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  1. I am getting [mailchimp_subscriber_popup baseUrl='' uuid='af22809acf136df2b90251213' lid='21a883dd13' usePlainJson='true' isDebug='false'] when I put it in m wordpress

  2. Great video! By the way, with which software you made this video? I am looking for a video maker like this one you made. It clearly shows everything on the screen. Thank you

  3. Thanks, Larry! Love your videos. This seems like a good way to capture emails by offering a discount, then set up the WooCommerce cart abandonment you covered in another video.

  4. Hello, Larry! May be you can help me: do you know how to hide preview mobile banner
    If someone views my site on a mobile device? The banner will display in place of a pop-up form. Viewers have to tap the banner to see the full form. I want viewers see the pop-up without preview mobile banner, but I don't know how to do this

  5. Have you got a green screen? How do you film this with yourself and the screen? It’s brilliant thanks

  6. Hi Larry, great step by step video! Can I check with you if MailChimp can be used for affiliate marketing purpose?

  7. Hey Larry, thanks for the vid. Any thoughts as to why the pop-up form only partially shows on mobile devices. It's fine on a PC. Sometimes if I scroll through the web page back and forth it will show correctly.

  8. hi Larry, thanks for the video, unfortunately, it didn't work for me at all- when I copy the script and it's just erased all the text that I got in my landing page.can you tell me what im doing worng?

  9. Thanks for the information – very clear. Do you know if it's possible to have both a static MailChimp form (say, at the page bottom), and a pop up form? I have the static already, but can't get the pop up to work, so wanted to know if there's a clash before I get stuck into de-bug mode!!!

  10. This is aboslutely awesome. How do i add it ot my front page, since the front page is theme page so i dont know where to add the code

  11. most templates have a customizer, but I put the code in the Homepage but that did not work at all… nothing happened, no popup.. any ideas?

  12. Great and straight forward video, but for me it simply doesn`t work. I have followed all the steps you take, but the pop up does not appear.

  13. Hi Larry!
    Thanks for a great video. But …. I did everything just as you informed and still my pop-up windows just don`t appear. Any idea why this happens?

  14. Great tutorial, thanks. However – the method of pasting the script in the Text tab does not work on my sites built with GeneratePress and Elementor. When I load the page, the popup form appears, but the CSS is not linked to page. Most of the code added by the page builder is gone. Deleting the script, and resaving the page in the Elementor editor returns things to normal.

  15. Awesome vid – thank you – please help – I want people to fill in the pop up and then be redirected to another page (not the page the pop up is on) – I'm using the signup form as as way of accessing the site, first they subscribe (mandatory) and then they can view the site (I'm put the pop up on the home page and created a page call MAIN in wordpress which is actually the main page)

  16. The only thing that I would do to, is to add this popup (newsletter) to all new posts that I create in the blog. I can add to home page, is working, I can add to one post and is working. But is there a way to put somewhere in the WordPress that is always available in all blog posts, without the need to add manually to each blog post?

  17. thanks so much for this! you single-handedly solved 3 issues I've been trying to fix in the past 3 days! clear, simple, easy!

  18. Do you know how to make a popup when the customer click buy cant go to the form , the customer have to login ?

  19. Hi Larry. Thanks for the very helpful video. My default landing page is my blog posts page and this doesn't appear to give me the option to insert anything, as it's purpose is to scoop up the posts and, well, post them. I've currently placed the code on a very popular page but I will be obliged if you can advise as to whether it is possible to insert the code into the blog page.

  20. Hi,

    I tried doing that this evening via mailchimp, however the "view code" button is not showing up. Once i click publish it just says done and then states the popup form is active. However, a popup doesn't show up on the site. Can you assist me with this please?

  21. This is great but unfortunately it breaks on some themes with jquery having conflicts. Go here for more info and put it in your Footer.php file –

  22. Hi Larry, is it possible to have the pop-up re-appear for visitors that closed it out during a previous visit to my website?

  23. This video is wonderful, but I can't for the life of me get my pop up to work. My site is connected. It recognized the code on my site and says the pop up is active. I must be adding the code to the wrong spot? Help!

  24. Thanks for sharing this! Is there any place to put the code so it works as a universal pop up? Having to go back and paste code on a few years of blog posts is a little laborious. But still less money than the $100 a year I was paying for my other popup.

  25. It took me a whole day, and a lot of frustration too figure this one out! Thankfully a friend sent me to your channel thank you so much for the clear explanation. Have a great day! 😀

  26. Hello Larry!
    And then what happen when they did suscribe? where I see the suscribers en WP o Mailchimp?
    and how can I make a congrats birthday for the suscribers ? 😀 thank youuuuuuu 😀

  27. Excellent tutorial. Learned so much from you. Good tip on not clicking the "x". I had done that and had to switch browsers in order to see it working again. 🙂

  28. EXCELLENT job. Just one more thing … I just created a popup and it works great (theelementsofwriting – dot – com – slash – willingham). I would like to use different popups for different pages and posts. Is there a way of creating a second and a third popup? Every time I click on the Mailchimp page to create a new popup, I am given the existing popup to edit. ORRRRRR is the idea to only have one so that site users don't get overwhelmed by different popups on different pages. Many thanks!

  29. Yet another question: I have it all installed and working great. When I did a test run — adding one of my email addresses — it went straight to the followup prompt for getting the free product ("Welcome to the community…click here to…") …and then it disappeared before I could click the link to get my good. SO: Is there a way to control how long the popups–both the original one and the followup

  30. Hi! Thank you! Great Video. I have a problem though, The pop-up will not show on the homepage /frontpage. It works on other pages but not on the frontpage. I only need the pop-up on the front page, any advice? Thanks

  31. Thank you so much for the video. The popup works fine, however, can't edit the pop up success message, don't have the option under the footer content. Can you help me? Thank you in advance. 🙂

  32. Wow! I been trying to get a pop up for hours now and tried all sorts of different plug-ins before I got back to Mailchimp. Then, there were several videos of people who had absolutely no clue themselves, but thank God I found this! Thank you!

  33. Hi Larry, I tried adding a Gutenberg HTML block and paste the code inside it but it doesn't work. I cleaned the cookies but it didn't help. I've seen many suggestions to add to the header/footer but it's not working either. I don't see the pop-up wherever I paste the code on my landing page. Please help

  34. Good video and thanks for it. You know, I created one of these popups from MailChimp, but when mine pops up on my site, it isn't sized correctly. It has scroll bars on for the vertical and the horizontal of the popup. Any idea why that may be?

  35. hey Larry, how to put this in all pages?! not only one. i have a woocomerce and when peoples exits, i want my pop-up appear

  36. Hi Larry, thank you for this video. Do you know if it is possible to create different pop-ups? I would like to have one popping up after 20 sec and another one popping up when the visitor wants to exit the page.

  37. hi Larry. i am using WPBakery, so it docent look like i can change to "text", when im supposed to put in the code. am i missing a botten? or do you have an idea where i can put the code elsewhere?

  38. Thank you so much! I sat for hours trying to figure this out and I also couldn't understand why, once I got it working, it worked once and not again 😛 I now have pop-ups on my website. Yay! 😀

  39. It´s not working for me for some reason, the code just appears on the website page in the front end and no pop up appears… Is there anything I can do?

  40. Hey Larry, I've got a simple question. I clicked the "X" on the pop-up and it never came back. I heard what you said in the tutorial, but forgot that. Kindly help to get the pop up back. Thanks.

  41. Thanks to you I understood something I was trying to understand for days: that I could copy a pop up code anywhere! You made my day!! I'm so grateful

  42. Hi there! Is there any way to use a font that is different to what is available? I need to match it to the site and I used Special Elite as the font and it's not one of the choices.

  43. I don't have the options "sign up success message" and "view code". Do you have any idea how that is possible?

  44. Great video thank you. Can you tell me, will visitors to my site see the pop up when they revisit my site or go to the next page, even if they clicked the exit button?

  45. Hi – great video – but I can't seem to find (1:36) a "free sign-up form" in mailchimp (free version). I'm trying to create a pop up to make people join a newsletter.

  46. Do you know how to remove the business address from the confirmation on the popup? Or what to do if the confirmation doesn't match what the confirmation looks like on the mailchimp site?

  47. why can't i see "view code" next to publish ?! is there anywhere else i can view my pop up form?

  48. Found this helpful but since the new update my page doesn't have this layout so I still have no idea how to format the code into my page 🙁

  49. Due to my Phlox wordpress theme, I do not have the default edit option to insert the code so I'm stuck there. Maybe I'm unable to do this with the free theme or it's somewhere.

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