How Did Boba Fett REALLY Die? – Star Wars Jabber
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How Did Boba Fett REALLY Die? – Star Wars Jabber

August 9, 2019

Whether we first saw Boba Fett as Jango Fett’s
angsty little clone in Episode II, or as that awesome looking, armored bounty hunter from
The Empire Strikes Back that captured Han Solo, we were always drawn to him. Even though he had a very small part in Episode
V, he was instantly a favorite villain. Then in Episode VI, he returned to the screen only to fall to an early demise. We all assumed he was dead, but then he showed up in Jedi Academy, a video game released in 2003. But if Boba didn’t die on Tatooine as a subterranean
carnivore’s snack, how did he die… Or did he? (This doesn’t concern you Jedi.) Boba’s last minutes in an official Star Wars movie was in The Return of the Jedi after
Jabba ordered Han, Luke, and Chewie’s execution. Luke’s elaborate rescue plan was set in action
just as he was to walk the plank of a desert skiff and drop to his death into the Sarlacc
pit. R2 shot Luke his lightsaber from Jabba’s sand
barge and Luke began attacking his captors. More of Jabba’s hired guns including Boba
Fett came out to halt the attack, and started firing at the escaping prisoners. Boba rocketed over to the skiff from Jabba’s
barge but landed a little too close to get a shot on Skywalker. As soon as he landed, Luke sliced through
Boba’s blaster-rifle. A blaster shot hit the skiff and Chewie threw
Han down, landing on top of him to try to protect him. Boba had enough time to use his fiber-cord
whip to entangle Luke, but Luke cut through that too. Another blaster shot hit the skiff and knocked
Boba to the floor. Then when he got back to his feet, Han accidentally
hit his jetpack that ignited and threw him into the side of Jabba’s sand barge and fell
into the Sarlacc pit where he was supposed to be slowly digested over a thousand years. We never saw him escape, but in what was considered
the Expanded Universe before Disney bought the franchise from Lucas in 2014, Boba had
escaped the Sarlacc’s stomach in a short story in, Tales from Jabba’s Palace, which was published
in January 1996. According to the story, A Barve Like That:
The Tale of Boba Fett, Boba had been swallowed by the Sarlacc and held fast to a wall of
the Sarlacc’s insides by tentacles protruding from it. When he regained consciousness, he found that
there were other victims still alive in the Sarlacc. Most importantly was Susejo, one of the Sarlacc’s
first victims. He had been there so long that he had merged
with the Sarlacc’s consciousness and could partially control it. After some time, Boba was able to taunt Susejo,
until the tentacles holding him squeezed tight enough that he was able to push off the floor
of the cavity and activate his jet pack. The jetpack wasn’t meant to run in such close
quarters and exploded, wounding the Sarlacc and freeing Boba. Boba was burnt and broken but he was able
to use concussion grenades to blast a hole to the surface that he escaped through. But early in 2014 after Disney bought the
franchise, we were told that almost none of the Expanded Universe was considered canon. But later the same year Jonathan Rinzler,
editor for the Lucas Licensing’s book division confirmed that in the new canon Boba Fett
did, in fact, escape the Sarlacc but hasn’t yet been included in any more new canon. So officially, Boba has NOT died and knowing
Disney, I don’t think he will anytime soon. There have been rumors that Boba will have
his own “Origins” style movie in the future. I’ve been watching and haven’t seen anything
solid yet, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t planning it. If you have any info on Boba Fett’s future,
let us know in the comments. Please like this video and subscribe to hear
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  1. If you listen to the ROTJ DVD commentary George himself said he actually shot this scene but just like the Joba scean in a New Hope it never saw the light of day and still has yet to.

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