How to add Contact Info
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How to add Contact Info

August 9, 2019

Welcome to This video will show you how to add Contact
Info to your business website. Let’s get started setting your contact information
by first going to the Customizer. Click on My Site in the upper left corner,
then click on the mini button, Customize. Now, click on Contact Info. Here, you can enter your business’ address,
phone, email, and hours of operation. Each of these is optional, and you can include
any combination of contact methods to suit your businesses needs. You also have the option of sharing this information
in the header or footer of your site. Your address link will automatically be clickable
and go to Google Maps. Your phone number will be dial-able from your
customers’ smartphone. And all of this information can be changed or
updated at any time. Click on Publish to make your contact
info live. Learn more about your website at

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