Homemade Safari: Incredible Drone Footage Of Serengeti Wildlife
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Homemade Safari: Incredible Drone Footage Of Serengeti Wildlife

September 10, 2019

START COMM: These stunning views of Africa may look like they cost millions to produce. COMM: But they’re actually the work of a lone British photographer using a homemade helicopter
drone. COMM: The device is the brainchild of Will Burrard – Lucas, who designed and built it
in his own home. WILL: So this is Beetlecopter. It is a six propellered remote control helicopter, and
I can of course use it to carry a camera. At the moment I have a GoPro camera on here
just for shooting video, because it’s very light it means I get a very long flight time.
Just need to go and find some wildlife to photograph. COMM: The remote controlled aircraft is much quieter than a full size chopper, enabling
it to get within metres of the shy wildlife. COMM: Here a ravenous hyena drags half a buffalo calf through the long grass before taking
a quick sniff. COMM: A lone giraffe strides through the wilderness. COMM: And scores of hippo lazily bathe in a river. COMM: This single lioness turns her head to inspect the drone. COMM: While herds of elephants and zebra wander the plaines looking for new food sources. WILL: I can see exactly what the camera is seeing on a small handheld screen, or even
on virtual reality goggles which is quite fun. COMM: But the Beetlecopter really comes into it’s own when capturing sweeping views of
it’s big events, like this migration of wildebeest. COMM: The sun is setting on another day in the Serengeti, but this amazing technology
has allowed us to see it in a new light. END

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  1. Homemade Safari: Incredible Drone Footage Of Serengeti Wildlife

    A BRITISH wildlife photographer has captured stunning new shots of Africa – using a homemade helicopter drone. Will Burrard-Lucas, 30, spent five months building and learning to fly the BeetleCopter before taking it out from a spin in the Serengeti in Tanzania. He was able to capture sweeping scenes of migrating wildebeest and antelope as well as intimate shots of giraffe and hyena. 

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  2. let me guess 6g to build? my friend has a quad copter and that runs $700 but this need signal that can go out for 2+ miles

  3. Fantastic shots, I want one with the Serengeti as a back drop.

    Could you mention similar commercial models of drones and some technical specs?
    Was is the distance of the RC for both the controls and the viewing?

  4. The 'amazing' technology will come up when a drone is so silent and so invisible that animals doesn't realize it's really there. You can't study nature using a drone without interfering on animal's day life. Try it on weddings instead

  5. Hi Barcroft! I really love this video and I would like to have some of this footage to make an other video. Can I use it ? Thank you !

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    We want to make a video report about Serengeti national park (in Tanzania) and really loved what you've shot. That's why we're asking you the right to use parts of them.

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  7. Are ypu stupid you can fly so close to the animals!!! You are making it so that we can fly in National parks any more!

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