How to Add an iframe Border Around a Video Embed
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How to Add an iframe Border Around a Video Embed

August 10, 2019

Welcome to WPBeginner and thank you for watching.
In today’s video I’ll show you how to add an iframe border around a video embed. If you want to add a frame around your video
like this, then open the post where the video is, go to the text editor and find the code
where the embed is it’ll look something like this. You can add some inline style coding like you see here and you’re done. If you want to do this for all your videos
and you don’t have to worry about adding the border each time, just add a css class like this
and when you add the iframe, add the class in the post and you’re
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  1. so, as a beginner you have to first know what  and how to add inline style coding, and what to specifically add, and if you know what a iframe is and what acis class is or where to find them. I'm off to find another video that takes a beginner through each step of the process.

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