How to access Wi-Fi while aeroplane mode is on

September 15, 2019

This video will show you
how to access Wi-Fi
even when you have
Aeroplane mode turned on.
Using Aeroplane mode is
necessary when you’re on flights.
Turning this mode on will stop your
device from searching for Networks
that can interfere with
navigation technology.
And it will automatically
turn off Wi-Fi.
You would need to do this to access
online music and games
or you can download them to your
device beforehand.
To turn on Aeroplane mode,access the ‘Settings’ section
of your device.
This may look slightly differentdepending on the device
you are using.
And tap ‘Aeroplane mode’, sometimes
called ‘Flight mode’, to turn it on.
Some airlines have Wi-Fi on board
the plane so people
are able to access inflight
through their own devices.You may need to download the
airlines inflight entertainment App
before entering Aeroplane mode.Then simply turn Wi-Fi on in the
‘Settings’ section of your device.
Once you have arrived at your
destination and
received the all clear
from flight staff
you can turn Aeroplane mode off.Your device will automatically
search for Networks and reconnect.
If you’re having trouble connecting
to the mobile Network, for example
if you’ve been
travelling overseas and
have gone through
different time zones,
simply turn your phone off,
then back on again,
to reset your device so it searches
for your mobile Network once more.
And that’s it!You can also turn Aeroplane mode
on to conserve data and
ensure you only use
Wi-Fi when available.
For support when you
need it, visit…

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