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How Mario Can Fly – SOLVED! | The SCIENCE!… of Mario

September 10, 2019

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  1. There is a problem though. You can easily slow mario down to less than a meter per second in SM64 without falling. Don’t tell me this little wing cap also holds mario up against gravity.

  2. Definitely not an expert at all, but wouldn’t assuming that Mario’s worlds has all of these different atmospheric properties change the rocket science numbers, therefore changing his weight??

  3. Why does he start the video going hiiii itssss meeeeeee AUUUUUUUUUUSTIN!

    P.s. I’m not hating on Austin I’m just saying the intro’s hilarious.

  4. Mario can only fly because you pretended he has incredible lift coefficient and that the planet has really high air density

  5. Wait a minute… why would Mario have a propeller hat in SM64? He doesn’t have constant thrust. He is gliding, like the cape in SMW.

  6. The stars coming off all of the flying hat(Tanukii suit,cape) suggests a Magical device

    Science tells us the rules of the Universe, Magic (will and mind over matter and reality through life energy manipulation) allows us to bend or break those rules…….and Princess Peach is a confined Elemental Sorceress and Magic user (if a suppressed emotions pacifistic one cause her truly raging could crack the world in 2 with a mere thought)….so magic is a think in the Mushroom Kingdom

    And no, Mario and Luigi are Humans from Brooklyn but are fated to suffer the same fate as Alice in Wonderland(Lion,Witch,Wardrobe) where they must save/protect another world. Princess Peach however looks the way she does to Mario and Luigi becaue of an permanant Illusion of her magical nature (she isn't trying to be deceitful …she just appears Human to Mario and Luigi and we see her through their eyes)….Princess Peach is actually the same thing as Bowser and her subjects

  7. I got my first Nintendo on my 7:th birthday i think and i Also got ”super mario 64”. Keep in mind that I WAS BORN IN 2006

  8. "we're gonna let 'not completely understanding how it works' stop us from building a machine that based on it"
    top 10 difference between scientist and engineers, mattpatt vs austin
    which reminds me…..matt calculated marios weight too….. imma cross reference yer 89 kg

  9. I know this is late to respond, I'm terrible at watching new vids when they come out… Anyways.
    Shouldn't you be taking into consideration the fact that Mario's weight MAY be different in different game, since as you said yourself, "Most video games do not have Earth's gravity of 9.8m/s and instead have a mush stronger one", so wouldn't that play a part in determining how all of the rocket science would function out? I mean, Since it's not cannon, we do have those things to deal with, right? For example, I'm sure the rocket's velocity and acceleration would be different if the gravity were stronger than that of Earths, making the amount of lift he would get from each jet pack propulsion vary on his weight as well.
    I might be wrong. I may be WAY off base, but I just want to remind you, even if they belong to the same company and same game series and characters, the Science doesn't always remain the same. Yes, we got lucky with Mario's Height as being Cannon, but without it, it's really hard to tell viewers accurate numbers. No harm intended, and I know you spent a lot of time and math doing these videos, which I'm very grateful for, I just wanted to add a little "What if?". Please keep making videos! I really enjoy them! Thank you!

  10. Mario doesn't actually 'fly' with the winged cap; it's more similar to a glider (not handglider, it's like a lightweight aeroplane without a propeller – you get yanked about a mile in a matter of seconds and you lift off and you can go down fast and then pull up to go upwards but ultimately you are descending) – only way to actually gain height is to ride thermals.

  11. Don't worry dude, I like your voice – it's weird but very 'listenable'. I'm pretty sure you don't sound like that when buying stuff at the supermarket or whatever you guys call them over their (I'm a Brit).

    But hang on, we're talking about a video game character that can rocket through space without needing air, yet will drown in water. My conclusion: it's pointless to find any logic in Mario games, it may as well be a world of magic; It has mushrooms that make you grow massively in size, sapient talking mushrooms, bipedal turtles, a flower that gives you the ability to throw fire, all the various power-ups in the Galaxy games, etc. Plus, how does the metal cap work? Or the vanish cap?

  12. I hate this annoying dude. Mat Pat should just have his own channels. This annoying dude is clearly copying mat pat and not very well. It's like mat pat gives him the uninteresting leftovers to research and everyone is giving him pity views when i bet overall everyone hates this dude he tries waaaaay too hard and it doesn't work in his favor or at least thats my opinion.

  13. For all those asking if Austin considered the changed gravity while finding Mario's weight,
    I think by "weight", he meant MASS, which remains same irrespective if the change in gravity.

  14. I love austin so much oml whenever i click on a game theory video i go "oooh game theory" then i see the google drive thing and i go "OOOOH AUSTIN!!"

  15. Dear Austin

    I want to thank you for makeing these vids because i learn from you screaming science and more random junk you do i learn more from you than SCHOOL!!!

  16. One thing left : When the power-up disappears while Mario is in the air, he falls
    (and feels the hard kinetic energy in at least every Mario 3d games (except 3D Land and 3D World which are in my opinion 3D versions of the NSMB serie))

  17. Using the combination of angle of attack and shapes that block direct airflow over the top of the wing while allowing it over the bottom, wings create low(er) pressure vortices over the top of the wing and high(er) pressure vortices (spinning the opposite direction) over the bottom. So yeah, it's a combination of the two. I'm curious how supersonic flight works because controlling airflow at near Mach is crazy… Find a game a do a video on it! lol

  18. MatPat:uses Science
    Also Mat:this is Just a theory A GAAAAMEE THEORY
    also Austin:Sincerely,Austin

  19. 10:10 revise your calculations my dear, it is impossible just by watching mario's height that the volume of the water reservoir would be even more than 20l and that is exaggerated. If you like we can share info and clear this misunderstanding.

    Yours truly. JC

  20. Nothing beats the cape…NOTHING!!
    Why haven't we had another cape, bring back the cape.
    Actually, why not make Mario a superhero?
    Its about damn time we gave Mario some superpowers.

  21. So is Mario's weight you calculated adjusted for the increased gravity?
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but one's weight is determined by how much their mass is affected by gravity. The same mass in lower gravity will weigh less than the same mass in high gravity, despite retaining the same mass. Also, if you're going to argue the atmosphere is significantly thicker in Mario's world, then you also have to consider buoyancy that may be skewing the perceived weight. Let's also not forget that objects falling in atmosphere have drag coefficients where their mass to surface area ratio comes into play. It's why a mouse can survive falling down a mine shaft, but a horse or donkey will splatter on impact at the same height. The mouse's mass and surface area in relation to the air density causes it to reach terminal velocity slower, much like dropping a sheet of paper vs a box made from the same sheet of paper.

  22. Love this, but I want to cover the weight of the jet pack. 242lbs on looks like the weight of 110L of water on earth. Assuming as you did that the jet pack weight empty is negligible, the water should actually be 643 lbs and some change. Let’s round up to 644lbs. This is because you already calculated the gravity to be 2.66 G. This will also apply to the water on his back.

  23. Also
    Planes get lift because their wings split air flow creating high pressure below and low pressure on top wich pushes the plane up. Don’t ask how I learned that, just don’t I SEE YOU THERE DONT YOU DARE

  24. 8:02 "WATER IS THE KEY TO EVERYTHING!!!!" during the whitch starter is best debate… I cannot belive matpat did not use this video as a argument.

  25. Of course Mario & co. are not humans. Mario can breathe underwater… and on the Moon… where there is no atmosphere…

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