Houston Rockets vs New Orleans Pelicans Full Game Highlights | 10.17.2018, NBA Season

January 23, 2020

Look inside the Toyota Center a few moments before the opening tip-off between the Houston Rockets and Could have changed their with Alfred Payton signed during five games more than anyone else During the regular season Chris Paul jumping off a cliff and in it elusive every web It was like a little judge order his first jump first Back out to Drew holiday Eco mera touch for three and he knocks it down. That’s what he does seven seconds or less staff We said they shot 72 percent of their shots 12 seconds or later. So it’s really Like a fallacy beats de Beauford Alvin Gentry was wary of his team being able to play at a fast pace and yet not turn the ball over That’s not a turnover that stays harden 10 on the shot clock The LOB for capela and he flushed at home with the left Shot that most NBA players are willing to take off the dribble big side James Ennis with a bucket and the Rockets 48 James a season ago Why it started for Anthony Davis but not for long as he gets that one to one Davis averaged 28 points and 11 rebounds a season ago Harden, lobs it up capela took care of it from there Paetynn back quickly the other way missed the layup and Meerut ins have an effect Regarding Carmelo Anthony’s Melo was a long – We saw him Vega. I think again habits are hard to break You will see over time how well he had abs, but he’s a very good three-point shooting There’s ones on the way As you said it’s not like that’s big-time warts and stuff Vanity Davis Nothing. He’ll fit over to get scored on or double-team Harden with the step back three. He actually led the NBA in Step back these days – this Randall’s on the baseline working against Carmelo Anthony He was a big acquisition for them in free agency and they hope to get daryl. Morey for that shot again at half-time Randall with an open three and he drills that one. I’m not gonna pick a winner These are two of the high scoring teams in the league from a season ago the second and third highest scoring DJ Tucker with the 31 Oklahoma City had three of those six at one time Eze Randall finishes. You didn’t name only pull on the shot clock Extra pass tougher for three got it It’s a nice pass five Just enforcing the one’s a little bit more striped li that are already on the books Cristobal was a second three-pointer threes the PJ Tucker obviously he made them but we got to try the key You know sweep in and James under control and then if someone else breathers, we may be all over that. Thank you. Yeah Solomon Hill with the Three-quarter Carmelo Anthony the bowels of the arena years have been done. Just observing He’ll really slim and tight and fit as Randle is fouled by three Chris. Paul is very hard to post He’s got such a low center of gravity great strength and terrific competitiveness. There is hard knocks down the 3-ball 45 degrees per game last year during the regular season What they say they want to get the 5210 Julius Randle here at Long Beach State makes for the 7 point James Davis fouled and they’re gonna come from Carter Williams with the board the former will cue the year with the 76ers up court Hoping to find a home here Martin just four points so far in the ballgame matched up against mirror tubes Three on the clock got to go with it Not all the way to the bucket players reinvent themselves. Later That’s right kids can come read will change to the type of guy that doesn’t take those long-term Well quarter nice finished Jim crane at the Astros. I want to live in those seats You know, everyone should be a billionaire seriously I’m all for it. I’m all for living the American dream like that Garden inside this time. He cashes him like that’s not like some surprise The Anthony Davis was working out this summer finishes the alley and New Orleans with a chance to take their Ten point lead Payton all the way inside for the strong finish And then Bob moot a is a terrific defender That like most guys who struggle with their range shooting but a pass how Anthony Davis with the tongue Good defense by Anthony Davis that’s his third block earned himself an invitation the USA basketball’s camp in Las Vegas decide Anthony Davis finds Meritage inside those two have some pretty good chemistry Jeff Offensively, they’ve been firing on all cylinders here in the first half shooting 62% from the field Davis with the rebound and stick back what a West Bank And he was very happy about coming home Corner three is good by PJ Tucker. Okay, Tucker and Chris Paul have known each other since Elementary school back in the fifth grade. Here’s each one more Countering with it for jumpers. It’s all about percentages. He can shoot it at a high heights insanity With a step back over harden knocks it down belches Undersized there’s a small forward but plates good solid basketball Tucker if another Holiday with a nice past emeritus for the lay up. What up, Utah pelicans leading by 21 points Meritage has 20 And capella the easy lock Oh sent them some video immediately of him running lines and knocking down 19 out of 20 Three-pointers like the one that he just made his second career Triple-double Chris ball knocked it away here come the Rockets in transition harden with the drive and the layup heck moorlands a game that I was able to call the game in which Cousins Torres Achilles tendon with two seconds to go in the game Damon and I’m gonna be interested to see how he’s able to handle that interesting Gordon on the Show and go gets the little shot in and whenever you put two on the ball and pick and rolls It makes it hard as we’re gonna ignore apart against Green – Mirotic swears a little bit more comfortable folks Turkish lost a handle tougher back in transition Jay Cutler slams it down One more Guys own rebound and got the floater to go and rebounded by Americans lesson boards for Nikko Meritage, he’s got himself a double double holliday all the way for the slam and paintin with the bush Team with the LOB and a classy finish by Erica to Davis top line Every night place of what is still it’s gonna fit Chris Paul on with the nice time mentioned it going just eight deep Holliday nice drive and dish to Randall for the layup rebound Baby says 13 boards tonight Hayden with the reverse two more and and Capello kept it in bounds and in play for the rocket Harden for three gets it to fall You know not hanging out at the three-point line trying to drive the ball jumps and Randall backs apartment That was a funky haircut it was funky. Alright It was as you need them to thinking especially with all these charter flights look for the big deal travel implications used to be one of the eight points 14 boards and eight assists And they have done a great job not fouling James Harden’s pulling their hands back And another alley from Staples Center Alright, so quiz time mark John go ahead. That’s hard make the three holiday with the hesitation good defense by Harden Randall muscles it up inside and gets it to fall. It’s about LeBron, okay And listen if you if you have to go to the Bron comes in You know, you got to understand that the player high hopes for his sake he does he stays in great shape Guy that averaged over 16 a game the second seat Butter Williams out to Gerald’s green. This one is raised and sliced as the pelicans come in on opening night and drill the Houston Rockets 131 to 112

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