How a Drone Hunted Three Kurdish Fighters in Syria | NYT Investigates
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How a Drone Hunted Three Kurdish Fighters in Syria | NYT Investigates

September 17, 2019

This story begins with a
young group of Kurds in Syria resisting attacks
by Turkish forces. It ends in flames. What happens in between gives
us a rare and intimate look at how two sides fight
on a modern battlefield. And it shows just
how unaware one side can be to the dangers
that are lurking above. We’ve pieced together
frontline footage to track the units’
movements over several days, how they targeted
advancing forces, and how they may
have met their end. But first, how did these
fighters end up here? In January, Turkey
launched an offensive into Syria’s northwest. It’s mostly a Kurdish area. And Turkey regards certain
Kurds as terrorists. The fighters’ license
plate is for Afrin, which is a strategic
objective of Turkey. Standing in its way is
the town of Jinderes, a crucial junction. This is where we located
the Kurdish fighters. You can see that over time,
Turkish and Allied ground forces close in on Jinderes. They’re already overhead. This edited drone footage
was released by Turkey. And along with other
video, it helps us analyze the Kurds’
defensive of Jinderes. They’re using an M40-series
106-millimeter recoilless rifle. It’s a pre-Vietnam War weapon
and relatively simple to use. It’s most accurate when
the gun’s crew can visually identify their target. But this crew seems to be firing
towards targets they can’t see, elevating the barrel
to shoot over buildings that block their view. That kind of indiscriminate fire
can risk civilian casualties. On Feb. 10, we located
the Kurds’ position and determine their
direction of fire. They’re firing towards a town
that had just been taken over by Turkish-backed forces. Two days later, the Kurdish
fighters moved their position, and they shifted fire
in this direction. Again, it corresponds
with territory the enemy had just gained
after days of heavy fighting. It seems the Kurds are keenly
aware of the closing threat. The drone tracks
them to a garage and identifies the target. The building is hit from above. Kurdish forces say
the gun crew was killed. But there’s one more thing. Remember, this drone video
was released as propaganda. It shows a precise strike,
no collateral damage. But that rarely happens. Civilians have been killed
in other Turkish strikes. And human rights organizations
say some of these may be unlawful. And the Kurds have fired
at civilian areas, too. And as the Turkish offensive
moves towards more urban areas, the fighting is likely
to get even more complex.

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  1. US created ISIS , then create PYD from terrorist organisation PKK ( PKK killed 30k people), US killed millions in this area. And here New York Times editing diffrent videos and says that Turkish drone killed civillians? These people never support PYD, thats why PYD run out without any fight.

  2. in this operation just one cviilian is killed by Turkey! This video says about civilian casualties however did anyone see a death body 🙂 ha ha ha. Turkey is okey in this point and never kills civilians. This was the secret how the Ottomans were holding an Imperium over 700 years.

  3. Turkey is such a racist country, it is such a dictatorship. When Isis emerged in Syria, Turkey did not take any stand or send any aid to those who fought Isis. Those who fought Isis were Kurds and now when the Kurds have pushed Isis out of Syria, Turkey wants to launch an attack on the Kurds and says that Kurds are the terrorists… Really!?!?! there is no doubt that Turkey is even aiding Isis nowadays. Turkey should be kicked out of NATO and should never ever be allowed to be part of the EU, that would be a disgrace for Europe and also a huge threat for Europe.

    Support the Kurds and stop Turkish terrorism!

  4. The Turks are stealing other peoples' land and the Kurds have all the right in the world to be angry at them. The Greeks, Armenians and many more blame Turkey for the genocide they've carried out in the past and in this time! The world must now allow Turkey to occupy lands that aren't theirs!! Silence is also a crime!

  5. turks has killed civillians ? and us media talking about this lie Hahahaha lets look out vietnam xD iraq and afganishtan

  6. You cannot compare country military with rebel terrorist organisation . It is just like comparing USA with taliban. Doesn't make any sense and this video is totally b.s in my opinion.

  7. I have a question!. Who bombed and killed billion humans in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan? Who Bombed Iraq Cities and killed many civilians? Who supported elqaida terrorist against Russia and created worldwide problem? Who talks about war crimes and trying to teach world how some countries are doing terrible war crimes? Bingo! Answer is already in your mind. Nothing to add.

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