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  1. You know what i had a similar experience i was driving 50 mph when suddenly my brakes stop working and my engine cuts off and power steering gets tight the most important thing is to not panic in those situations.

  2. Ugh the comments about the kid being on his tablet. Yeah it’s a good view but he’s still young if playing a game is more interesting then by all means I’d rather him have fun with that and be oblivious to the planes issues

  3. That is so sad that the kid in the back is oblivious to what’s going on because of his tablet. Imagine if they died. His last moments wouldn’t even have been thinking about his family.

  4. That must have been scary that they had a midair crisis on the plane. Thankfully they were able to land the plane safely.

  5. 2020 better make better plans like put big big windows and have every single person should have parachute and baby’s go in front of their moms and dads and if it gets in controlled the plane brake the windows and jump out 👍 to agree 👎 not agree

  6. I was a kid when my parents drove me through a blizzard at nighttime along a mountainside and i wasnt absorbed by my phone, i knew very well that we were in a scary situation, but i kinda used my phone as a coping mechanism. So i dont hate this kid for looking at his tablet

  7. It's not that difficult or uncommon to turn the engine off before touchdown. It's not the easiest thing but it surely isn't hard.

  8. After the video of them landing them air pods tho. But THE KIDS OVER THERE PLAYING fortnite "hold up mom lemme finish his game"

  9. Bruh, this kid is piving his life being on a plane with his parents operating it and experience the coty from the sky, and hes on his tablet. Bruh

  10. I am a professional pilot, and he was calm and did a great job. Nice going. Dead stick is always a good thing, can't really do that in a jet.

  11. The dad did his part, kept his family safe, didnt panic, and did an excellent job to keep his family safe , the relief on his face was amazing to see…

  12. Congratulations for landing plane safely. Patience and calmness is everything, which saves lives. Very brave parents. Thank Jesus. God Bless.

  13. Do they really STILL control the throttle with a cable system?
    Sounds archaic…
    I bet the wife would spring for a digital control system, now!

  14. I can’t believe no one is talking about the fact that he literally switched sunglasses when he had to get serious 😂😂😂

  15. Round of af****pplause for these parents for keeping their cool!! I would have been screaming like a lil B*** hahah my husband would have been all fainted haha.

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