Horror at Sandhole Cottage – Part 1 | GD Flying Solo | S01 E05 | Free Documentary Paranormal
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Horror at Sandhole Cottage – Part 1 | GD Flying Solo | S01 E05 | Free Documentary Paranormal

February 13, 2020

(eerie music) – Hello and welcome. This is Ghost
Dimension, Flying Solo. – [Announcer] Coming
up on Ghost Dimension. (eerie music) – The lamps are going
off on the K-II metre. No! No, no, you must’ve been up. – I just heard a like a
crack on the wardrobe. – The spirit came
from the portal. – [Woman] Ghost Dimension. – Tonight we
investigate a location very close to our hearts. The home we investigate
tonight is a former home of myself and Bex. (ghosts whispering) Not much is known about
this home publicly, but once you step inside,
its dark centre can be felt. (eerie music) (cat mewing) Shadow figures, objects
being thrown, ghostly voices, and doors closing on their
own have all occurred here. (door slamming) We moved away from this
location many years ago, but some unknown force
has pulled us back. Many people have lived
here but few have stayed being forced out by this
building’s very fabric of negative energy. Will that negative
energy come out tonight? (ghost whispering) Haunted by a tormented soul,
will he make himself known tonight or will something more
sinister come out to play? Join us as we investigate
Sandhole Cottage in Winsford, Cheshire. (eerie music) Lee, welcome to
Sandhole Cottages. – Thank you. – Ghost Dimension
and Flying Solo. This place here is where
Bex and I used to live and many years ago
we moved out of here because we needed
to expand our family but also the activity
here was quite immense. It was quite, it was active. And, since coming back
here, I believe it still is. We’ve sent a paranormal team
in here and they’ve experienced strange things happening
upstairs, on the stairs, down here, and one
team that’s been here, something’s been thrown at them. And, you’re a psychic medium,
are you sensing anything that may be here? – Yeah, the first time
I got into the property, I was made aware of a gentleman
gave me his name as George. – Okay. – I would say probably
some early 60s. – Yep. – Quite family orientated
because he took me back and showed me like the
children in the chair with the kids playing. Great family man sort of person. He also gave me a significant
date of 1972 as well. – So, and this guy
is he active here? – Oh yeah, he’s
very intelligent. I think it’s him that’s actually
moving things, you know, throwing things around.
– Throwing things around? – Yeah. He’s quite active and quite
intelligent in this area. But, he’s upstairs as well. He moves around. – So, he goes round
this building. Now, I know from
records that I found that you don’t know about. – Yeah. – Here, in this
building there was a guy and part of his name was George. – Right. – So, that ties in to this
person that we found his record that lived here and died here. – Yeah. – So this could
be the same George or is it? – Definitely.
– Yeah? Definitely, the same George. Is anywhere in this building
a hotbed for you of activity? – The most active area I’ve
found was the master bedroom. – Was there?
– There was a lot of, it was stronger in that area. – Yeah. – He will do things more
on demand in that area. Although he does walk
around the whole house, the master bedroom
just seems to be more of a hotbed for him. – Of activity? – Yeah. – Should we head up there now? – Yeah. – Okay, let’s go. Lee, this is where you
were drawn to upstairs. – Yeah. – What are you feeling up here? What are you sensing? – This is, this room in
particular is definitely the most active for him. I don’t know if this is
where he would’ve slept or spent a lot of
time in this room, but this is the room he keeps
all coming back to the most. – This is the master bedroom. – Yeah. I have felt him in the
other room as well, but more significantly
in this room. – In this room.
– Yeah. – What type of activity
do you think we can expect from this room from his energy? – Um, he is careful of moving
things, throwing things, whistles, bangs, anything
intelligent he can do it. – Okay, now there is also
a report in this room of the floorboards, funny
enough, where the cameraman over there is standing. Somebody who stood there
as they investigated this to try and find out who was
here, and the floorboard was moving on its own. Would that be him, do you think? – Definitely, yeah. He does sort of pace
around the room. – Yeah. – Like he stands in
certain corners of the room so to be in that particular
corner would make sense that he would be there. – And, on the stairs there
was a shadow it’s been called. We’ve seen stuff
when we lived here, we saw stuff on the stairs. Do you think these stairs is
connected to the same person or is that something different? – There is also what I believe
is a small child as well. – Right. – That resides here. But, I think that’s more
sort of a visitation. I don’t think that the
child is grounded here. – Right. – But you may have witnessed
the child on the stairs, you know like footsteps
on the stairs. – I see. – And, that’s possibly
the child, I believe it’s a boy, a little boy.
– Right okay. – I would say probably
about five to six years old. – And, he’s on the stairs? – He’s on the stairs usually, but he does go into
the other room as well. – Okay. – But, in this
particular room this more of the male, George. – Male George, okay. The other room where the
child is, that was used over the years as
different rooms so it may give you
different energies. – Yeah. – Yeah? Shall we go into there and see
that, I know you’re sensing this boy, let’s see if he gives
you like a name or anything, but also kind of an (mumbles). – Yeah. – Yeah? Come on then. Do you feel his energy now? – It is more residual. It’s like he’s off,
comes in visitation. Every now and again I’ll
pick up that he’s around. He’s not actually
with us at the minute, but he may pop in later on. – So, he might come in? – Yeah, he’s not sort
of here all the time. As you do call out when you
ask for things to happen, he may come in later. – Oh wow, okay. In this property, we used
to also feel like something was oppressively heavy on here. Have you felt any of that? – Yeah, particularly at
the top of the stairs there is what I would
class as a portal. – Portal? – Right, at the top
of the stairs there and that’s where the
gentleman comes in from and the little boy both
come in through the same. – So, this portal,
what is it for people that don’t know
what a portal is? – Basically a portal
is a spirit doorway. It’s a way for them
to come and go. – So, it’s a
doorway for spirits. – It’s doorway for them
to come into the, yeah, the property and back. – Because there’s
this portal in here, could there be more
than just the child, this oppressive
spirit, and the man? – Definitely. Where you have a portal,
it’s usually that you may get more of them come in
visitation or passing through. – Yeah. – At the particular
time I only felt the two that was there, but it’s
not to say that more come through.
– Come through. Okay. Are you sensing anything else? – It’s quite at the
minute, it’s quite calm. – Yeah. – I’m aware of the
elder male, George. – Yeah.
– He’s around. He sort of knows
that I’m back again. He’s aware of me. (microphone thudding)
He sort of stepped back now. – Did you hear that? – I heard that, yeah. – I don’t know if that
was an outside influence or something but it
sounded like a child. – Was like a small
child whistle on a… – Yeah. – [Producer] I also
heard it when you know you mentioned (mumbles) before. – Yeah. – [Producer] I also heard
a whistle (mumbles). – So, you– – [John] Coming from out
in the, on the staircase. – Yep, and that’s
where the portal is. – [John] Yeah. – So, that’s where the
portal is where you said. – Right behind John,
right where the wall is. – And, John will you
just pan that round to show there’s nobody there. – [John] Yeah, so
just (mumbles). There’s just stairs. As you can see, this
goes down, round. That’s the room that
we’ve just come out of. – So, straightaway already
we’ve feeling these people here. And, that other people
will come into visitation later potentially and
while we’re investigating. And, when we’re investigating
and we’ve just started, noises are happening. – Yeah, already. – That’s excellent. Are you, I mean, obviously
it’s a small house but it’s rife with activity. Are you feeling before we
start our investigation anywhere else that
you wanna check out? – The upper area
is the more active, but the front room in
particular as well, is another good area. I actually had what looks
like a small piece of plastic that was thrown at me
the last time I as here. – So, wherever you
started before, it was drawing you back? – Yeah, definitely the
front room as I came back into the property, I
was drawn straightaway to the front room again. – Okay, well maybe we’ll
start the investigation down there tonight. – Yeah. – Okay well this is, I
think this is gonna be an interesting investigation. We can conjure up
new experiments into
this investigation tonight and see if we can, it’d
be all sorts of interesting if we can interact with
the portal that’s here. – Yeah. – Maybe we can
encourage some spirits to go through this portal. – Definitely. – Yeah? So, well it sounds to
me like it’s gonna be a fantastic night. – Should be good. – Let’s do it. So, we were just about
to head downstairs and then Lee was drawn
to show us this portal which is here and you can’t
see it with your physical eyes, but it’s like the doorway for
the spirits to come through. – Yeah, definitely. – And, you believe it’s
to be like lower level as well, Lee? – Yeah, it’s sort of
around this level here. As soon as I walked into the
hall the first time I came it was like a dizziness. – Yep. – And, usually that indicates
to me as soon as I sway that there’s usually
a portal around and identified it as
being in this area so… – So, the spirits will be
use, possibly likely to be using this to visitate. Not using the front
door which is bizarre. – Yeah. – Why? Well, they don’t need to. They’re using this
portal to come through. Is there any significance
why this would be a portal? – I wasn’t given the reason why. It’s just sometimes you
walk into a property and this is where
it is in particular. Like some houses it’ll be– – So, it can just appear? – They can be anywhere. I mean in some places it can
be right where a wardrobe is or behind the fireplace. – Yeah. – It’s what was there past. – Right. – You get me so– – So, there could
be something… – Yeah, it could
be past related. It’s how this was years ago. You know this is just the way
they’ve chosen to come in. I mean, like next door may
witness activity as well. – Yeah. – You know and further down. – It’s really a problem. – Yeah. – This’ll be interesting. Okay, well we’ll start
our investigation up and see what we can sense
and see what we can collect. Excellent. Before we start
our investigation, we hear from Para,
our psychic medium to hear what she senses from
over in Oklahoma in America. – Hello, I’m Para. I’m a medium in Oklahoma. Sean sent me two
photos of a cottage in Winsford, Cheshire U.K. And, this is what I got. There are two human spirits. One is male and one is female. The female spirit is
grieving and she’s hiding a dark secret. She’ll occasionally
go and walk around the cottage and cry. And, she also showed
me partial of her face. She’s crying black tears
and it’s extremely sad. She’s around in her 20s and
I did try to contact her after I tried to talk
to her the first time. And, she said her name
is Isabel, but then she didn’t wanna talk
to me after that. – The second is a male spirit. He is in his mid-40s and he’s suffering in
pain, in agony. My left arm went numb and
so I’m assuming he died from a heart attack
’cause I would associate numbness in the left
arm with a heart attack. He also keeps whispering
to me, “I lost it.” And, I keep hearing the
words, “A great pain, “a great loss, a
pain of the heart.” I’m also feeling what I would
consider is a trapped emotion. To me that’s a horrible
or painful experience that has imprinted
itself in the area. The person that
left this emotion, may or may not be dead. It is of a young child
and they’re screaming with their hands
over their head. I’m leaning towards the
gender being more of a boy, but I’m not completely sure. There are also a few darker
spirits in there as well. I don’t feel like they
originated in this location. I feel like they
were brought here. I would consider them gremlins. They like to taunt you. They like to bite
at your ankles. They like to play
with the electricity. They like to flick
the lights on and off. And, they’re very nasty,
nasty little guys. I’m also seeing a
ghostly hand placed like a treasure trinket
on a ledge of a fireplace or a ledge of a shelf. Just the ghostly hand. I couldn’t tell you
who it belongs to. And, I feel like the
energy is swirling. At the day I did the
reading, the energy was swirling around and
it kinda made me feel like there was an
anniversary or a date that was really important
either coming up or it had already occurred. Other than that, that’s all I
really felt from the cottage. (heart beating) – So, I’m gonna start
my first vigil in here. Lee’s upstairs. He’s investigating
the master bedroom. I wanna cover as much
ground as we can tonight and see if we can get as
many results as we can. And, with me I
have a K-II metre. Now if anything comes near
this, the lights on it will light, will change
to different colours and then they will go off. Then we’ll know a
spirit’s with us. Now as I’m talking to you,
I’ve got a device over here, let me show you. Okay, so this device here which
you can see is flashing now this is a movement detector,
vibration detector. Anything comes near that,
like it is now, it’s flashing, that could indicate,
(child crying) I think I heard, like a child as I’m speaking to you there. (child crying) Like it’s sobbing. (child sobbing) – Hi guys. I am doing a lone vigil
in the main bedroom. And, I’ve got the
REM-POD with me. Which you can see down there. Just gonna do some
calling on stuff. It’s just resetting
at the minute. Okay, George, are
you here with me? (child crying) – That was weird. That was really, really weird. That’s coming like
from over this corner. But, I’ll tell you what
else is going here, on the side here. I’ve got a Gauss
metre, EMF metre. (metre beeping)
(child crying) So, I’ve set this up with
these two trigger balls. There’s a spooky looking
eyeball and another ball there. I’m trying to encourage any
spirits to come near them. If anything comes near them,
hopefully that’ll set off or the vibration
sensor now sets off, then we’ll know we’ve
got a spirit with us. I’m by the, actually I’ve
got loads of stuff in here. I’m proper hardcore
investigating this room. This is believed to be active. I wanna make sure that
we cover enough activity, if we can capture it or
enough coverage of ground to make sure we get the
best out of this location. On the table as well,
I’ve got a REM-POD. (REM-POD beeping)
If anything goes near it it’ll set off and it’ll
set these lights off. And, by the door there,
there is a sensor beam so that if you walk
through the beam it’ll set the
doorbell alarm off. It’s a tricky sensor. So, hopefully we can get
something to interact with us. (REM-POD beeping)
Oo, okay. As I’m saying that,
the REM-POD went off. Interesting to see
if Lee’s experiencing any similar activity. – George, if you’re here with
me, can you touch this device on the floor for me, please? Can you come and
touch the device? We should hear it as well,
guys, if it goes off. We should actually
be able to hear it. We’ve got the room… Is there anyone else
in the room with me? Can you come forward? Don’t be afraid. – Okay if anybody’s
here with us now. I think my voice is
setting that off. If you’re here, make that
go off in five, four, three, two, one. All right, I’m on my own. You’ve got an opportunity
now to interact with me. I’ve got a K-II metre. If you come towards it the
lights will light up and shine. Okay? It’s not fully dark yet, because
it’s late, it’s the summer evening, spring evening. But, I believe you’re
active all the time so I wanna speak to you, I
wanna communicate with you. Come forward and
communicate with me. Push one of these balls from
the mantelpiece behind me. Push one of them off. Do something to indicate
your presence with me. Walk towards the door. Come on, do something. Communicate with me. If you’re here, make
a noise in five, four, three, two, one. – [Man] Sean. – Okay, okay, that wasn’t
what I was expecting to hear. Was expecting like
a tap or a bang but I’ll have to recheck that. I’m sure I heard
somebody say my name. (steps banging) I don’t know if that was Lee
but I heard a bang as well. So, somebody said my name. I must’ve been right,
was that right? Because I got my name. You said my name. Did you make that noise? – [Child] Go. – Go. Go. I’m sure I heard my name
and then somebody said “go”. (child shouting)
(footsteps thudding) (child babbling) – Is there anyone here with me? You make a noise,
tap on something? (metre beeping)
(child mumbles) – Oh the REM’s doing something. You guys can see that there. If that was you effecting
this device in the room, can you do that again, please? (metre beeping) Oh. There we go. I’ll show you the REM. Is there anyone here with us? Anyone in the room with me? Can you come and touch
this device on the floor? I think what I’ll actually
do, guys, is I will sit next to the REM and
see if I can get them to come into the room. I’ll sit down. (Lee whistles) You’ll have to bear with me,
it’s very warm in the room. And, I’ve got the
REM next to me there. – Can you communicate
with me again, please? Knock something
off the side here. Okay, let’s try
that exercise again. I’m gonna say, I’m gonna
count now from five to one, then say my name again. Five, four, three, two, one. (footsteps thudding) No! No, no, you must’ve
picked that up. Bang, bang. Was that you? Come closer to me and
come into this room. Make that noise again
or interact with
one of these devices I’ve got on this table. Come on. Light the lights on this metre. Come on, communicate with me. Speak to me. Show me you’re here. Walk towards the door. (child crying) – Okay, is anyone here? Would you like to come take
a seat, come and sit down? Or make a noise? You can’t touch this device? Tap on something. I thought I just heard like
a crack on the wardrobe just over there. Can you touch the door for me? Knock on the door? (light tapping) Oop that was
something there, guys. Don’t know if you
heard that at home. There was a knock
of some sort then. – Can you communicate with me? Light the, thank you. These lights lighted. Thank you so, so much. Can you do that again? Ah, that’s brilliant, thank you. Alls you gotta do now
is come closer to them. Come closer to the lights. Thank you. Can you take it
all the way to red if this is a male present here? Thank you very much. The lights are going
off on the K-II metre. And, I’ve picked it
up and they’ve stop. Which is weird. I’ll put it back on the table. Light them again. Please light the lights
on the K-II metre. Thank you, thank you so much. Do it again for me. (REM-POD beeping) Oo, sorry that was me, I think. Was it, was it me? (REM-POD beeping)
Yeah. Thank you. Are you a child spirit
with me or are you the man? If you’re the man, take
it all the way to red. Thank you. Have you used the portal
that Lee said upstairs? Can you give me a response? Thank you so, so much. This appears to be an
intelligent spirit. – George, are you here? Can you come into
the room, please? We’re not here to harm you. I’m here on my own. Is there anyone here with me? Can you make a noise? Oh, it was a what looked
like a dark shadow then just where the door is there. I’ll keep it focused
on the door for you. But, there was something
blocked out the light. I don’t know if you guys
can see there’s like a crack in the doorway. You can see the
light coming through. For a split second then
it was like somebody walked across and just
blacked out the light. So, that was quite strange. Is anyone here? – Thank you. Did you die in this house? (REM-POD beeping) Oh, okay, thank you, thank you. I got a response on the K-II and I got a response
on the REM-POD. The REM-POD will pick
up anybody going near it and this K-II’s gone mad. You died here? Thank you. Okay, so the spirit appears
to be interacting with me. Clearly, this is a
soul that died here. Oh, okay, there was a
footstep behind me there. Can you take it? (REM-POD beeping) Oh that’s me. Can you take it all
the way to red for me? (REM-POD beeping) Thank you. Thank you so, so much. This is some of the
best activity I’ve seen on a K-II metre. It should have stopped but, it’s by far
some of the best. I’m gonna ask it
to do some more. Maybe it can interact
with the REM-POD. Can you interact
with the REM-POD? Can you make it go off? Come on, please make it go off. Come on. K-II is still going. Okay. I’m gonna take this with
me because this seems to be going mad. Okay, on the floor down here
we’ve got this trigger device. If you walk towards this, walk
through it, open this door, it’ll sense it
that you’re there. Maybe it won’t,
hopefully it will and it’ll go off. So, please do something for us. I’ll stand in this
corner over here. You set it off. Come on, come
forward, set it off. Push one of the items
on the fireplace off. (soft thudding) Oo, okay, okay. I heard that. That was through here. So, I’m gonna just
check this out, okay? It’s gonna be careful,
watch your step, because otherwise I’ll step
straight onto this device. Okay. Let’s have a look. Hello little, like Lee’s
upstairs investigating. (child yapping) Like I heard… I thought I heard
somebody outside then. No. Okay. That was definitely,
definitely here. (loud thudding) Okay, if that was you who
made that big massive noise, do it for me again. Make it bigger. Make it so I can hear
it again with my ears. And I want everybody
who’s watching this to see this as well. Set that light off on
the table over there. Was that you that just did that? Thank you. And, again. Set it off, come on. Can you do it again for
me, set that light off? Come on, walk
towards that light. It’s here isn’t it? Set it off. I’m looking at the screen. I’m waiting for you to do it. Come on. Set the light off. I’m not sure if that’s
me, but I’m thinking if it was me, my voice now
would be setting it off. It’s not my voice. Come on. Come on. The reason I repeated myself
there is I really wanted to see if that was
me setting that off. It didn’t happen. Maybe we’ve got
somebody with us. Let’s ask the K-II metre. – Can you touch this
device on the floor? You’ve done it for
me many times before. (soft thudding) Oh, don’t know if
you guys heard that, but there was a bang
from downstairs. Right below me. Can you tap on the door for me? (child crying) What was that? Don’t know if you
guys heard that. That sounded like a small child. That was really strange. Is there anyone up here with me? You copy me? (Lee tapping) (car engine rumbling) There’s a car in the distance. Come on, don’t be afraid. Come make a noise for me. Let me know you’re here. Don’t know if that’s just
me or the light fading like it was moving and it looked like it was swinging kind of. You guys can see that? (light tapping) Strange tapping as well. Audio should have
definitely picked that up. But, that was like a
strange tapping there. If that was you, can you
do that again, please? That was really strange. Come and touch me. Is there a small
boy here with me? Are you upstairs? Come into the room,
don’t be afraid. – I’m gonna go grab
the EMF Gauss as well. (metre beeping) (footsteps thudding) No way, no way, no way. Unless Lee’s jumping about,
that was some big, big noises. Okay, as soon as I put this
down, it means that potentially I did the right thing or I
didn’t do the right thing. I’ve put it… Yeah, EMF main switch picks
electromagnetic energy on the table here. And, then a big noise
happened as well so I’m not sure if these
two incidents are linked. Maybe they are,
maybe they’re not, but something was happening,
something strange happened. Okay, I’m just gonna go
straight down here and see if we can communicate. Okay, I’ve got an EMF
metre and I’ve got a K-II. If you can go towards these,
hopefully set one of them off. Thank you, this is on demand. (metre beeping) Whoa. Thank you. Do it again. Do that again. (metre beeping) Thank you so, so much. Are you a man? No? Are you a child? Are you a… (metre beeping) Whoa, okay. I was gonna say demonic entity. Can you set that off again? Are you a man? Do you know what you are? You do? Are you human? Okay, thank you. Stop making it flash. Thank you. Oh no, he’s still
doing it, okay. Are you over the age of 30? Take it all the way to red. Thank you. Can you, are you able
to set that EMF Gauss off here as well? Set it off, go on. Make it go right off. Come on. But now you’ve stopped
flashing it now. Is that because
you want this to, you’re focusing
your energy here? Well, this is interesting. This is the reason
this is interesting. If this was the camera,
let me show you, it would go off. It’s right next to the camera. It’s not being
effected by the camera. That is paranormal. – George, are you here? I’m in your room. (child chattering) Come on, George. Come and talk to me. I don’t know if you guys
can hear that at home but there’s every so
often there’s like a really faint tapping
and it also looks to me like the camera’s
going out of focus. George, is that you? Come and touch this
device on the floor. Just as you think it’s
gone quiet, something else seems to happen. Sometimes it can be
the wardrobe doors or the actual bedroom door. But, yeah, just as you
think everything’s quiet, something usually happens. Come on, George. Make a noise, please. Can you touch the
wardrobe, rattle the door? George, if you’re here,
can you touch this device on the floor for me, please? See if you can make it flash. You’ve done it before. Or if you prefer, you
can bang on something, push the door open. Alongside the K-II
metre, it was flashing. We were clearly
communicating with somebody not of this Earth, somebody who travelled
through the portal upstairs, like Lee said before. Let’s see if we can get
some more out of them. Okay, if you came
through the portal, light the lights for me. Shine the lights, come on. (faint banging) This… Okay, okay, I was
gonna say something, then as I was about to
say, there was a bang from this corner over here. I was gonna say this was
an intelligent spirit because when we were
communicating with it there, the lights were lighting,
then I came back to communicate with
it, bang no lights. So, we definitely communicated
with an intelligent spirit. It just seems to have moved on. Maybe he’s moved on upstairs
to Lee, I’m not sure. (faint tapping) Shh, shh, shh, listen. Do that again. (door handle rattling) Oh shit. Okay, that was behind me. Look, that was this door. (door handle rattling) Just showing nobody’s there. Nobody is there. That door handle moved. Something (door handle
rattling) made that noise. Let me just ask this
K-II metre again. Was that you that made the, was that you that
made the door move? Hello, are we communicating
with anybody here? – That was strange. So, he seems to
have gone quiet now. But, there were some
definite knocks earlier. (child chattering) George? You here? George, can you copy me? (Lee knocking) (corner creaking) There was a noise from
the corner then, guys. Just over there there
was like a creak. George, are you still here? Come and say hello to me. I mean you no harm. Okay guys, he seems to
have gone quiet on me now. But, hopefully we’ll get
some more activity tonight as things get darker. So, I will catch you guys soon. – Okay, it’s all gone
quiet, it’s weird. It’s like their activity,
it’s like Lee said before, it’s moved, he’s shifted on. So, maybe what I’m
gonna do in a minute is I’m gonna head upstairs and I’m gonna check out what
the hell is going on up there. Because if the results of
like they are down here happening up there,
this is gonna be one hell of an investigation. Yeah, but so far I’m
surprised with the activity with the noises and the
bangs and the activity. The response especially
on the metres here. It’s a very rarity to ever see, but it’s a rarity for me
anyway to see the EMF metre go off and, you know,
he’s done that here at Sandhole Cottage tonight. And, obviously
whatever this spirit is it came from the portal. The spirit came from the portal. (eerie humming) Okay. I’m gonna head upstairs. But, I’m gonna
investigate upstairs. (dark mysterious music)

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  1. It's the ordinariness of this that makes it scary – the wallpaper, the plug sockets. It's all kind of familiar… and yet not as well.

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