How to Add a Cookies Popup in WordPress
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How to Add a Cookies Popup in WordPress

August 21, 2019

Do you need to add a cookie consent popup in WordPress? Well keep watching, in this video I’ll walk you through how you can install a cookie consent popup on your WordPress website. the European Union’s cookie law requires websites to get user consent to set any cookies on their computer as a website owner you’ll need to get that done but it can be quite easy if you use a plugin so if you’re ready let’s get started. first thing we want to do is head on over to our WordPress dashboard and you want to go over to our plugins area, we’ll click add new, from the search area let’s look for a cookie consent. Scrolling down this is the one we’re looking for so let’s go ahead and click install now. Once it’s installed you also want to make sure that you click activate. Now that it’s activated let’s go to our Settings, Cookie Consent area to configure it. Under the general tab we want to go ahead and keep the default settings for most of these. For the popup closed area you can choose between on click, on scroll, or timed. For this we’re going to keep the on click area and now we just need to scroll the way down and click Save Changes for that. Under the content tab you can completely change the way that the popup looks, changing the heading text, the notification text, and you’ll also want to make sure that you set the more info page to the privacy policy page on your website and once again we’ll scroll all the way down to click Save Changes. Finally under the Styles area we can choose where to position the popup. You want to choose from the top, bottom, and a few other areas for this one we’re going to put it at the bottom and you can also change the way that it looks from here. We’ll keep the default settings like we see here and once again we’ll scroll all the way down to click Save Changes. Now that we saved all the changes you can see right here what the cookie popup will look like on my website and that’s a real quick and easy way to add the cookie consent popup on your WordPress website. Did you learn something from today’s video? If so scribe to our YouTube channel and we’ll send more helpful tips to help you manage your WordPress website and thanks for watching

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  1. Can you exclude areas in the plugin that are not part of the European Union, and what are does that include specifically? In other words, do I need to display this to all users, or only users in certain areas of the world. Thanks!

  2. do these plugins get the consent after the user clicks ok? isnt this feature what was all about with the new regulation or am i missing something?

  3. Doesn't the latest version of WordPress already have a section to configure for GDPR making the need for this plugin unnecessary?

  4. This plugin is not actually GDPR compliant. According to EU Law, you have to give the visitors of your website a choice as to what cookies and tracking they consent to. Just having a notification with a link to your Privacy Policies page (which is all this plugin does) is not enough. If your website is not giving users the option of opting out of non-essential cookies, such as tracking, marketing and preferences cookies, then your site is not fully GDPR compliant.

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