How Microsoft Is Helping to Solve the Rural Broadband Divide With Airband
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How Microsoft Is Helping to Solve the Rural Broadband Divide With Airband

August 29, 2019

>>One of the biggest questions in this country is to
focus on the fact that some people are being left
behind and we need to ask why? We think the answer in
part lies in technology. The FCC reports on its map that roughly 25 million Americans
lack access to broadband. At least 19 million of these
people live in rural counties. But the reality is that the gap
is almost certainly much larger. This is not some small problem, it’s not just a question of
whether people can watch the latest YouTube video
or Netflix series. There are days when
issues of life and death are impacted by this lack
of broadband connectivity. We need to recognize that this
is not only an urgent problem, it’s a problem we will not
solve with cables alone. I’m excited to report that
we have now put in place commercial partnerships in
16 states over 17 months. We have agreements in place
that will bring broadband to more than one million people
who didn’t have any expectation of receiving
broadband a year and a half ago. We need to raise our ambition. We need to raise
our ambition as a company. Last July, we said that we
would reach two million people, but today we’re saying
it’ll be three. That is worth, an
extra million people. We live at a time and we
live in a country where technology needs to
bring people together. We believe, more firmly
than ever, that we can, in fact, use new technology
to bring people together. Now, we need to do it. We need to move at
the speed of technology, and I’ll be back 12 months from
now and I hope and I believe, we’re going to not only be farther, we’re going to be
moving faster as well. Thank you very much.

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  1. I went from 50 mbps download speeds to moving to the country and now I barely have 1mbps. I really wanted Verizon 5g internet but at this point I'll take whichever is first!

  2. You guys are working toward becoming what you've always had the potential to be and what I've hoped you'd become across multiple services. Hope you have a fitting job opening related to my degree when I get out of school because these are the kinds of things I want to be a part of.

  3. So this is a new service brought to a few people who don’t have access. Broadband companies usually play the numbers game. They go to populated areas to make the most money. How does Microsoft profit from this? Will the people in the rural areas pay more than people in Urban or Suburban areas? Will they have to agree to beta test this new technology? Must they agree to provide feed back? This all sound beautiful but where’s the profit?

  4. i know how hard it was to for me 4 years ago to not have internet connection. i used to stay on the roof for 0.2MB/s internet. but ever since i have started to utilize my pocket money ($0.1) for a better purpose. i get 1.2 GB a day for $0.5, this means i have to wait for 1 weak to get 1.2 GB of 4G internet. and right now my uncle is kind enough to use some of his data from monthly planning (75 GB for $25)… at the end i wanna say that internet has changed my life mostly because windows 10 has led me on the right path of the internet. Thank you Microsoft!

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  6. Conserta esse erro da loja store do Windows Phone 8.1 não baixa app começou o dia 07/12/2018 este código de erro pode ser útil 805 a 0193 ajuda conserta erro da loja store do Windows Phone 8.1

  7. Dear Microsoft, If you are reading this please fix the problem that wouldn't let people sign in to their accounts on xbox it says to fix the problem to your account go to but that site has people doing bad things and linking sites so they can get people's IP Address, So the thing is that Hundreds of thousands is depending on you to fix this problem that randomly occurs so they can't sign in to their xbox account and telling them things that wont help that will make it worse for their selves. So we really need you to fix this problem on Xbox Consoles.

    Thank you

  8. Porfavor Microsoft deja que se pueda jugar fornite sin gold, hay muchos que no tienen dinero para comprar la gold y fornite u otros juegos son gratis en play o en pc es gratis jugar online haci que porfavor si sigues haciendo que la gente Page para jugar juegos online que están gratis muchos más se cambiarán a las consolas de la competencia
    Porfavor considera colocar que los juegos gratis que se juegen online no necesariamente necesiten gold

  9. If this is the real microsoft, minecraft is not working anymore for me. After the 1.8 MCPE update everytime i open a world it crashes. Please fix ASAP

  10. damn micrsoft put at least fortnite without gold because they are going to make us pay to play a free game?! for that simple reason I switch to playstation. pd: they are good business but with this greetings from Argentina are passed hopefully change that.

    So yes they will not lose too many users.
    it is a recommendation

  11. When I factory reset my PC for the second time, Start, Action Bar, Cortana, and Microsoft Edge just don't work, had to download chrome on a flash drive from another PC and insert it. Windows 10, please fix (the version when the Game Bar was added)

  12. If it's based on the Satellite signals expect a data cap, high 700+ ping, slow downs with overcharges.

    It's going to be crap if Satellite based.

  13. Going to plaster this everywhere: Yes, I would absolutely love to change my microshit password for the billionth time because you fear a security concern that doesn't exist. I would rather give my password to every Russian on the planet than to have to come up with another string of characters just to please your bothersome ass.

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