How Dirty is Your Smartphone? | How to Clean Your Smartphone
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How Dirty is Your Smartphone? | How to Clean Your Smartphone

August 11, 2019

Hi guys, and welcome to this video! it’s going to be a grose but an interesting one, I promise! Here in front of me I have what I call: mobile hygiene products. It’s a mobile phone the sterilizer, some liquid screen protectors, and some screen cleaning tissues. But what is all this you wonder?! Well, if you remember the question from the start of the video: Do you know how dirty your phone is? Well, I wanted to know, so I did a small science experiment, so let’s go to my laboratory, and see what it is! So, in the lab I took swab samples of three smartphones each time using a new swab stick, and a different petri dish of course. I also sampled a car key, a TV remote, a computer mouse and even a toilet bowl on my office. Now let’s go back to the products from earlier in the video, because I used each one of these with one smartphone from the lab tests. First, I used these hygienic screen cleaning tissues, that are supposed to kill 99% of bacteria from your devices. These are safe for all types of screens, and safe for the environment too! Then I wanted to try this liquid screen protectors, that also should kill 99% of bacteria, and provide antimicrobial protection. I have liquids from three different manufacturers here, but they all promise similar results, and the process of installation is the same for all We have a video on that on our channel but let’s go over it quickly: Wipe number one is for cleaning and priming the screen, and wipe number two is the actual nano liquid. After applying it, leave it dry as per instructions. And that’s it! Your phone should be protected from scratches and from bacteria . At the end I have this USB sterilizer. It comes in a nice box with a high quality microfiber cloth, and some cables. It also features an additional USB port if you want to charge your phone while cleaning it. So, plug all the cables in, and turn-on the sterilizer Ot runs for only six minutes and after a beep your phone should be clean as a whistle! Now back to the lab again where I took some more samples with now clean phones, and again with a different swab stick each time. I’ll left the bacteria grow for ten days and these are the grose results! Pretty surprising I must say! All three phones were full of bacteria One of them was actually dirtier than a toilet bowl, the remote control, and the computer mouse were also grose, so clean them as well! And as we can see the results, after using those three products they really work as promised, almost no bacteria at all in these three petri dishes. You can find these scaling products, as well as others at MyTrendyPhone website, so clean your devices often, and stay healthy! See you soon!

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