How can you buy & fly an aeroplane for $500/How people make the model aeroplanes.( English Subtitle)
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How can you buy & fly an aeroplane for $500/How people make the model aeroplanes.( English Subtitle)

September 7, 2019

Do anyone know that why the world has become very much reachable in these days. Wheels /Tyres are one of the very best inventions that the world have seen ever. If not the world might been too small to accessible.Something else could have been invented . But the wheels play a primary role in todays world .If not it would have been very hard for us due to this reason we’ve got trains, cars, plains etc what am trying to convey is, Do anyone know that who invented the planes I know you might know the answer. The answer is Wright brothers. What they have invented is such a great achievement in this era. So there after this whole concept has been changed the entire world into different level.We know that there are different types of planes used in different areas You might have travelled in an aeroplane / you have seen it once or whoever haven’t got a chance yet could be getting it soon The big concept called aeroplane such a big reality has become smaller and smaller and we can now hold it in our hands Excuse me : Its very noisy Drones or different types of model planes are ruling the world now Where am today is A person / somebody can easily fly an aeroplane or How easily the dream called flying / buying an aeroplane can easily be accomplished in everybody’s life / How to develop that hobby You will see here that how people easily developed their hobby and flying these planes in this episode So , welcome everyone for the new episode of coffee chat. Lets watch it… There are few things related to this club I’ve heard that one of the members in this club have the experience of developing model planes by the last 60 years He initially developed this plane at his home At that time he might have trialled the plane in his property / back yard I come to know that he is one of the oldest member in this club and i think his flight is the oldest or the first one successfully developed in this club I wonder how much effort and challenges he might have gone through in developing that plane 60 years ago. being as a part of this club means to come here and to meet everyone This undertakes few times in an year and show their skill and perform in front of others More than that its a great enjoyment where they all meet each other and spent some time together in a day and also They discuss and learn lot of new things/ doubts while they are here Its not about just flying the plane .They also arrange food here and you can buy what ever you like and watch the event The members of this club organised this event very well which means they provide lot of facility to make people happy in that day Therefore its helping a lot for the sustainability of these clubs They have a fantastic team to promote this When they have initially started there wasn’t many people But now there are lots of people in this club I’ve seen many youngsters here too They are also coming forward to develop these planes and they are very much passionate about this and to show their skill too in front of the senior people So therefore its a fantastic club As i said before , what wright brothers have done is a fantastic job its a superb invention and its changed the entire world Its in the hands of people now But you cannot sit in these model planes However you can control it with the remote So thats all about the club The people who are standing here has got their planes flying Its all flying very close by They are playing like kids They all are seniors. But they show that life can be enjoyable at any age They all are holding a remote control.Most of them developed their planes by themself They might have spent months to develop this He is a very young and look at his skill and passion He is trying to compete with others in this club Its not about how much time it can fly.But ,its all about how skilled he is at an younger age There is a high chance for him to become as a pilot or so They all got a a very good technical knowledge So as you see here , He is going to fly his dreams Its not very advanced / complicated like this big flight There you go and its flying now They all are trying to take off the flights together Its around 2-3 flights going to fly together They are just holding it in their hands.While comparing it to the other planes its a small one Its flying now and its got some sort of ribbon at the back. Thats the second one flying now and here you go the third one is flying now so all of them are flying up the sky The planes parked here are different designs It looks like an army model design and i think this plane had a crash landing because the wings has got some damage This also looks like an army model design and its a different colour The body is strong and feels like fibre So there are different varieties of flights are displayed here I have seen a passenger model small one / army model or air ambulance model / police model designs & all sort of model designs are here. We feel like its all joined together for an air show This is one of the biggest plane displayed here. It has got a 5 cylinder engine I believe the sound of this plane could be different to other ones He is the owner of this plane and he is trying to start it soon This could be a totally different experience when comparing to the smaller ones The size of this and the capacity of the engine will make this as a unique one. Its a beautiful colour & design. Thats the remote control and here is where they control the planes by using these knobs & buttons There is a small display where they can see the altitude,speed and few other stuffs This is how they are starting the plane They are using an old strategy by using their hand to rotate blades to start it This could be the way how the Wright brothers also started their flight Its superb sound and you can feel the real sound of a 5 cyl engine The engine noise is like very crispy and clear There are two tyres at the front and one small at the back So the giant 5 cyl plane is getting ready to fly He is all set to fly the plane soon There are few other flights up on the air and he is waiting for the green signal to use the runway Its same as like a normal plane where the pilots wait for the air traffic signals .If not they can crash easily This is an excellent creativity & skill which we should admire The put all the parts together to make them as it is now . It looks like the real ones and can’t say that its a model plane So he will be flying soon This could be different to other small ones in terms of speed and sound Lets see how this take off looks like by taking the maximum power out of 5 cyl engine Here it is ready to take off Really its take off is different to other ones The speed was amazing This plane looks like the model of Swiss Air ambulance Its colour and design is very identical to the real one The model number called LTH645 Its small , But looks like very efficient and the body is very well made Here is where the silencer fitted This plane displayed here is for sale The owner of this plane has advertised all its specs. The price is around $450 Its worths more than what its advertised for Some of these ones are army design & colours and some are funky style I think they all are waiting for their chance or going to fly soon Thats the other army coloured one This colour combination is exactly like the army He’s having the remote on his left hand and he is pushing the plane .Everyone here is having the dream about their own creations Most of the flights got the dummy made people in it It looks like he has finished his turn and returning the plane back to his place See how easily he is carrying the plane in his hand I didn’t see any helicopter designs here, Most of them are planes This is a different model again, Its different to the air ambulance model you have seen before. These wings are same like the real one and it works well Its to control the speed according to the air flow We all might have seen this moving while looking through the window of plane I thought many times while i was in the flight that why its moving Its actually controlling the whole flight to maintain the speed or if it needs to turn The colour is different to ambulance and its also a 2 seater dummy flight The flight number is called ZUBVS He is announcing few different things about the show People are waiting to get their food . and enjoy the show You can get burger,chips ,drinks,sandwiches or few other varieties Without having any age restrictions, All different type of people come here and celebrate the whole event Am so proud and lucky to come here and see the activities of the club I realised few things from this club If you have a hobby / or interest in your life and if you are keen about it then there is no age limit to get it happen . You only have to be dedicative and energetic to make that happen and you will be succeeded Let your dreams fly in the air I hope you liked the aero club subject which i’ve taken today I will be covering some great subjects like this for you all Make sure you Subscribe my channel and click on to the bell icon Thereby i will get more motivation to show you different different interesting topics like this I will be seeing you all soon A good bye from Nithin

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  2. Good job nithin great video thanks for putting subtitles also I am the kid you spoke about in that video

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