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August 26, 2019

– Dude, verything’s
starting to go very white! Oh my goodness! They’re seriously dancing together! I’m gonna try to throw a pretzel
up in the air and catch it. Did you see that? Hey, what’s up guys? Welcome back to Amazing Frog. Guys, I am so excited for today’s video. Guys, we’re doing something I’ve been wanting to do
for a really long time. We’re gonna see how high we can fly with this balloon jetpack. Guys, I don’t know if
it’s ever gonna stop, so, I don’t know what to expect. I’ve never done this before. Also, we got some stuff to throw
in this magic toilet, guys. Speaking of which,
there’s this sign thing. I wanna throw this sign
thing in the magic toilet. But guys, I do also want to talk about why there was no Amazing
Frog video last week, but, you know what,
let’s just get into it. Let’s start bringing this thing up, oh no! Let’s start bringing this, oh. That might work. Actually, that might work. I thought we were gonna have to, like, grapple it and throw it and stuff. This could work perfectly, maybe. Guys… Why am I swinging the
grapple hook back and forth? Okay, guys, I think this is gonna work. ‘Cause I can’t pick up
this sign with my hands, so I think we gotta bring it this way. Okay, I’m swinging the
grapple hook back and forth. This is working. But yeah, guys. A lot of you noticed. A lot of you guys commented, we didn’t do an Amazing
Frog video last Tuesday. I try to do one every Tuesday. We didn’t get one last Tuesday, and I’m so sorry, guys. Like I’ve been mentioning
in all my videos, I just got back from a really big trip. I was gone for a week straight, so it was very difficult to
get all the videos set up! Okay, here we go! We got a big sign. We got a big sign. So, yeah, so I got a little
behind with my videos, but also, guys, the last
Amazing Frog video I put up, it actually didn’t do so well in comparison to how they normally do, and it only got like 3,000 likes, so guys, I was starting to wonder, like, maybe you guys want me to look
into, like, different games. I didn’t know if you guys
wanted to see more Amazing Frog. So, here’s the plan. Guys, if you want to
see more Amazing Frog, you gotta let me know. Let me know in the comments,
should we keep going? And let’s aim for 5,000 likes, guys. If we can hit 5,000 likes, that’ll be the best
indicator to let me know that you guys want to see more. Okay, road work and sign, no! It’s balancing. Road work and signs and markings
coming, delays possible. Okay, well, this sign’s very big. Dude, look at it balancing like that! Oh my goodness, how is
it balancing like that? It’s balancing on these back legs. That’s actually pretty crazy. Okay, guys, there’s another
thing I want to throw in this magic toilet before
we see how high we can get. I was just going around the city. I was just going around
the city like this, just legging around, and, guys, we’ve thrown almost everything in the magic toilet. We’ve thrown cars, we’ve thrown frogs, we’ve thrown zombies, we’ve
thrown pretty much everything. Except this thing. Well, there’s still some other stuff, too. And, guys, if you know of anything, please let me know in the comments if there’s anything we haven’t done. What about this thing? With the arrow. I don’t know what this is. You know what, let’s see if we can do it like we just did last time. I don’t know, guys. I don’t know if my grapple hook’s gonna be going flying and stuff. Dude, this is so crazy. We move so weird and so slow. I love that animation. But, yeah, guys, I really do hope you still want to see
more Amazing Frog videos. Also, we used the Michelangelo frog today. Like, I don’t know, I feel like we don’t give him enough love. We usually use, if we’re going to use a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle frog, we usually use, like,
Leonardo Frog or Raphael Frog. Those are my favorites, but you gotta give
Michelangelo Frog some love. Like, the guy, he’s the funniest. He’s the funniest, he
loves pizza the most, and he’s about to throw
this thing in the toilet! Okay, get in there! Now we got a big one of those things! What? Uh-oh, I went in. No, I didn’t go in, grapple hook went in. Now it’s a balloon hook. Okay, so the thing went in the toilet. It got big, and then it got small again. So, that’s unfortunate. Okay, let’s get the balloon thing, and then let’s get this, and let’s see if I can throw
this in the toilet again. For some reason, sometimes
we throw stuff in there, it gets big, and then it gets small again. Okay, let’s see if we
can do this perfectly. I think the reason,
uh-oh, that didn’t work. I think the reason is, maybe,
that thing was blocking it? I don’t know. I think if there’s things
blocking it, it doesn’t work. Okay, what if I, like, what
if I threw it into the fan? Okay, I think it’s just too heavy. I don’t know, guys. I don’t know. Okay, we’ll try one more time. Here we go. Okay, so, well, we tried. I think it got big for a second,
but then it just got small. So, guys, what do you think? Is it time to just go straight
up in the air right now? I’m looking around this city, we’ve already thrown cans,
we’ve thrown empty cups, we’ve thrown frogs. There’s a frog doing a handstand. I don’t know, man. We’ve done letters,
we’ve done toilet paper. What’s this? Dude, have I seen this letter before? Oh, final notice, Bank of Swindon. Okay, I haven’t seen this letter before. Guys, really quick, before we go flying, let’s see what this letter says. We’ll get a good, close-up look at it, and maybe we can throw our
grapple hook in here again, ’cause I kind of want the
regular grapple hook back. Like, I like the balloon gun thing. Oh, no, don’t fall in. I like the balloon gun thing, but I do like my grapple hook best. Okay. Okay, let’s take a look at this thing, and throw this in there. Get in there. Now it’s gonna stink. Now our grapple hook’s
gonna smell really bad. Okay, so, let’s take a look at this thing. BS, Bank of Swindon. And, let’s, uh-oh! That hurts. Okay, final notice to The Amazing Frog at The Hideout, Swindon, SN1, 1QN. Bank of Swindon. We’ll give it back, honest. I gotta say, that’s a pretty
good motto for a bank. Okay, so, final notice, so, uh-oh, Amazing Frog might be
in some financial trouble. Okay, guys, it’s time. Okay, so guys, if you look at the bottom, it says our maddest air of
all time is 15.42 kilometers. I think we’re gonna blow
that out of the water. Guys, put in the comments what you think we’re gonna get today. I’m gonna predict, um, 100? I’m predicting triple digits. 100 kilometers. We’re gonna beat it by almost 10 times. And, yeah, we’ll see what happens. And, you know what, I’m just thinking of this right now. Guys, we should bring something with us. Should we bring, like, a frog? Or should we bring a cat, or? Guys, what should we bring with us? Okay, Joke Frog and the
King Frog are dancing. Dude, they’re seriously dancing together. What are they doing? There’s no music playing, they’re dancing. Okay, let’s see if we can
bring Joke Frog with us. Okay, Joke Frog, I need
your help with something. Well, not really. I just want to bring you
out into outer space. Okay, we got Joke Frog. Guys, let’s do this. We’re taking Joke Frog into outer space. Dude, I don’t know what’s gonna happen. Usually, when we get
really high, here we go! Usually, when we get really high, like, the colors start fading, so we’re probably gonna lose color. But dude, how amazing would that be, if we went into outer space? And guys, I know I’m probably not the first person to ever do this, but it’s my first time
ever trying out, I don’t… (popping) That’s very loud, (laughs). I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but at least we got some company with us. We got Joke Frog with us. Okay guys, so we’re not gonna
hit the sun, that’s good. The sun’s that way, so
we’re not gonna hit the sun. Dude, we’re already going up pretty high. Okay, so guys, as we’re doing this, I gotta figure out some
fun stuff to do, because… Dude, these balloons are,
like, constantly popping. But this is gonna take a while. I want to give it some time, so I gotta figure out some fun
stuff to do in the meantime. So, here we go. (gargling) I don’t know why I gargle
so much in my videos. (laughs) Guys, do any of you remember
Marvel Contest of Champions? Anyone been around that long? Guys, in my Marvel Contest
of Champions videos, I used to gargle all the time. Okay, so I’m done gargling. We’re already getting pretty high, though. We’re already losing some color. Dude, Swindon’s getting pretty small. Balloons are popping left and right. Okay, it’s starting to go white. Dude, everything’s
starting to go very white. Oh, boy. Well, at this point, I can’t see anything. I see some clouds. Dude, we still got blue skies ahead of us. We got the sun. Okay, guys, Swindon is
officially out of sight. We gotta keep going, though. We must keep going. I can’t stop now. Dude, I am, like, I am
almost completely white. Guys, are we still
gonna keep losing color? The end. The Quest to Save Swindon,
best book ever written. I’m just kidding, guys. It’s not the best book ever written, but it’s my book. Based on Amazing Frog. If you don’t have it, there should be a link on
the screen if you want it. Guys, I can’t believe Joke
Frog is still with us. Okay, we’re still going. Guys, we’ve been going for a while. We just gotta keep going. Okay, you know what, I actually
brought some snacks in here. I brought pretzels. Let’s eat some pretzels. Eat some pretzels. Guys, I’m gonna try to throw a pretzel up in the air and catch it. Okay, ready? One, two. This is gonna be hard with my headset. One, two, three. Did you see it? I hit my mouth. It hit my mouth. I got it this time. Here we go, one, two, three. Did you see that? Did you see that? I got it! That was for you guys. Leave a like if you like that. Okay, we’re still going. Joke Frog’s still with me. He’s probably getting
lightheaded at this point. I almost feel a little bad, but dude, the guy, he’s a bad guy! So, in a way, I don’t feel bad. I bet the air’s getting
thinner up there, though. I probably should’ve given
us astronaut helmets. That probably would’ve been a good idea. Okay, it does seem like
the sun’s getting closer. It seems like we’re getting
a lot closer to the sun, so we probably should
have brought sunglasses and an astronaut helmet. Or maybe an astronaut helmet with, like, sunglass glass to it? Okay, guys, let’s just keep going. I can’t be doing this for
too much longer, though. Like, I haven’t seen Swindon
in a really long time, and there’s just not that much else to see. Everything’s very light, and the colors haven’t
changed in a really long time. Guys, I think this is it. I think this is just it for infinity. Oh, I wonder. Guys, oh my goodness,
it says 33 kilometers. Are you serious? We’re
only at 33 kilometers? Okay, we gotta do a
little better than that. Dude, we’re only at 33 kilometers. That’s crazy. I’ve been at this for a while, and we’ve only doubled our last time? Guys, that is really crazy. Oh my goodness. Guys, Joke Frog’s dead! Joke Frog’s dead! Guys, I’m holding his skull! Oh my goodness. Guys, you gotta be kidding me! I think this just happened. Guys, I didn’t do anything. It wasn’t on purpose,
you gotta believe me! Joke Frog, he turned into a skeleton. Guys, can you believe it? Oh my goodness. Okay, how high are we? We’re 82 kilometers, guys. It must’ve been when we hit 80 kilometers, Joke Frog just died. Guys, that is crazy. Does that mean I would
after a certain point? Okay, well now my
curiosity’s just killing me. Okay, we gotta get to 100. We gotta get to 100 kilometers. My arm was kinda going crazy there. Guys, we gotta get to 100
kilometers and see what happens. We gotta be over 100 at this point. Okay, we gotta check. We’re at 108 kilometers. Guys, if anyone guessed 108,
congratulations, you won. And I know I predicted 100, so maybe that’s not really
fair that I predicted it and I’m playing the game, but guys, 108 kilometers. That’s pretty high. Gotta admit, that’s very high. Okay, we’re still holding
Joke Frog’s skull. Guys, now here’s the next question. How long is he gonna take
to get down to Earth? And, dude, actually, what if we landed in the magic toilet? Guys, we gotta try. Okay, so, I’ve been
recording for 45 minutes. I’m gonna time it and see
how long it takes to go down. Here’s the thing, though, we
still got a bunch of balloons. Am I even going down? I can’t even tell. I’m trying to pop these balloons. They won’t pop. I think they will eventually. But guys, we gotta figure out how long it’s gonna take to go down. Let me know in the comments how long you think it’s gonna take. I’m predicting five minutes. I think, in five minutes,
we’re gonna touch the ground. But guys, the goal is to land
right in the magic toilet. Dude, this is gonna be,
it’s gonna be pretty tough, but we’re gonna slam
dunk Joke Frog’s skull in that magic toilet. Okay, dude, these balloons won’t pop. They just won’t pop. We got, like, one, two,
three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 balloons that won’t pop. I think 15 is enough to
keep us up in the air. Are we still going up? Okay, I don’t think we’re still going up. It still says 108. So, I think we’re going
down, it’s just very slowly. Okay, so, we’re still falling. It’s been 50 minutes. Guys, it’s been 50 minutes. It’s almost been a full hour of falling. I’m just falling, I’m falling. And, actually guys, most of
the time, I had balloons. Because, for whatever reason,
the balloons don’t pop. So, I had like five balloons on me, and they wouldn’t pop. So, I had to keep, like,
making more balloons, and making those pop, and
hoping the other ones would pop. They finally did, but guys,
it’s been going on 50 minutes, almost an hour of falling, and guys, I don’t know
if it’s gonna happen. I may be outside the map at this point. Maybe I’ve been going, like, to the left or the right or something. So, I might be completely out of the map. I might just be falling infinitely. So, guys, I don’t think I’m
gonna make it back to Swindon, but guys, at least we
got over 100 kilometers. Okay, let’s see what
the official number was. 109.82 kilometers. Guys, I don’t know if that’s, like, an official record or anything. I don’t know how high
anyone else has been, but 109 kilometers, that’s
gotta be a record, right? Let me know in the comments, guys, if you know anyone who’s tried this. Let me know if we hold the world record. But, dude, it feels pretty good. This is my trophy, too. Joke Frog’s head is my trophy. But, guys, this video,
we’ve been recording for an hour and a half. Guys, it’s crazy. I think I was recording for an hour and a half last video, too. And, guys, if you missed last video, we put the red Megalodon up against the regular Megalodon. It was our first time having
those two battle it out. I thought it was pretty fun. It was one of the hardest Amazing Frog videos I’ve ever made, so definitely check that
out if you missed it. Also, guys, in Tasty Blue, we’re going crazy as this dolphin. Guys, we’re so close to getting the shark. I have a feeling we’re gonna
get the shark next time. But, yeah, guys, like I said, we’re aiming for 5,000 likes on this video if you guys want to see more Amazing Frog. And leave a like for us getting
the world record, maybe. I hope it’s the world record. But guys, I really hoped
you enjoyed today’s video. If you did, as always, feel free to hit that thumbs up button, and subscribe if you haven’t already. I will see you guys in
the next Amazing Frog. Please tell me I can grab him, whoa! Okay, so let’s hit the airlock. Is this some kind of simulator? Oh my goodness! Oh, dude, it’s a sandworm! Oh, he’s got me! You gotta be kidding me! Keep shooting. No, he got me!

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