honest thoughts on (more) recent comebacks | cherry bullet, rocket punch, pentagon + ikon
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honest thoughts on (more) recent comebacks | cherry bullet, rocket punch, pentagon + ikon

February 20, 2020

why do you pronounce Versace like that?
but fun fact, I don’t have the best luck with stan Twitter!
you shouldn’t have to become dehydrated for fashion! hi welcome so today we’re
gonna be reviewing more recent kpop comebacks and I like doing it this way
because it’s an opportunity to kind of get to know other groups that I might
not otherwise really give a chance to a little bit better and also if you guys
stan a group then it’s a nice way to kind of just talk about them with you as
well and it’s just all magical and wonderful and specifically today we’re
gonna be talking about two boy groups le gasp, I know it’s crazy I tend to get in
trouble for my very controversial views on boy groups except for Ateez, I never get
in trouble with Ateez because I maintain that I’m everyone’s favorite alleged Atiny, but that’s a story for another day allegedly…so please keep in mind that
just because I don’t vibe with this specific song doesn’t mean that the song
is actually terrible you know it’s all up to personal interpretation to
personal taste I don’t think I tend to really shit talk groups but
there’s always like some people who get offended or think that I’m being overly
negative so let’s get into it actually subscribe where I was at 100K, no
big deal the first group we’re gonna talk about is rocket punche’s bouncy for some
reason rocket punch and cherry bullet, I mix them up sometimes and I don’t know
why I feel like it’s their names but their names aren’t really inherently all
that similar but anyways I digress the song itself I like the song if we can
just forget about you know the heart like a bouncy ball chant at the
beginning if that didn’t exist I would be super onboard with this song but like
a lot of things in kpop like sistar’s butt dance in touch my body at first I was
appalled but I was like I don’t get it cuz I thought it looked dumb and then
someone explained to me like it’s supposed to be carefree and fun and the
minute they said that I was like oh I get it now and I changed my tune
completely I was really young at the time don’t at me but I do think this
song is just very energetic and very interesting and my favorite part is
probably the pre-chorus it felt very curious to me thank you to everyone who
gave me synonyms for whimsical by the way curious is the only one
so let me know if you guys still the same way about this comeback but it is
definitely giving me both Kara and 4Minute vibes as for the music video it
reminds me of 2NE1’s gotta be you because of the cereal boxes that was a
stretch I feel like I need to point out when I’m joking now because people take
what I say completely out of context I shit you not i retweeted this because it
was the funniest thing ever someone someone literally was saying that I *fast forward* dibidibidis my name is Minho! obviously that was a joke let’s talk about the outfits
they were interesting too there’s a lot of brand name stuff going on and we all
know how I feel about brand name it ties into the tape like I hate tape cuz it
looks dumb but I also hate with the tape represents could the tape represents
elitism why do you pronounce Versace like that I
also thought we could take a minute to talk about my personal vendetta against
Burberry because I happen to think it’s unethical to charge that much for plaid
but you know what we are gonna give praise or praises dessert and they did
bring blue velvet into this and no denim someone give them an award because
frankly the next comeback brings denim into this what a smooth transition now
we’re gonna be talking about cherry bullet and their comeback with hands up
I’m gonna talk about my expectations because my expectations were a little
bit odd for this comeback because I saw cherry bullets light stick which made me
want to fall in love with chocolate so I could buy about light stick obviously
I’m not gonna force myself to like cherry bullet if I like them I like them
but I was like I hope I do because that shit’s cool here’s the list of all the
life sticks I would like I would like a BAP light stick, I would like a 2NE1 light stick
I would like a blackpink light stick and I would like an Ateez light stick
allegedly even though it’s $80 cuz I’m not going to see them in concert so I
didn’t know what to expect from cherry bullets I was half expecting a cute
concept even though half of their name is cute the cherry part is super cute
but then you have bullets so like you know it could go either way
this song itself is actually super catchy so I guess overall they do kind
of do their name just there was a lot of cute elements there
was also a little bit of edge as well and lastly I definitely appreciate the
soft vocals of this song and they are of course mixed with more powerful type
verses at times and I think that despite that is just really a cohesive and this
song just feels really different at the same time like I don’t know it doesn’t
you know a lot of people are complaining about this techno type song kind of like
of the kill this love or dungeon type of songs they’re complaining about too many
of that in kpop I I like that sorta room but this one feels different like I feel
like if I was that type of person I would definitely appreciate this song a
lot now for the outfits so we definitely see the trend I predicted this black and
red type of outfit and this scene honestly gives me mamamoo hip vibes and
I don’t know why but we keep seeing these types of styles alongside
completely denim outfits and like I thought we left that shit back in 2019
not gonna lie that would not be the first time I was wrong now we’re gonna
talk about ikon’s dive let’s talk a little bit about my expectations not
that I really had the most expectations for ikon I know they’re under why
gingers came in but I’ve never really heard any of their songs the only thing
I know about them is one of their members was rudely kicked out I mean you
know this is why is really dangerous to stand YG groups in general because YG’s
just it’s just they’re plotting on ways in which they can break your heart all
that to say I don’t have any idea what their concept usually is what their
sound usually is what kind of group they usually are so I kind of went in blind
with this one as for the song I will admit I vibed a little bit with the song
it’s not something that I personally would have you know downloaded to listen
to on a regular basis or anything like that but I didn’t you know have certain
feelings towards the song it did you know evoke the sense of reminiscing I
was a little bit sad a little bit somber and I kind of appreciated that because
I’m a sad bitch as for the music video it definitely gave me b.a.p power vibes
just in terms of the color and again overall the music video definitely fit
the song perfectly the tones the colors everything just he just just felt a
little bit sad admittedly I didn’t get a chance to really fully look at the
dancer for what I could see from the music video I loved you know the opening
choreography I love when groups step on each other it’s my favorite and anyone
just steps on someone else it just it just feels very extravagant in my
opinion so as for the outfits of themselves I find myself very typically
underwhelmed as a lot of boy group styling most of the time not all the
time there are a lot of boy groups who are out here doing you know the most the
most innovative things and where we talk about pentagons spoiler alert I will
touch on that a little bit and second end and you’ll see it’s not what you
expect I’m gonna say things in the second gen that you’d have never
expected me to say oh we’re here already I didn’t think you were to cut that fast
the next group we’re going to talk about is Pentagon and they’re come back with
dr. Bebebe first of all right off the bat I thought they were saying dr. bad
which could have been cool I don’t know just a suggestion for nothing just so ii
ate my expectations are pentagons are a little bit confusing to me because i
only know one song the only song I ever heard from Pentagon was shine and it was
a really cute concept so you know I actually watched the teaser for this
because I was curious it looked really dark and I was blown away by the teaser
and I thought wow I need to watch this when it comes out it is very different
from shine obviously but China is probably not their last song that they
released I don’t know don’t at me I don’t follow Pentagon the only thing
that I was really expecting was good vocals because that’s what stood out to
me a lot in shine was really beautiful vocals and I thought this is a really
have really not his voices so when the music started playing I literally said
what the but in like the most sincere way possible no that’s the wrong word in
the best way possible we’re just going to merge the song of
the music video together and talk about that so talk about second gen vibes
there are good things about second gen but they’re also bad things about second
and that we were gonna that we will get to in a few minutes but let’s just talk
about the good Vernell so the amount of melodrama in here brought me straight
back to 2011 this gave me dr. feelgood vibes this gave me beast vibes this gave
me vixx vibes the whole nine yards and there is a lot good to say about both
song and the music video I did notice a lot of beautiful vocals as I was
expecting in the song here’s the content warning
we will be talking about body image and potentially unhealthy things that
artists might do to maintain a specific body image we do need to talk about the
fashion you know initially this is something I also thought for obsession
by EXO I thought the fashion was really
innovative but at the same time it gave me the sense of discomfort this
discomfort to know that you know the pressure of boy groups having abs is
still being brought back and I don’t know that something that I necessarily
would like to keep seeing because I can imagine it’s a lot of pressure I can
imagine it’s a lot of work to maintain like a certain body image and have that
fully displayed to everyone you know at music shows during press conferences in
music videos I can imagine it’s a lot of pressure and it is an element of second
gem that was very present second gen that you don’t see a lot these days
anymore it’s not as common and I’m kind of glad that it’s not as common because
as I was scrolling through Twitter by the way follow me at nominal extensions
but don’t tell anyone it’s neat because fun fact I don’t have the best luck with
Stan Twitter I saw this dude and I don’t know who this individual is but he’s the
guy who wears the crop top and he was saying how for the music video he didn’t
drink for a long time to you know maintain the look of his abs and then
when he found out that he was gonna have to wear this outfit for the press
conference he didn’t drink again and he was very thirsty and it broke my heart
because you just kind of see how normalized this is for this industry and
how normalize this kind of is in a lot of our daily lives that we might be
doing things you know that if you say out loud is very concerning a lot of us
have been there a lot of us have done that so you know it’s a little bit hard
to talk about I just it just breaks my heart it breaks my heart so though I do
I appreciate the level of innovation but if it comes at a cost like that I I
don’t want anything to do with it I don’t want to see it I don’t want to
participate in glorifying that you shouldn’t have to become dehydrated for
fashion for entertainment I don’t think that’s Ithaca lie don’t think that’s
something anyone should have to go so I’m gonna end that there actually I’m
so sorry to end the video in such like a shitty note but anyways I’m gonna leave
some resources down below and feel free to check them out hopefully could help
some people I’m a little overwhelmed right now so I’m gonna go cry in a
corner bye

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  1. not gonna lie bouncy have been on my head for days and at first i thought the song was kinda weird but the more you listen to it the more addictive it's becomes and play bouncy when you're tired cause that song is a booster ( red punch also worth investing on if you want to but the album )

  2. for hongseok from pentagon (the guy who didn't drink water before the showcase) he has done it a few times only to make his stomach flatter and his abs stand out, he knows his limit and noone told him too. he assured fans hes okay and he doesn't have body issues he's actually very proud of his body and has even been on the cover of mens health! pentagon also does something completely different for each cb they have in an effort to destroy the image they built of themselves previously. if you're interested, i would check out sha la la, naughty boy, and like this. also their japanese releases cosmo and happiness are amazing!

  3. Omg I always mix up rocket punch & cherry bullet and idk why, I thought it was just me! Maybe cause they debuted about the same time? And seem to release music at the same time? Or their concept is similar I'm not really sure. And I love both groups as well and I still find myself getting mixed up🤷

  4. Yeah body image in the kpop industry is so normalized. On pd48 a mentor asked a girl if she had abs because she sang super stable (idk how that relates to abs i forogt) and she said "when i skip a meal" and everyone laughed. Like you just heard she isnt eating the right amount and you laugh?

  5. Yeah shine is from 2017, since then they've had a couple of comebacks and essentially lost 2 members 😬 (btw the abs guy is hongseok and his abs are like his thing)

  6. 1st – I want to add that I hope Hongseok drinks water! I know he wants to maintain his abs but wtf!Noooo it isn't healthy to do that !

    2nd – Please look at KARD! I personally think that Red Moon is amazing! I also love the song Enemy in their album.

  7. If you have time can you check out the. Boyz comeback reveal they dropped their first full length album I recommend salty and break your rules as b-sides to listen to.

  8. When Weki Meki make their come back you should definitely talk about their comeback it comes out on February 20

  9. hongseok is known for working out as his hobby/skill?, but if he has to go through uncomfortable situations because he thinks that fans like that stuff, that just makes me fucking sad

  10. I surprisingly loved Cherry Bullet's comeback, the "Für Elise" samples made the whole thing so original!
    Also, it'd be great to see you talk about Moonbyul, Kard and the upcoming Dreamcatcher's comebacks !

  11. I feel the same about Rocket Punch and Cherry Bullet. I get them mixed up so easily. I will say the lightstick has helped Cherry Bullet stand out a little bit more.

  12. Hi! I'm a hardcore Pentagon stan, and I appreciate you talking about this. I got a lot concerned when I heard of what Hongseok did just to maintain that look. I watched the whole press conference, and durring that performance he looked a lot tired and uncomfortable. Thankfully, his other outfits were not that open, and he looks a lot more energetic and full of life in the other performances. Nonetheless, the comeback and the album were absolutely great, and since the members produce all their songs themselves, I know how they have worked hard for it and will still support them with all I can.

    Since they started producing their songs, they had some motivational/emotional songs that helped me going through some tough times, since you are someone that appreciates good lyrics, maybe you'd like to check it out. I specially recommend Like This for this purpose.

    Anyways, thanks for the video
    You were reasonable with your opinions, as always ♥️

  13. cherry bullet actually does have cute concepts! they have a concept similar to red velvets, with their cherry side being cute and their bullet side being "darker." their debut and first comeback, Q&A & really really, were both cute concepts. sadly they recently lost three members (kokoro, linlin and mirae), so we didnt get to see their bullet side 🙁

  14. Body builders also go without water before contests, it’s so rough, I’m so sorry this idol is going through this too right now

  15. To all the people wandering why she pronounce VERSACE and ROSÉ like that is because it is the real italian and french pronunciation so basically she is pronouncing it right

  16. About cherry Bullet…
    1) you were actually right lmao, cherry bullets first two songs/albums (Q&A/Let's play cherry bullet and Really Really/Love Adventure) had a cute concept. they have a kinda similar concept to Red velvet, the "cherry" in their name standing for cute and bubbly concepts, while the "Bullet" stands for more girl crush and mature concepts. their concept is also video game themed (see the gun), as they play the games in their mv's for Q&A and Really Really, but create a game by themselves in Hands up, with each comeback/mv they level up or sumn.
    2) some of yall maybe think you know the song, which is because they used the same beat as in "Für elise" by Beethoven

  17. Also:
    Rocket Bullet
    Cherry Punch
    Punch Bullet
    Cherry Rocket
    Punch Rocket
    Rocket Cherry
    Bullet Cherry
    Rocket Cherry Bullet Punch Rocket

  18. I’m really worried about Hongseok and Kino. I love Pentagon a lot and to hear sth like this from my boys is hurting me. I hope he knows that we don’t care if he has perfect abs or looks perfect. Universe just want them to be happy and to get their 1st win so you crusty dusty bitches better vote for them and stream the MV!💙

  19. "I happen to think it's unethical to charge that much for paid. " Yes, lord who keeps paying them for that! Plaid belongs on poor school girls who have no choice and scotsmen.

  20. lol the most recent korean comeback pentagon had was "humph!" and that one was even cuter than shine
    like literally the concept was "tall schoolboys have beef with short schoolboys" kind of


  22. Did anyone else hear Fur Elise in Hands up by CherryBullet? Because I heard the intro of fur Elise in the song, lol tell me if I'm alone:/

  23. Cherry pullet song is bop and honey you really have to stop comparing 2nd or 3rd generation with 4th generation..like they are not the same

  24. I appreciate you bringing up Pentagon and pointing out the artist's discomfort. Certain outfits make me uncomfortable, but even more so when you can see the artist's discomfort. EXO fans, for example, didn't mind Obsession because Kai did a crop top for Tempo and made it clear that he was fine and because of all his training and dancing he doesn't worry about maintaining his physique (Taemin's also said that at this point he doesn't have to try to keep his figure). But I always think back to Miss A's last showcase and watching Suzy spend the whole time trying to cover her stomach with her arms or a blanket then watching her almost faint on several stages…and that was our last Miss A experience. That was painful.

  25. J'ai une question, est-ce que tu parles français ou t'as des origines françaises? Parce que tu prononces certains mots avec une prononciation française, peut-être que t'en a déjà parlé quelque part mais j'ai pas l'impression mdrr, du coup j'aimerai bien élucider ce mystère mdrrr

  26. I loved the cherry bullet comeback but I was disappointed to find out it wasn’t about starting a movement yet a boy…

  27. i appreciate the concern but i world had loved if you talked more about pentagons song and music video rather than the situation. he is fine and is very confident in his body and had no problem wearing something like that. while it is unhealthy we cannot make our idols do what we want them to and ‪he said he wanted to do that so he can look the best for the fans. i do not think what he did was good but ultimately it was his choice.

  28. Am I the only one that didn't like both comebacks?
    I love the groups and the last releases were so good. But the talking singing is just not my thing. And it just feels like them following trends. I couldn't care less about the visual aspect of it all. Really miss their musical songs

  29. I thought I was the only one that coffused/mix-up Cherry Bullet and Rocket Punch. I think is the names, both sounds like lollipops

  30. i know this may not be a popular opinion, but i find it kinda strange that you dont watch other groups mv’s. by no means do i expect you to pretend to like every release (which thank god i appreciate honest chanels like yours.) me personally i dont really follow groups like (g)idle or oh my girl or ikon but i always will check out their title tracks when they comeback incase i vibe with it. idk i feel like you dont have to like everything of course but i feel like when you just dont watch a video when you’re like ‘oh, didnt know these guys were coming back! lets have a listen’ then youre potentially missing out on soooo much content you could potentially love???? not trying to have a go at you, because im glad that with these new series you’re having a go and stepping outside your usual sphere!

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