HITLERS TERRIBLE TOWER – Giant World War 2 Anti Aircraft Flak Tower
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HITLERS TERRIBLE TOWER – Giant World War 2 Anti Aircraft Flak Tower

August 24, 2019

[Music Playing] I was in Europe weeks ago and one of the coolest
things I saw was this Anti Aircraft Tower, or Flak Tower from World War II. All of this
footage I captured in 4k with my DJI Mavic drone. [Music playing] Some of you guys might recognize this tower
from the Medal of Honor video game where you get sucked out of a destroyed airplane and
parachute down onto the top of the tower itself. The towers could fire 8,000 anti aircraft
rounds per minute, and had an effective range of about 8 miles. This tower is legitimately a real place right
here in Vienna, the largest city in Austria. It’s a 54 meter tall anti aircraft tower
that ironically is just about the same height as the Statue of Liberty herself. Hitler commissioned
8 of these complexes during the 2nd World War to help protect his cities against the
allied air attacks. The one you’re looking at right now was
built just after 1940. If you remember, Hitler is that delusional lunatic who discriminated
against people based purely on their religion. This particular complex in Augarten has 2
towers: a square tower that held the observation and radio equipment, and the round tower that
held all of the anti air firepower. The sheer size of these towers is impressive.
They also doubled as bunkers to help protect civilians during an attack. At one point during
a battle in Berlin, the tower held an estimated 30,000 civilians inside. Some very terrible things happened during
World War II. Contrary to the video game though, these two towers in Augarten never saw much
action. The allied forces tended to avoid the areas where the towers were located, for
obvious reasons. I’m sure they wanted to keep their airplanes from looking like Swiss
cheese. Today the towers are closed off and in serious
need of repair. They are way too enormous to be cost effectively torn down since the
walls are 3 ½ meters thick. That’s 11 feet of solid concrete. So here they still stand
today as a reminder of the past; a memorial for mistakes, or a physical monument that
hopes current world leaders can learn from history and not build ginormous, unnecessary concrete
structures. I’d like to film more drone videos like
this in the future and mix them in with my regular teardowns and durability tests. So
hit that thumbs up button if you enjoyed seeing history or if you learned something new, and
I’ll keep the videos coming. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you around.

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  1. why are you calling this terrible? They saved the lives of 1000s of German civilians during the allied bombings

  2. You are stupid – not 11 ft. solid concrete – 11 feet STEEL RE_ENFORCED concrete – it's called rebar…. and your 13 word description of Hitler wont get any kid an A on their report….

  3. In the case of these 2 towers, are they still standing because it's too much expense to demolish them? I believe there are similar towers in Berlin…

  4. Really mate, I'm guessing you know nothing about the war, except the lies from the victors, do you know of the Judea war on march 24th 1933 on Germany, Boycotting all German goods, you are sounding like the delusional fascist to me, learn the real facts first mate..

  5. The "new" thing I learned here is that you are an idiot. Hitler did not discriminate on religious grounds only. Your political bias was evident and silly. Shallow, low resolution thinking.

  6. If you didn't requeset permission for this flight, you did break the law while flying in vienna. Did you have one?

  7. The flak towers were almost indestructible and they protected the civilians from the relentless bombing of the allies.

  8. The reasons those towers still exist is because of Nazi engineering, Same as the marine base in France or the jet factory in a mountain!

  9. The Soviets did their best to demolish these and they gave up after their best demolition experts did everything they could.
    These are probably some of the sturdiest buildings ever built.

  10. Actually they tried to demolish one of these tower with a shitload of dynamite, but failed :)) that's why the towers are still standing today. One of them is seriously cracked and it's still there.

  11. 1:12 Correction, Hitler discriminated against race and political beliefs. He hated communists, Slavs and new/hebrews equally. That's means even if you converted to say Catholicism, but were born to jewish parents, to the concentration camp you go.

  12. I live in Hamburg, Germany where we have a way bigger one of those towers but it's stil in use, for example on the upper levels is a Club with a terrace from where you can overlook the whole city. The massive Walls also have the nice side effect, that there are never any noise complaints agaibst the club 😀

  13. what you dont mention is that they try to demolish them after the war and they failed so they install that cables for safety 2.18

  14. In the first place British gov has given the place to build Israel after WW2 . So Jews should not be arrogant toward Christianity.

  15. No 'lunatic' but likewise Jesus Christ, against the Jew/English ! Who is the lunatic? First at all, You must learn the reel reason for that war , before You open You're mouth !

  16. It was made to protect the Beautiful christian cities of Germany from communist jews. The communist jews were lying everywhere!!!!

  17. Nice footage but…."Unnecessary concrete structures"??? Your perception of what was necessary and what was not, in those days, is as skewed as the mainstream history narrative you parrot. Remember: history is invented and written by the victors. The truth of those days can be learned by the man who has read the most war documents out of all the so called historians…documents from all sides of the war. His name is David Irving. The countless documents and proof he has in his possession tells a vastly different story than the lies we were all taught about this time period. The man has gone through hell for merely making the documents public…as if he had written them himself…which he did not. Many were found in the allied war museums that the so called historians never even bothered to read.

  18. Discrimination was not based on religion but on the idea of 'Race'. It was based on the idea that some 'races' were special and could be 'contaminated' by others. This phobic nonsense masqueraded as a 'science' of eugenics.

  19. "..Hello. I am Jerry Rig and I like to give a presentation on WW2 flak towers;
    Wars are bad,and terrible things happen in wars. Flak towers are awesome, but people should not build flak towers during wars. Thanks you class. Any questions ?".
    (Teacher: "nice video, but simpleton in history").

  20. Hitler wanted to defend the innocent civilians that YOU people wanted to murder, what's so crazy about that? He didn't declared war on america, britain or france. The allies were the ones to declare it.

    You said it yourself, it was used to protect the civilians who went inside.

    How is this relative to jews in any sort of way? Stop victimising yourself. Americans had open discrimination against japanese, chinese, black people and women so don't think you're much better than hitler. Yes, mass murderer groups like KKK as well.

  21. I watched the video again….lots of misinformation in it. Its not 8 towers but 8 pairs of towers as they only came in pairs.
    The next thing is that just after 1940 the first generation of towers were made wich look differnt and are cube-shaped. this rounder one is the latest of 3 generations and the second one (cube-shape L-Tower) seems to be the very last one ever built it had no handrails nor stairs but only ramps when the war was over. I was in this one and have many pictures.

  22. After over 70 years since the end of WWII, not one engineer, architect or govt. bureaucrat could come up with a plausible longterm use for such a megastructure? What a total lack of imagination.

  23. It was because of that scene of Medal of Honor Airborne that I found out these things existed, and I thought they were made up to hype up the dramatic scenes of the video game, so surreal in their very existence.

  24. 1:11
    Alot of American presidents
    Israeli army/ leaders
    British leaders
    Russians/ stalin
    But just because the victims are Jews he is evil

  25. "Hitler is that delusional lunatic, who discriminated against people based purely on their religion"
    You should probably double check this statement.

  26. Racism and totalitarianism is just as rampant today. Look at the despicable despotic regimes in Europe in France, Germany and the UK.. The European Union is a fascist enterprise. get your head out of your ass.

  27. Hey its about germany MY country. Hey its about hitler and how evil everything was and kinda still is and hopefully we never get the chance to ruin the world. Man thank god i dont hear the same shit on Youtube like in TV <3 Finally i can relax <3

    oh wait.

  28. lol. as if americans are not psycoparhs that discriminate by religion, just like hitler. muslim anybody? fcking lol

  29. Fucking germans..you killed planet 2 times and you continue to a third …fuck you fuck merkel fuck germans nazi dna

  30. They should take them down. Really ugly disqusting monuments. And the guilty SVFJWO (Some Very Few Jews World Order) should pay for it. The rest of the jews is something different. They are not guilty.

  31. I have to laugh when Hitler is described as that delusional lunatic that discriminated against people because of their religion by the narrator.

  32. Not a terrible tower. Reported for misleading. It can only be misconstrued as 'terrible' if something even MORE terrible caused it to become terrible. In other words, the TERRIBLE bombers which indiscriminately killed anything in their drop radius were the reason these PROTECTIVE, life saving towers were constructed. Get it right or STFU. Yeah, I get it, you want to damn every last German on the planet as being a Nazi and therefore justify your inaccurate story. It simply isn't true that every German was a Nazi, nor was every German responsible for the atrocities due to the war. Many had NO CHOICE. Just like YOU have NO CHOICE that the US bombed Iraq. YOU have NO CHOICE that we fought in Vietnam. Does that mean YOU are GUILTY and should be condemned by the people of nations we have killed in? No, it doesn't. So they were NOT terrible towers.

  33. The title to this clip is Anti Life. GB broke the Geneva Convention by Bombing Berlin. Hitler ordered these Towers to Protect Civilians. How is this Terrible??

  34. Damn communists. Patton was right. The Jew Bolsheviks and Stalin were the real enemy. And the power players in the west treated the Germans horrible.

  35. The way you word your sentences seems like you don't know anything about Ww2 except what's on the surface

  36. Apart from your attempts to share some history which is appreciated as a resident of Vienna. Flying your drone in that area so high placed peoples lives at risk with the OAMTC emergency helicopter flying many times per day in this area. Please respect the aviation laws of countries outside your own. I am a licensed drone pilot in Austria.

  37. For you are are not a good thing but for the people who live in those day of war those buildings save them for suffer

  38. Hitler didnt discriminate purely for religion… Is incredible.. One
    American Ignorant today is more dangerous than 10 Hitlers in the past. Go vote Trump, or the other guy, whatever.. All is fucked up because of you.. You have created your history based on lies, every one knows thats, and thats why such a stupidity as you just said can only come from an american. You see, even I end up lying when I say americans, you are not Americans, you are europeans living in the land where Red skins used to live, until your grand grand father cheat them, robbed them and killed them, purely for their religion. But hey keep talking about Hitler..

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