History of the Jodel Aircraft (French)
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History of the Jodel Aircraft (French)

August 26, 2019

there are more than 60 years flying in the
heaven for everyone a funny little flag
recognizable the end of his troubles curiously
policy but the family had yodel
and crawling widespread in the sky
European among enthusiasts who participated
this adventure male gender the same theses a self-taught engineer installed
Beaune and 30 years become a pilot industrial addition the
combine their talents to write one of the most beautiful pages
the history of aviation between the two world wars aviation songs still attracts
a crowd supported by governments aviation
Private Sports cervantes in airports while commercial aviation these
discovered in raids but with the pulse of the sky in
mini finalizing truly popular seaside through the movement of the
homebuilt he will destroy all postwar
kinds of avignon but also many moral this law on water I went too far in the effort
more openly senior of the Nigerian state we are preparing very good title puech their love- story in dijon the beat dijon I like that there will continue a plane with one pilot and then basta not there I do not define myself
she thinks that the war was arrival but in the meantime a young age you could see with the eu the game itself had him build a
little younger I wanted to see his poduit movie I saw nothing at all because
he asked because seen the accident shortly before his
end at the height they belie So the more I want to participate
the operation was finally knowledge of the choice of respondent 60 years she died it is not without charm to the
knowledge of two hours a signatory people
so purposely and its opposite edward joly manufacturer
agricultural machinery noted civil society calling for non-
make it a year before we offered a small table
darker for men and women So take rest last car for me So it disturbs the newspaper know it the day of the first flight I am the role in this world the same
source I feel good 62 head rolled over the gold
Street 2 which is brought to aim at the same time
throughout the engine that is it has broken down ten days a place we will be satisfied with this face-off circle
match Tuesday creation a very simple and it works decryption other with the larks , but the combination of all she is the debt the club is entering the
word combines good rest SODEC optimization episode the first idea of
silence the field of hot potato the bag or not to it fails the second lot more because you
have sent the game is criticized So the author this text also calls
see simple and with the minimum of things pole for maximum results if
possible and this is what happened when you see the detail on decor
realizes that the he is not sorry he made ​​one of his
passengers like them here even possible pmu if it is actually prettier mare pp pichard rain but not even that the same qualities
flight then after we see people are
found that on the blog the tightrope walker milk newspapers which
men in particular london talk I’m more attracted
world I saw in his eyes that relapse is
blew a lot of people for this purpose already it is built s once tottenham 84 to 85 and since that time unfortunately it has already more than 500 flying hours generated
Little more spacious 151 since I is classified limbo side
youth development and then I think if not get the site but I appreciate the opportunity to renegotiate training camps they fly
alone he moved I touched gmail and see the beautiful masterpiece
mounted the mayor has made ​​time
current over 900 rare not amateurs a car like that they were
chained to built arrival there I must be the
amateur when I but they put their choice father every Sunday in procession to the
south still joked for Aboriginal when the bus has been made ​​up
in the region but also with the bus space with the needs of a small start
chicago 2 it is the only thing disturbing
or promoted to leadership thing sounds then I ‘m here Museum have been grouped under
the only thing that his dear Turkish people which still has his lawn with eu the second round on myself earlier this year when one takes
poses consumers were made a little ridiculous it is not allowed revive
same goes for judging the rigor of its budget to redo a
another during our own but compared to Tuesday when it was
have another occupation I feel even last long
fortunately the Swiss market games for lanvin in aviation
change the fact the club in Bordeaux debate might need for 40
years I lived what more more more more barack obama as the fact that
industrial buildings in Germany countries that censor what is this allowed to live as even more I could earn a lot
more than this farmhouse at this point the pdu is it allows me to live
honestly Mostefai folder judge they want no further it shows this is not what my collection
check the weather for the rest of the eu the logo of the amateur 20-23 quarter the game is the same for all those tickets
for July throughout the eu That said m the dollar lost for manufacturers chili since May 18 control we said the spokesman of their fate for the press even if its file in this Swiss
meaning places net architecture failure is real big pussy it will be to everyone ‘s great
sweetness mandela to the singer himself does
are not made this is very much what is more dynamic after my friend the young man after
Norman matignon when you go to shake hands is a
contract is final with this agreement will generate
majority plywood and since the canvas the rhythm of hammers screw turns
sewing machines builds gradually charming
ten units each month in strength and foolproof and equipment that are the delight of
those who like ikea and closer we Louison Bobet as it would be seen as the world
neighboring departments but the love of two men
Aviation Family engineer sound it now has more than
1000 copies dispersed in the world by jdd better place the record told that
itself returning to rebuild instead
their rank on 350 400 console following proof Unfortunately he wanted to make a place
I do the flâneur the musketeer is also often
I will do it difficult to conceive the type
youngest allows him to monitor 353 to the nearest competition
continues Demand champion belgium well
streams Directive so far all
rules of the Highway Code rule their father the word is scary is the largest of
the desire to achieve or the project document presented as
text this new it was then the European brand m after closing he said that we eat perhaps ap it for the elderly
bought in margin due to AFM few millimeters long you ask why after the race starting preseason
port lucky that I have this date, but it
is not close to having a good business but at the end of the war the lack postwar France
cruelly drivers state then directly supports
the activity of gliding clubs and aircraft paying training and
subsidizing hardware the young who thus becomes yet
instructor at the aero club Côte-d’Or they move in 1957 in the small
village Darois north of 10 years January 10 the group he I went to see his mounts
children and I did what I did with most people no Japanese to fly saint- pathogenic mamert SNCF
belied metal boxes but took place then make a
aircraft in the year while taking much enormously it was in fact a year as
from Monday to 200 days a man but as a holy year passes
65 days as you know every Sunday not know my
father showed me how it was do growth within the network zuma
but there is a 200 which allow to train pilots all other
has offered the plane coincidentally it is the
knowledge of robin he was at the club to monitor dijon
which was rebuilt Beibu up and then titi stone and saw steve
gauthier plastic that lay in my workshop with the theme why as a creator of the white hood
rest is not huge it takes little or why not finish if Jacques Martin
we have finite set more sociable game for murder I really like the riverwalk evros the
annual closure 17 to 27 man made and used man called said I
replaces it is called stone with their skate normal it is thus that it is
first novel construct with the intention of selling all according to the ambassador pv not fly arrival I do not want so-called
already it despite its v2 at least partial e it is you who have sold so esl
those in the city of Geneva and then the fuselage passport and % I still put her first name
Online a good engine in the menu since the deployment in Europe it will
go due to the adoption of a location
reserved great club say and I told them about a lot of things to
cutting the possibility of a aircraft better than the man who had
do for me and then one day they met without
as I know who they were I found myself
with an order for 10 aircraft percent of which is 6 usa you
have only what I had their told to head elsewhere
apparently but it had marked the point that
I found myself with the means financial to make friends
Opening the debate forward and I never needed time and
take what I had to say money I wanted to try persons and that’s what made ​​me change my mind
it was intense than ever ever intention to no longer be a
industrial I like it not also it was not like me as but since this person I was not even 30 years see these seniors for I
saw it not bother anyone that will be 50 years old do not the trust when I was not
the first penny it is rather that this aspect
gave me their farm grassland 0-1 church nil confidence that had been assigned by
his great designs Corsican boy Cope I got threatening its
land is only a tiny robot from side to side of the road they were approximately ten
employees pauze that their revenues and
thirty people it was not even running water effect of city altkirch bike faster instead of looking for the occupant
clean aircraft and wash hands as obama throws in quebec who has a good sense
Jacques charlier the Shia law and then yesterday for example it he made aircraft The numbers speak for themselves
fund Then he spun same web page the beautiful country chile verify that changes to the
sensors the the sesquicentennial but he refined to the point that beat the U.S.
I already said in all files this is the charm and injury
I calyon sicily aircraft Italians are very good standard of living will
soon there might be a little in this organization percent and won planes
Italian you strong he tt remarkable
as an engineer and decided to ask the plane which worked very well eyi I did force was later I was second and this is the first
mike tyson once see a small wooden pavilion antoine and cost
3 slots who had put a bit of a mess in
organization with the Germans studied a little to help it was he who was still 2nd the second year she remembered it was not really
content and then as imagined quite a bit
green was the director it is not because I love but exciting and there I again
dismisses the wait I’ll come back next year I dany is your ally but I
missed the plane sicily this is because it is the most
difficult e this is not possible I will not get there and pray so good we won there they
were happy with these and in value if the plane what is your
it was better than the first gift he is in the middle and the other two
they were the second and third and then after I said it is not won they
mentioned that because the plane was called cissé take them in the newspapers that
it was 6 and finally see what was thanks to them that I had won and there
I began to hastily discover I began to discover that the the newspaper articles even
France did this help us sell tremendous opportunities he people who bought the Ambassador who bought a ticket so if to go in Sicily you have a new competitor Who were they pascal So I knew there sicily that was before we and ground little too by
the right stone and china not miss not to follow it was time for him and I said no no no it is too little a small gift to the rich try to
give if germany Dumesny selmaji
nantes furniture where I stop make good navigation so it remains published on the v8 from the case and I saw it was really tense kyi
because I knew trusted partners which is
city he obeyed and staying to win
thanks to this and as the rock the house not fly
he has just now it’s time talk to them because I did not
fail for small butterflies Cheap elsewhere club win
first prize m many meetings ignore
people’s lives a factory that makes airplanes
airplanes indeed society ian state kelly europa constant data it was the capital pffff bringing three children it felt good Health led by someone who
was the mayor everything was still scale
human clients of his relatives sun only say that in fact
Overall we were pleased to work in this younger students and I told them
worked immediately by clicking on its
these career success but are still angers because it was across
human because it was addressed on a case by
if gold throughout each has found its
account I think the framework of an amendment of the
manual work is that I actually ago
year it is the carpenter instructor had fallen to 9:00 Does this makes them all the convoy yéyé
morning I said hello everyone every morning it happened in the workshops to
still nevertheless feel the moral Nouragues troops and I think the size of the mans for
its phones as sousse measure appears not well understood what matters to these two aircraft for occupants but are also made ​​in
good conditions in terms of water shine they have fun doing it and since it I am very much less
recognizing even on a tray with the this attitude and that is 5 and has enabled earn a little money into a
little while to continue the program, but the pub is packed last year alone Charamba % Fib down in the workshops
all the time everyone could he put a
question how bout always been ejected
the novotel balance he is charged the boss but he said
not show too tension related to as many
things we just had to work on
reports for work but small for me that I know what to
do for them is it a plane is something
that was born from raw elements and that is visible
by everyone I do not know what it is that
boss you control which was in fact so
it is important that we I ‘ve never not as the game finally 7 in the case of the collaborators
david o the prequel was busy finally cracked waste baron
do that Vaclav Havel expressed my share a bit at the end in the end it should but it is not
necessarily what we thought before addiction takes 41 years
more beautiful is the boss he and suffering and there is less
I had an idea foot further charles lefrançois jean- joel
perrier the things I can not agreement with robin but the pp – but against it because not hot
for commercial contrary I have not decided
to go before bavaria before I had my balls for me to
me every man, but you’re right in France generally they said the
patrons but we knew that if financial stories that Ms.
related to love but whatever wage is in full or things it was really
not bad management of public finances 7 parents the business the company
is held by this year is to say more always seen my parents and as craon
companies working elsewhere enormously and press the two-headed action
this is a relationship with very strong now
that is to say capable of not whether the company is not making my
youth for me it was a single entity parents lived for
the company and the company relive for parents Now I realize it is because we like this
we succeeded but at the time in Europe and we
had no time to think of a all go for it to work this is what he
needed without asking questions because I
‘m good at what I do not say I think most if not
mission was rather plush my father I think it came to aviation –
through passion where my father just what they say
in fact for cancellation once mariah carey somewhere that I think
it is true that I had that it accommodates this passion without difficulty visibly and 100th then he
could bring his qualities devin rigor in a world of aviation
is not more stringent still contrary to what one might think I started with my wife we started at 0 degree remains
As employ staff because it was necessary to
operation the construction of the house or
POS aircraft where it was already 10 years Algeria was the accused who accused
a year but I was qualified flight paternalistic management but am I
not even understand why the message I started as an apprentice to finish therefore play the extension was
unexpected for me is they who me learned the trade it is a requirement for it was all
I should it’s still with pain should
still largely have presented a slice of life when
even at 1 43 b in 2010 as a normal family it
is that even when I told him insured enjoying the glorious thirty the company grows at the same
time range aircraft volumes thanks to the collaboration of the trio robin
elements taizé to the minsk commercial success is more than 1000 units have been
manufactured 15 intends 1,972 aircraft stone obama
all for dr 400 during 25 years nearly 2000 copies of this
latest industrial developments formula will be built with yodelling
spikes three aircraft per week but while the output of the airplane
seems capped a nearly perfect real success disaster strikes dijon in a manufacturing plant
devices tourism aflame and there have been a victim late yesterday afternoon Darois
dijon near a fire completely ravaged workshops institutions
Aeronautics stone robin manufacturer of the aircraft helped dell
expensive by 200 and 400 and the 80th beyer who worked in the
building we manage to save four aircraft in flames before finishing
the roof collapsing swallowed in flames over thirty aircraft
structural wanting to go look in his jacket
flames a worker of 34 years and charred dead we were missing like that without
it took place and this experience is still paid smoke fifty arrived
above my husband told me thereof napoli but I believe but it is true that there
gilts to pollute eva workpiece is beijing I never have people
leaving the team to move him not wherever he landed in Beijing he had assured the police that
all had and as we arrived we
knew we had discovered lands were polite opel human consequences c was
really there big head the drama that day lost a colleague
work items its sole star of dramas note
things by against this is where we talked about Aeronautical mind there was no dismissal everyone
returned the next day to another all tools added reconstructed a record speed aircraft continued to be delivered three levels had alerted a
necessarily shift but the aircraft continued to fire by the willingness of staff it was any sum of all
staff it was still quite popular
very very very motivated but because I think there now
damage outputs the very head high and the staff is quite proud
but still we worked day and night it was
waste the staff was going with
fabulous I asked them to go buy
to use their own car for go buy the tools to eur finally do the same as before but as if
y’avais to you there were more then all ideas were good all staff ideas h against
parasites or silver surfer has sent surely others who have taken the
paste but all the others were copies I have their very first outside
appointment was faulty no unemployment germany is increased slightly
to make an effort to take into account hours costs of car I wanted
afford to buy what you want you had licked game Boutillon
did you buy tools as you can ask for what you
had yesterday and you ‘re doing you
submit it happened like this my husband that evening and order
new plants the evening of health percent and in room sums lent to 18
April and in May the new plant
be removed 5 ap hey it’s all clean I think the key to success
business which grows in the field of
light aircraft is the fact that the leader evening also users for what is my father can stop not only that he
also held chief pilot gave club who knew not only
appearance and control what is What is essential a business concept it slightly
but also the opinion of the aero club with him small bite of this mode of
operation across and the intimate knowledge of the customer
final allowed him to my annual sense Mr. Dumont doctoral thesis on
product that people wanted Product not match just because people wanted
we finally found I thought we was forced to in the manufacture of wood a metal airplane society and
proclaimed after by customers in pretext that he had arrears on
U.S. c is the most relevant agents
Customs made ​​with wood was past it was folded he had to do more forever like I did everything
customers are demanding teachers to the telethon as there was no small tandem we even managed to draw a gain
space school Metal is the plane that we
was cheaper still and it is still sold the most
420 Moreover, I think and then after we did a quarter of
places to lead to the boss what to do but of course I preferred the
wood and canvas because not because it’s wood and
canvas but because it allowed to make an endorsement – water and the weight is to love ap beyond these test questions
complete deaf person and above all be a little selfish some 80 000 entries ap accounts point on the knees That is why currently only
choosy when writing walking such attacks we hear the official set
the drive motor is a production all tomorrow at 20 hours it can
walk versus the the beginning of my experience
policy the first oil shock that is to say, it was 74 in all the
beginning that these anti Forces overnight but it was the
beginning of the descent crisis and the U.S. failed to
ensure by keeping with nova c is that cessna U.S. light Ardalan transept
Millar and head to manufacture the rings not hilary
reduced the number of members it deleted aircraft manufacturing
super light and voiced second had been orders had been means for producing a plane with 200 people per day
and ended up with an airplane week which was infeasible so we all tried
subcontracting was made ​​possible Greeting bellaciao things small arms coat
snow has is its sold d what we did deadlines
type then whose fault motorways around a fire because we paid but it was not possible to keep
of all staff apotheosis its 80 we want is the club filing
balance sheet of the company as we did good employees handpicked and then he had to make them
door this is a real problem but we must think of the afp
part- day I was not losing party I knew it was like today’s crisis jeanne d
arc of crisis that lasts you can die during the crisis it was
even asked can be we wonder if there are good reasons
the crisis to make faux pas disappear but it will start me and I have all oriented on the web what to do for it
reparte I then not seeing it done
not just I do not know but I kept everyone able to ensure restarting and then his whole life kyle galiner good living can be but that by making stuff there was no manufacturing steel
were no customers but they were dismissed hello interviewed on the stone Aubame
that it keeps only people relatively
young rather than focusing on youth
calvary their professional lives to he even gave me chicken but I keep
experience Anyway I can understand you
it now includes the makes which could leave the company was able
start but not yet April 1 about the near east point
in this case the company was able to leave because
should keep yellow vests who is she who had control we know why we do
wear business a car it happened not too bad and gently Harbour employer in a few years the French law
to get a little past 2 aircraft per week by two planes
week and if at the time was sold to the hot – water forum and made us understand that if we
depending on which is also how to buy its creation and that it is in fact become very
conclusive and hurt us was asked to christophe
time what he thought and finally I did not hesitate one second I
permanent fund a diamond unique opportunity someone coming
to buy more passers are a little grandiose project
or hanged manufacturer However, everything happened strength
is clear that the project his paper was interesting that
I really did not at all c it’s your business if someone comes to buy the
Press one can say is that things have changed with the
1708 buyers in the sense that your Parents you have a boss who is
the manufacturer is an avid fly who wanted to rob ray
efficient and then it was bought by
people who mainly wanted on the north what is it expensive the question it is a means of exchange that is
much more convenient as 30 but if you use an average
describing m to earn money a female pro tray is rare option
on the contract that the crisis was Lapel money with money
its pop scene worked we never saw a tank that
fills alone had a battery charging alone ap sacha and
means I think that’s what eventually destroy the acquiring company and the image of the
gradually take-over company robert pierre marie therese would
never sold their shares if you can even imagine that christophe % Bt was in there was and think about it I always considered that the other taken from my parents what
now parents who had worked earlier fifteen hours a day against things
for years and years I found them for this as
in relation to a study shows head of this company a little
dropped without having the but somewhere where my worth
decision for my father, my big teen
companies and that has not prevented me of the rear four years after a
Credit nero May on a project different on different planes my idea times have changed and materials
also Wood is good aviation
become rare christophe robin enjoyed this work
it takes carbon he relocated production
series in Portugal but it is Darois in premises that his parents had
retained after the sale of their business office found today
research and manufacturing prototypes in a sense if you were industrial
developed by Stone and thérèse left in other hands art and how to create beautiful
and we had good and perpetuated by their son Originally christofle creation
company to make products different from his father
fact in particular a tool I came across his and then after that is the same an association for them with michel
collon good actually more interested bacon michèle courmont for
industrialize and transform there were also occasions when
not even wrong and they sold well this is what
fact that the company continued to progress and make the word for August 13 armand in machinery fiercely
effective as of today colomban also brought a lot kristof why the alliance is called m
clear is michel collon christophe robin therefore the same is michel coloma therefore is to separate me and my
Text me and I knew how and I knew that it was not passing
next to the knowledge of this man the public is much less than
when the judge the effects encountered severe problems fcc combination of two people passionate and competent why that’s a lot your recruitment I think they were saved Neuchâtel two of the voiceless
are small, lightweight two-seater those who consume few that are easy
to control and finally I was drawn from
its light aircraft I will not take before a big trip a placebo group it feels much I
not feel he loves him christophe robin zi is to do the same but also needs performance
sicily and requirements because they are lost I think there is
heavy light the number one criterion judges Either there is a continuity within the range tomorrow machines available
because he chose the dynamo it is most unlikely for two reasons: first, because we
know accents china but then because it is one of the last
French manufacturers that it remain which is to reach a in ten years deficiency
crisis years So it is very different it makes
also various aircraft if they are ideas leaves the boss who also teamed with
his wife if I think it is it reproduces a little what we are
made still much more
difficulties in my opinion we knew we it is much
more difficult everything is more difficult the company related to the interests
say 92 but as I remember m competitors that it adheres face
at the time in 1992 people were placed in front of my time
competitors it occupies often invited playing roduct has almost all gone
then what does it mean mean just one is in an area
activity which is extremely difficult as what is difficult is
arriving at last to arrive at build something over time e one often sees events I
will arrive with members of the series with papers and airplanes
with performance club they are very highly significant we sometimes a little less prototypes fly but the complexity behind
it happened to go into a production of pre- series e series
is to get to live this passion and unfortunately without
there are very very few copies level of light aviation and these are the cards it satisfies if it had been the other way charged europe gathered around
follow thus hervé returning in time
additional in your favor Facilitator I had never done this
I liked but because it was
triggered by my agent that is responsible for mater
I should not take itself weight and mathematics a side of each other to
thing the draft motor and not a
commercial project because really Technical reflection between Monterrey –
the technical feasibility of something everyone seemed possible
what I wanted to do was very without personal opportunities it reminds christophe that the
means to do so in the palace new farnese alarmed again
Engine changes are the certified wing has changed a bit childish is not fit it’s still a
caprice his specialty but how the halo donor
collimator week and then after having humiliated I will do the same after jobless when you mention the engine is reached
in aircraft on other places professionals some of its
cap and badges why montpellier witness the bar and on the dance why
it comes at a time of a product little more professional so it is
significant in terms of image relative to changing business accounts and secondly europe is being
relaxing the criteria certification which will horizons
commercial product that originally was not a commercial product but
really an amateur product achieved technical drawing novel in the middle of the light aviation
are always made from homebuilt there are a lot of manufacturers
fans still need to bure as for me who had done it myself
that one I put 5 years but I am
myself though sixteen bags or Porchères because
no more than the price of motor year materials but why only speaks a conventional aircraft to declare victory
after she obviously has no problem nestor manufacturers lovers I
working at night instead of watching TV I’m going to doubt
plane porto amateur arrive at a product that would be more
early better than what will make a industrial
why because it is past time mad he put all his heart all his
passion and ultimately as rules still that was applied at
economic structures are not costs are extremely complicated it happens to the best and reproduce
the safest later as safe an industrial product it’s a passion is that I intended to steal
with then also the part well in 2008
2008 was not the end of 2009 was profitable I finally finished reviewing the 2010
libya he said to afp and his complacent reports
Research the cost of 12,000 euros it lasted five years are those who are more quickly
but more work j I had to look after a small
little house my wife is reached m for qq we had a little more
close to us in the council of state manikin and the novel show and the procession on the fly and magic
monuments of industrial trucks they had Charleville devices you ask it to a material
like a year ago and this is its severity it is animated disney should have been
make a tandem but do a dd trying to yodel
do as well what was done at the time it’s really reconnect with butter
with the past which today lack the
society is ideal front dede try % and 2 to
per hour hand by ourselves Unfortunately canton when you do what you
I want undertaken we feel we feel good to gain his freedom to become sort of a free man mma must he fixed it’s worth it all to wet the shirt must must be given to give the person of course that is not a
consumer the difference is that no
condemn the players led by magic there is self last night and to other So it is that it is true that it is a
siphon little bit like a fashion Fashion company distracted to rethink dance in this
sense but there is one world and utopian since 2000 he was its
followers crossed the centuries systems ullrich left the sports network
era organizes its large popular gathering anp the more than 60 years about half
8 million francs museo del ponte conscript the obstinate by amateurs he knows if considering probably
long time then another beautiful story
Industrial wood is undressing stopped with the iconic dr 400 but you can count on to christophe
continue the adventure for me for the success of the obama family
indeed theirs well completely we can be proud of what we have
do it yourself when when I think asus they did can applaud with both hands e the next yodel history that is m
it is an embryo is a little close when we do not want to see I ‘m more planes rather than screaming that I can give
gives I should perhaps work with
people like that a very large Valencia striker for 100 euros if I were to conclude with a
design and definition of theft c is the flight arrival moorings this cd to get rid of these countdown insults agency and the udc
heaviness of life and it is true that it is just that fly fly right must be repaid
by social security it feels so good it feels so good to head the best thing I can offer
less than expected this standard for a ride

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