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How I Blinged my Blog

September 1, 2019

hello everybody out there in Nousion land affair at hand I am coming to you to talk to you about how I blinged my blog
fight I told be four we have the stuff I am
and I had already done a few pics to my fate and I just wanted to touch on them
quickly to talk about why did the time because
favor kind of selfish reasons and I want to share them ideal dole you learned a little bit about
which i think is for the post but I’m here on my sidebar I decided to text
widget up a top with a link back to are fight am for our class so that I can quickly
navigate back and forth and then of course a linked exorcist butter feed amicus anybody can cross at 10 understand who he is of course the
comment attacks and then I added another text widget and grab the embed code from the Twitter
Search so that I can quickly see what the most
recent tweet square and within our nascent actor fell those
are good thing they did for myself of course other people but just as a way for me be me to be able to
navigate back and forth quickly the other thing I had done wires added two categories to my post I’m
corresponding to our collections saw obviously right now
we only have geeking out in our current digital citizenship collections that we’re working on and
what that has enabled is ability for me to add posts that add directly to these pages without me
having to do anything extra soul here’s my category for geeking out
and every time I had a post air it just
added and the excerpt from the post on the page so I did back here and the menus area and and fed up creating custom
laying or adding a new page at all I just told Word Press to add my geeking out
category to the many I’ll so that I did that and that can be a big
time saver am might not make sense later the
categories might not make sense to anybody else after this class of I might change categories I mean things around
but arm sorry about that later for the other
thing I did been wanting to do and I’ve kinda glad
explore was I installed jet packs so jet pack is
something that’s been available on repressed dot com for a while and I had ob- remember my
word press dot com log and even get it to work but you do
have to repress dot com account and the biggest reason that I i me
inside a pack was so that I could get to Bart pricetag on stat fell I installed jetpack which arm a backup a man Fe is kinda plugin that has a lot of small argues
for really useful plugins in that come with it for the biggest one
attached so if I go back to my dashboard I can see
where in the jetpack stocks are running and I can
see how many people visited my fight each day and if I dig deeper and
click on their fan and get deeper I can see where I am the people that visited my
fake came from I can offer fee while banks failing to from my fate so gardening cue ball
touches on that a little bit and the notice of a source video about data at data literacy and data Finzi and why
we care about who’s visiting our domain rate father
touches I’m not a little bit I’ll you can get some valuable information
here the other things were then jet pack that I’ve found valuable are the sharing
an the Shanghai again which has added I’m
social sharing icons to eat when I post to Pinterest LinkedIn and Twitter and Facebook for my users and my readers
and for me and the other one it has been a mobile
theme I configured bad and now on my my book I fight on my iPhone I look like
cleaner it sa ma response irv it and I made it
look a little bit more generic like it took us on my customization and you can fulfill my background and so
there’s some other things to turn do on here but those were the ones
that I found most valuable stuff ourselves thank you for listening

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