets. One of my friends played it also at my home and later bought the PC version of the game. To our surprise that PC game got completely redesigned levels. And those levels worked different. The PC version got their levels more in one "box". All passageways and rooms filled together one box. Where the Saturn version has more three dimensional structures, spacious air and floors spreading out in all directions from low levels to higher up. More like one big spiderweb. But visuals more pixelated.

    I was also dissapointed at the reviews in Dutch gaming outlets. Most red magazine PowerUnlimited gave a 7.1 by just playing the first levels. Those boys where heavely fans of the Playstation, every game on that platform gained a full point more. Do not underestimate their influence on the talk of teenagers and how succesfull consoles get at those times. At that date we had no cheap broadband internet to check everything ourselves.

  36. Excellent documentary! I remember seeing Exhumed featured in the magazines of the day and was impressed by its look.

  37. Powerslave/Exhumed is a must have gem, the PC-DOS and the 2 console versions are defenitly worth getting, although it's sad that there's no source code for the PC-DOS version, even though there's a patch that fixes the strafe issue, but still, if there was the source code, then this game could get more attention, also that M-60, now that's what you call a machine gun!
    Not to mention the Cobra Staff and the Sacred Manacle/Eye of Rah, these are 2 of my favorite weapons in the game, they are creative and sound menancing.
    Overall, it's easily one of the best FPS games i ever played.

  38. EXHUMED!!!!!
    Fucking AWESOME!!!!
    I "think" i had in on the Saturn.
    Awesome game.
    Was like a 3 times play through with new stuff.
    Just fucking awesome.
    Many a great night with mates smoking weed and playing this man!!!!
    Great times man!!!

  39. This was both sad and a real treat to watch at the same time. I'm a sucker for ancient Egypt so naturally I bought this game back when it was new. I'm actually remixing a track from this game next week 😄 Kudos for this great video.

  40. One of the best developers ever. Those guys did things with the Saturn everyone said couldn't be done. They hated to code on that contrary machine and against all odds, they pulled it off like a dirty sock. Death Tank Forever!

  41. Easily one of the best fps ever, I think the nearest we've had to this recently is the new Doom.

    ps the guy narrating in this video sounds an awful lot like Richard Leadbetter o~O

  42. Such a good appraisal of the game it deserves. Definitely the most underrated game I've ever played, and the controls and graphics would be a barrier to make it even harder to appreciate for players who never played it back then.

  43. Oh,my. I just remembered that time, when I found my first team doll. I was quite surprised about this. After 5 years, I decided to find them all. I spend next half a year (or something) trying to find all secrets. I even managed to find a couple of bugs, heh. This was really hard, but every one of them was in my collection. I was wondering is there more secrets?

  44. This is such an amazing video. Thank you for this. Really neat that Richard Leadbetter did all he could to promote the game. Love his work at Digital Foundry nowadays.

    Always heard about this game on Saturn, but I like many others dismissed it as another Doom clone. You've fully convinced me to pick it up on Saturn — my favorite game console.

  45. >implying Daikatana failed because of bad marketing.
    wot m8. did you ever even daikatana?? It's bad, dude.

  46. It wasn't until Metroid Prime that people began to appreciate that FPS games didn't have to adhere to typical FPS gameplay."
    lolwut? Strife did the vast majority of what Powerslave did and so much more a year earlier on a far outdated engine.

  47. I love in depth videos like this, you did an excellent job on your material. I wish there were more in depth videos like this that are just as passionate about the subject in analysis. Definitely deserves more views. It's a shame that Lobotomy isn't still around, they would have been able to make money through venues like Steam Greenlight nowadays.

  48. It makes sense, hire more bandmembers to highten the sound, or work with the band you have to highten the music.

  49. Thank you for a wonderful and enlightening tribute to the creators of one of my most fondly remembered gaming experiences that I shared with my brother. Such a tightly polished and memorable game with great visuals, music and level design. A work of art, really. I am in the UK, so I echo your sentiments regarding Sunken Palace. That is such an intimidating level, like Labyrinth Zone from Sonic 1 on steroids. The haunting music certainly didn't help. I remember how good it felt to finally see the camel at the end of that one.

  50. Never noticed that the weapons in QUake were sprites! King cool, tough. Most people got the Saturn for games like Nights, but the game that really convinced me to get the console was Quake,. At the time, i wanted to play Resident Evil, but didn't have a PSOne. My father gaved me a GameBoy, but i didn't like it so much, so i made a deal with a friend at school, and get his Saturn over the Gameboy because he told me that he had a game with a horror atmosphere that had zombies on it. Best deal of my life.

  51. I lot of people think that nintendo was first on everything, the reality is…. a lot of people did it first and never had the credit they deserve

  52. Where are lobotomy today? Or more importantly where are the lobotomy devs ?
    I would love to see a remake of exhumed

  53. wow! I found this 6 years later but who cares? I totally loved this video about one of my all-time favorite developers! excellent video! I applaude you!

  54. Great and amazing video!
    Thanks to the author for so much great work that he did when creating this video. I learned a lot of interesting information by browsing this video about both the game and the studio-developer Lobotomy.
    The Power Slave is for me one of the favorite games, combining excellent shooter gameplay with the fascinating mechanics of platforms that you have to overcome in the game and which are very exciting.
    Thanks again for the work done to the author. I watched this video with subtitles, since I'm Russian.
    Великолепное и потрясающее видео!
    Спасибо автору за столько огромный труд, который он проделал при создании этого ролика. Я много интересной информации узнал просматривая это видео и об игре и об студии-разработчике Лоботомия.
    Раб Силы является для меня одной из любимейших игр, сочетая отличный шутерный геймплей с увлекательной механикой платформ, которые приходится в игре преодолевать и которые очень захватывают.
    Ещё раз спасибо за проделанный труд автору. Смотрел данное видео при помощи субтитров, так как я Русский.

  55. Great documentary on Lobotomy.
    Hey, i was wondering what is the name of a song starting at 35:19? Couldn't find it in the powerslave OST.

  56. Powerslave remains one of the all time greatest games I have played in my lifetime, and on a console I felt "stuck" with for some time, as I couldn't afford a PS1, and got a Sega Saturn dirt cheap. This would change the moment I found this game in a bargin bin, as even back then- no one appreciated this game.

    Even after I got a PS1, and played tons of games, all the way to the current gen of console gaming and hell, even PC gaming- This game remains something VERY special, and unmatched. Graphically of course, it doesn't hold a candle to what you see nowadays, BUT in terms of art design, level design, and gameplay?

    It's one of the best games ever made.

    OH YEAH – This video is fantastic, the amount of information and commentary given, is outstanding in terms of quality, and for being really entertaining to listen to/watch.

  57. Currently rediscovering the amazing Exhumed, and just discovered this documentary. Brilliant. :-). I was a massive Lobotomy fan on the Saturn back in the day (I spent so much money on the Saturn!), but I'm replaying the PSX version of Exhumed right now. Despite the claims it is inferior to the Saturn, there's really not much in it at all. It seems to me as a Saturn fan that in reality what you gain with one thing you lose with another, and vice versa. But the game still stands up today and is amazing fun on either platform. A must play retro game.

  58. Something interesting I noticed recently on Karnak Sanctuary, the level differs depending on whether you are playing Powerslave or Exhumed on Saturn. The full health and full ammo orbs before the lift to the sandals, do not appear in Exhumed, but they do in Powerslave. In Exhumed, the orbs are 2 pots instead. I tested the playstation versions and the orbs appear in all versions. I wonder why these orbs are only absent from the Exhumed Saturn release. And, since I have noticed this difference, I wonder if there are any other differences between the Saturn releases. If Wikipedia is correct, Exhumed Saturn came out first, perhaps the orbs in Karnak Sanctuary were added to the game later and possibly in other levels to. From YouTube videos I notice that in the japanese release the 2 orbs are present on the Saturn as well, it is only Exhumed Saturn without these orbs.

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