How did Niharika become a pilot? Interview with Flying Academy student pilot from India
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How did Niharika become a pilot? Interview with Flying Academy student pilot from India

January 18, 2020

Hi, good morning! My name is Niharika and
I’m from India, the capital New Delhi. I’m doing my instrument training, so I’m on my IFR instrument training process. I love being in the sky, I love being
around the plane, it’s something which always makes me happy. The United States of America has the best training courses available and they have a really good exposure to environment and flying. You get real
traffic, you get real communications and it’s pretty much more of experience in
the United States. However, in my country it’s a bit limited. And it’s a beautiful place to fly. So you’re flying, you’re looking at the view, it’s excellent.
I always had a dream to fly and being a crew before in airlines I always wanted
to be in the cockpit. So I used to go to the captains and ask them “hey, how do you talk to the ATC”, for example. They motivated me. A lot of captains told me “you know we can go to certain places, you can go expand your career”.
So I said OK, let me do this. And I always have a dream of taking my parents in a flight, you
know, commercial aircraft, so I’ve come all the way from India to get that
knowledge and the feeling of flying in a cockpit. I want to fly for my country and
I only wanna be in a really good airline, work for them. It’s something that I really
wish and, of course, the money comes along with it. So it’s gonna be the money and the fun of flying. So I’ll be getting paid for
what I love to do. I love looking at the airport from the top of the view.
It’s excellent and plus they have all these palm trees, they have so many lakes
around, it’s beautiful when you look at those lakes. You see all the boats parked
and it’s beautiful. I remember my first solo flight. I did my solo flight in homestead and it was excellent. I was like “Oh my God! OK, this whole space is for just for myself!” I felt like there was so much ??? for myself and I really
loved it. I felt like going, you know, touch
down, go, take off, touch down, go, touch and goes and
it was excellent I wanted to continue but my instructor was like
“Stop! Come back!” The thing that I really love about Flying Academy is, they have maintained their aircrafts pretty well I love the equipment, I love, how they
keep updating it I love the inspections. Every 50 hours it’s always correct on
time. Because I am a pilot, I need to make sure that the planes are, you know, in a
good condition. So I love, how they keep a track on it, and the equipment are
excellent, so it’s a good good place to fly. Plus they have a new building, so
looks pretty good. The group of captains they’re excellent, so you can approach them anytime if you have anything to ask. It’s a very friendly environment.
I’ve got a lot of friends here. First of all, if you have that passion, that love for the aircraft, you need to get into the cockpit and get that passion alive. So
just dreaming about it won’t really much make a difference but if you work
towards it, if you go and achieve it, It’s going to be something that you’ll always
love and you’re never going to regret it. Come out of your comfort zone and come, experience it, fly, work hard, build your hours and be a commercial pilot.

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  1. Iam from pakistan and i have realy wish to become a pilot in america because america is my favourite country and beautiful place

  2. Imagine if the salary of pilots were minimum wage. What kind of pilot will we have? Does money influence quality?

  3. Well done Niharika. I am a pilot myself (don't fly commercially) just fly for fun and own a little VANS RV 6. Its great to be up in the air specially in command. I live in Australia and would rate Australia if not the best then one of the best places to learn to fly. If anyone wanting to know more about how to go about learning to fly in Australia, I volunteer my self to assist you. You may get in touch with me on [email protected]

  4. Ma'am I can't afford it right now — but is it alright if I do simulator? One more thing: What're the major differences between SPL and PPL. In the early 90s I did just a wee bit of flying. Approx. how much SPL and PPL cost?

  5. Is it important to be in aviation field as a cabin attendent before you go to a pilot training . I have a relative who is a pilot . He recommended me to work as a cabin attendent before i go for pilot training . Unfortunatly i didn't get selected for it due to weight problems . So im thinking to go for pilot training without working as a cabin attendent. Whats your thought on this?

  6. Mam in which flight school are you currently working? And can we do part time jobs for extra expenditures?

  7. Thats great that u have made ur dream come true but what if one belong 2 a middle class family

  8. Hii mam….I am in class 12th and I am finding a good flying school to get my cpl license ….
    Can I plzz talk to u cause I have some enquiry…plzzz mam

  9. Hii mam,
    I am in class 12 now and going to apper in the board exams after few months and i want to know that from where i can get students pilot license.
    What will be my next step after my board exams to become pilot in india.
    Please tell me.😊😊

  10. Glad to see a Indian giving feedback on aviation in USA. Would you mind having a personal chat to help me out? I really want to know what are the steps you followed to get your license and how far are you from being a commercial pilot? I am a graduate in usa thinking about changing my career as this is my life time dream.

  11. Hi Niharika,
    what opportunities do the flying academy provide after completing the cpl course? Like do airlines come and recruit the pilots or we have to hunt for jobs?

  12. Hello niharika i tq for ur's wonderful reply…and tq for spending a minute of time on reading the comments. .can get a information regading cadet program and aviation school trining.can u plz contact me at [email protected]

  13. Hi niharika i need some help can u help me for becoming a pilot im a bit confused my Confidence is little low to make a call in flying school of pilot it is my dream to fly high plz hlp

  14. Hi ,I am from India ,Chennai my ambition is pilot,so I choosen AERONAUTICAL engineering for one degree,after that what I want to do for my ambition

  15. Niharika lakhtakia  ma'am I really want to do CPL and fly one day. I did a lot of research and I'm only getting disappointed and sad by looking at the amount it would cost me. But still I'm not losing hope. Belonging to a middle class family, arranging 60 lakhs plus for the complete process is quite a monstrous and unnerving thought and seemingly impossible for me. But i still dream of touching the sky someday. If you dont mind, is there any other way to reach you ma'am? Maybe thru email? I want to know more about how to arrange for funds and possible loans. I also want to know how did you sponsor your CPL. I would like to clear all my other speculations too. I would forever be thankful to you if you could help me with realizing this childhood dream of mine.
    Hopefully I get to fly one day 🙂

  16. Limited offer price

    Airbus 320 type rating offer price for just 9 lakhs

    Inclusive of all ,food, accommodation, android tablet, airtickets

    ATR 72-600 at 23500$

    inclusive all, food accommodation, airtickets, transportation,


  17. Hi Niharika, please if you can answer this, Do we have Female commercial Helicopter pilot in India.
    And if the answer is yes who was the first female commercial helicopter pilot in India not from IAF background..

    Thanks in Advance.

  18. Hii mam can u tell me that how much money we need for cpl tranning
    And 😂How much money did you put when you were training. Ples reply

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