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Hotjar Official WordPress plugin

August 10, 2019

hi my name is Rory I’m a developer here
at Hotjar and I’m gonna show you how to use our WordPress plug-in with your
website so you see that I’m starting here in dashboard behind the WordPress
site. I’m gonna go to plugins Go to install plugins then you see this
add new button, so I click there I can search for Hotjar over here in the
search bar and we show our official plugin as the first result. You click
that button installing… installed. so we activate the plug-in and they will see
this activated here so we can go to settings now and go to Hotjar and now you can see that you’re prompted to visit your Hotjar site list to find unique site ID. So I’ve
got a site here that I’m ready to plug in You want to go to settings, sites and organisations and here you’ll see your site ID in the left column. So we can just copy,
paste into this box then Save Changes then you’ll see the Hotjar script is installed, site ID 1181185 which is actually a really nice
number and then click here to verify your installation BOOM!
The Hotjar installation has been verified That’s all there is to it. Thanks

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