How Do The Most Advanced Military Drones Work?
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How Do The Most Advanced Military Drones Work?

October 10, 2019

Drones are everywhere! They’re used in television,
movies, toys, military, construction, sports, manufacturing, and more. And the newest technology
is even more advanced than you know. The official name for the remote controlled
“drones” we know and love/hate is UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles, though the military
calls them Unmanned Aerial Systems or UASs. The word “drone” implies something which operates
on its own, though most military drones or UAVs are simply remote controlled — but for
the sake of simplicity we’ll call them drones anyway… The first weaponized drone was flown in 1994
— the Predator MQ-1; but advances in the last 20 years have been incredible. Take,
for example, the largest drone around today: a 757-sized UAV called Triton operated by
the U.S. Navy. Its 130-foot wingspan and fuel efficiency allows it to fly 2,000 nautical
miles in a mission, identify ships, de-ice its wings, and navigate turbulence — ALL
without human interaction. The thing can even be struck by lightning and still operate. Most flying drones operate for 20 hours and
are pre-programmed to fly to a specific area and look around, or piloted to a mission by
a person in a ground station. The military controls these giant aircraft from hundreds
of miles away via satellite communications, GPS and the aircraft’s onboard computers.
This combination of ground and space-based systems can affect how long information takes
to get to the pilot — Predators took a long as five minutes to get detailed information,
making the UAV system extra important, but today, the newest drones can provide 360 degree
video, infrared, and radar data: all live. Most UASs include line-of-site control for
take-off and landing, and satellite control during long flights and missions which would
go out of range of a tower or antenna. Obviously direct control is faster, satellites have
a 1-second delay… but if somehow the signal is lost from the human pilot, the drone can
be programmed to fly in circles, or return to its take-off point. It can even land on
its own if it has to. Drones aren’t only airborne. The drone boat
is a true autonomous and artificially intelligent helper boat. These drone boats are programmed
to swarm targets without human instruction — they can network with each other, and though
they’re unarmed, are supposed to isolate a craft or intercept enemy fire without putting
people in harms way. Another naval drone uses biomimicry technology to look like sharks
or fish! These drones can operate in 10 inches of water or dive to 300 feet either tethered
to a ship, or autonomously; only surfacing to communicate. They’re unarmed, but key for
intelligence gathering. The future of drones is getting crazy. Virtual
Reality is coming, where pilots can “look” through cameras and pilot aircraft or boats
like a video game. It’s already come to commercial drones used for Star Wars pod-racing-style
games. But the U.S. Air Force is pulling out all the stops with their “secret” space shuttle.
The X-37B launched in 2012 and orbited the earth for 500 days autonomously, returning
and landing on its own in 2014. No one knows what it’s for… but it’s technically a drone.
And people allegedly spotted Northrop-Grumman’s flying wings over texas, a type of aircraft
rumored for a long while, even tested by NASA, but still classified, if it exists at all. Drones have advanced so much in 20 years…
will another 20 have them delivering pizzas, filming football games, going to asteroids
and flying us around the globe. Who knows, but one things for sure, they’re here to stay.
There is something that could dampen drones in our time, if the people put their foot
down and stop their use in the military, but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen.
For more check out TestTube for the Pros and Cons of Drones in War here. That being said,
drones are machines, they’re not just for attacking, plenty of drones are used for good!
Seeker has a whole episode about how drones are making the world a better place. Which
you can see here!

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  1. The US and NATO use optics in their drones that my company designed and manufacture.  Basically the drone business keeps me employed!

  2. I'm in favor of use of drones, but people need to fucking tighten up the policies on their use, they're way too loose right now, causing too many civilian casualties. Hell, there was a man killed by a drone strike because he was mistaken for osama bin laden based on his height. He was just a civilian gathering scrap metal.

  3. Listen, and understand.  That drone is out there. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

  4. Wait, so if there are unmanned drones then why are there no unmanned planes? Why are pilots not obsolete yet?

  5. Why stop them in the military?'it's like the main reason they're being developed. I say forbid local police from using them along with paparazzi.

  6. So many cool inventions to keep us safe. I wonder if the military will hire kids who play PS3 and Xbox first person shooter games to pilot soldier robots into actual war zones? lol – now that'd be an awesome Team Deathmatch experience!  =^_^=

  7. Libertarian logic:

    Manned aircraft dropping bombs on brown people = good.
    Drones dropping bombs on brown people = "the gubbermint" is killing American citizens as part of the NWO's plot to reduce the population to 500 million people. Everybody freak out!

  8. The nuke we dropped on Japan killed innocents too. In fact, the casuality count is uncountable. 3600 people die in a decade and people cry.

  9. I think autonomous infantry drone soldiers & police is the future.

    Many innocent civilians and bystanders are killed because today's soldiers and policemen are humans, which means they are liable to, if they feel threatened, to shoot first, and will also feel vengeance if one of their friends is either injured or killed.

    Droids don't feel fear on the other hand, and have no regards for their own safety. They will not complain about working 24 hours a day, or require vacations, or mind going into highly dangerous neighborhoods or warzones.

    Droids could multiply police presence and surveillance tenfold for the same budget, and greatly reduce the amount of police officers required to keep the peace.

  10. 2:53
    -"You look at that phone so much you might as well strap it to your face."
    -"That's a great idea!"

  11. Hang on, hang on, that Northrop flying wing gizmo, that's from the early '50s. Today we have the B2, which is the great grandson of it.

  12. I know one day I'll be able to order groceries & have them delivered via drone. I don't like grocery shopping but a man gotta eat 🙂

  13. I thought they would have talked about the drone that the US Navy just tested a little but ago, which took off and landed on its own on a moving aircraft carrier. It was unmanned, which is incredible because its really difficult for people to do it, let alone a computer that can't think for itself.

  14. The military is nothing but a psychopathic operation. Under the influence of intelligence agencies, the military is evil. Most of the chaos is created by your own governments. How can atheist idiots and super religious idiots be so blind to reality? Idiots.

  15. Now The U.S has all the information about your country and shit and can even attack you easily bc they already spy your ass down

  16. 0:28 Did Trace just call us asses?? How dare him!! Take him down guys!!

  17. Okay but who funded this video?

    And could you guys answer this unanswered question in detail? "How Do Military Drones Work?"

  18. It weights 2459 weasels (10 tons), flying at the incredible speed "eagle 2" (1200 km/h) and can hold up to 3594,47 around-half-sized baby owls (25 cubic liters) ..

  19. american Logic: makes drones more safe and more fuel efficiency to fly than a normal airplane -_-

  20. The episode of DNews was not sponsored by the United States Air Force.
    But they were probably happy with it.

    hhhmmmmm…… thinking face……

  21. I'm wondering why we still have pilots for commercial flights. Drone pilots would be much safer.

  22. The terminology in this video is about a 3 years out of date. In late 2012 the Air Force stopped called it's "drones" UAS/UAV and instead opted for RPA or Remotely Piloted Aircraft to avoid the confusion that was mentioned in the video about autonomous flight.

  23. So what is the difference between a drone and a robot? Especially with robots being able to self learn these days?

  24. We saw one friday night…yes friday night about 10.00 p,m, heading towards the Niagara Falls AFB. It was travelling from west to east at about 2500 ft AGL. I was travelling about 60 knots. The Flight Service Station at the Niagara District airport closes at 9:00 p.m. but an aircraft very close to it did fly underneath it. We checked for a PIREP(pilot report) and none had been reported that evening. Toronto Area Controlled Air Space might have picked it up but we did not contact them. Should American drones be flying in Canadian Air Space? Was it on a planned or unplanned flight? Was it armed? If so, was the weapon nuclear? These questions are real and PM Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada  don't care. It's up to you.

  25. Many people theorize that the Space Shuttle Drone will be used as some sort of space bomber, but I think it will be just used for space exploration, and NASA would save alot more money since these Space Shuttle Drones are Rumoured to be reusable.

  26. The first weaponized drone was in world war 1 , not the predator.
    Thanks for emphasizing that drones have Good uses, and they are not inherently bad, and it's up to the people in the end, just as always!

  27. Well, I doubt those things will be used to deliver pizza. I see them more like killing people worldwide. NOT A FAN.

  28. if I can interject. they should be called automated bombers. drone sounds so nice, clean, and unthreatening. name things after what they do, not as a PR stunt. we need to put a stop to doublespeak

  29. All airliners can be struck by lightning and can still fly. Lightning doesn't affect closed planes like that. It happens all the time and pilots keep flying. Only thing it does is scare the passengers.

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