Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage playset, shark, helicopter, storage, ramps by Mattel – Kid Toys Are Fun
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Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage playset, shark, helicopter, storage, ramps by Mattel – Kid Toys Are Fun

December 3, 2019

Hi guys, kid toys are fun! What have we got here today Sebby? A big box and it says toy vehicles on it –
actually that gives it away, let’s just open the box instead. Oh lets turn it the right way up. It’s a big box of Hot Wheels! The Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage (mega garage in France). 36 parking spaces. 8 play zones. Two elevators. A set of cars and a helicopter. Lets get it open. Do it the mans way! [screams as parts fall out] There ya go – that is how you get stuff out of boxes! Mum: Sebby, what’s there? Sebby: Ehhh… 1, 2, … TEN! Dad: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 cars and one helicopter. A shark Roar! A shark, that’s cool. Lets look at the cars. They are tied down with rubbar bands. In gorgeous green comes the Twin Duction In blue we have Monoposto A transparent Stockar (T-Hunt model) metallic burnt orange we have a Howlin Heat The newest car we have here is BDD03 “Velocita” – a 2014 model. Look at all those stickers! Going to take a while to build. A 23 page manual. Now this bit is goinng in and we’ve run out of space on the table. It’s so big it might have to go on the floor. Drive your car on and fill her up. No door on this one, just a garage space. Go through the shark with his mouth full of car parts. You can attach more track to these places. This is all the track that came in the box. You have these places to join more track onto. Covers come out. Three here and three more on the other side. The Ultimate Garage as they call it and I think it is! Lots of potential with loads of places to add on more track. Take your cars up, as it reaches a level it clicks and stops there. The parking spots have a little ridge to stop your wheels and the car from rolling. It will more or less stay there unless you knock the track hard. The shark sometimes bites and sometimes doesn’t. You reset it every time a car goes past. Oooh, he tired biting that time but missed! Count them Sebby. One, two, three, four, five, ten! Ten? OK, ten because it is a helicopter and that counts as another five.

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