How to Better Manage WordPress Pages with Nested Pages
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How to Better Manage WordPress Pages with Nested Pages

August 25, 2019

Hello and welcome to WPBeginner. Today you’ll
learn how to better manage WordPress pages with nested pages. Nested pages is a free WordPress plugin that
lets you easily work with your WordPress pages to rearrange them, create relationships with them, and sort them and more. To get started, just install and activate
the nested pages plugin. Once activated, go over to your pages section
in WordPress to work on them. From here you can drag and drop your pages to better
organize them. And then you can also create child pages like this. If you want to create a new child page, just click here. And you still have the quick edit button if
you need to make any quick changes to your pages. As far as menus go, if you want to update your menu based on your pages and how they look here, just click the sync menu checkbox and it will replicate to
your navigation menus. You also have a multiple pages button here
which lets you create multiple pages all at once. This is useful if you already know all the
pages you want on your site and how you want them to be arranged. I’ll add three here and when finished I’ll
just click add 3 If you go to settings—>nested pages pages area
you’ll see that you can also allow nested pages for other post types on your site as
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  1. Very HELPFUL, this makes arranging, nesting pages and synchronization with the navigation menu a very efficient process. @Yusuf Chowdhury , @WebTegrity

  2. Thank you very much for this video – however I have found when I check the sync box my nesting pages STILL don't show up in the navigation bar on my site. I've been going round and round in circles trying to get this to work…can you help with this? thanks

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