How to Build a Rocket to Mars
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How to Build a Rocket to Mars

December 13, 2019

(“The Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz” begins) – [Amanda] It’s pretty
cool to be able to be part of something so big. We are making the next generation of human space flight possible every day. I’m Amanda Gertjejansen, and we’re in New Orleans at
Michoud Assembly Facility, and we’re developing the technology
to put a man on Mars. (waltz continues) – [Announcer] We have a liftoff. Liftoff on Apollo 11. – [Amanda] Boeing was a
part of the Apollo days, we were part of shuttle, and now it’s Space Launch System. – [Chad] SLS is the world’s
biggest, most powerful human-rated rocket ever to be built. Our current mission is to take astronauts deeper into space than ever before. And this SLS vehicle is the platform that we will do that with. I’m Chad Bryant. I’m the NASA Core Stage Manager for SLS. The Core Stage is the
central piece of the rocket. It contains oxygen and
hydrogen that mixes together to form a very explosive combustion, two million pounds of thrust, that gets it off the pad
and deeper into space than ever before. Going to Mars is not easy, and so it requires a lot of detail
in the design of the rocket. It’s all got to work together perfectly in order to execute the mission. We have human lives at stake. All it takes is one part to fail, and we can lose the mission. You can’t do anything of this scale without tremendous amount of teamwork. – [Amanda] Like, it’s basically
like this whole dance, and we’re the dance conductor. You’re excited to come to work everyday because you’re part of
developing the technology to put a man on Mars, which would be an ultimate new frontier.

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  1. The most important thing that NASA does to put a man on Mars, is the life support, logistics, protection, ect. SpaceX would be taking a 10 year delay if it wasn't for NASA.

  2. Misleading title, should really be “how to build a multi-billion dollar rocket in 20 years which is only scheduled to make one flight which is not to mars”.

  3. Cost to develop SLS so far: 18 billion dollars.
    Cost per launch: 1 billion dollars.

    Cost to develop Falcon Heavy: 500 million dollars.
    Cost per launch: 150 million dollars at worst.

    Boeing had its time, but its time for the new generation of rocket manufacturers to take over.

  4. "A great big story by Boeing" is what the title sequence says. Before that there is a Boeing logo in the top right corner. this video is a Boeing commercial leveraging the "Great Big Story" audience. I'm very disappointed in "Great Big Story" for apparently taking money from Boeing to publish a Boeing commercial.

  5. Maybe if these corporations and governments weren't "offing" inventive scientists and engineers that doesn't fit the WS narrative, whites could be on Mars potato farming their poop already. ?

  6. Hey Amanda, does the NASA facility have tours there? My son is 4 years old and he love space ships, and I would love to show him what it’s all about. Hopefully in the future he will become a part of your team in the efforts towards putting humans on mars.

  7. great tutorial guys. Keep it up! I tried this at home and it worked. I'm on mars right now. Better than most tutorials since its so simple and short, very easy to understand.
    Liked and subscribed

  8. Dont come at me with NASA when talking about going to mars…. Any space company that wants to hold up with our current goals like mars has to switch to reusability to be effective in terms of money. #SpaceX

  9. NASA in Hebrew means to decieve. They're liars. They take our tax dollars and use it to BRAINWASH us! The moon landings are a hoax. So is the falcon heavy launch sponsored by these ppl.


  10. BFR is gonna be a thing soon, so you can just put that SLS away for now, just in case BFR fails…

    I mean they have a movie theater, why the flip would you go with a small room where you must sit for 6+ months?

  11. Developing technology or reusing space shuttle booster rocket system…. Because it looks more like you're just reusing more of the same stuff.

  12. you need to be able to bend gravity and space of time to go to mars …its so hard to launch the rocket just by linear system ,

  13. Would love to hear why they've had so much more time and money than SpaceX and still don't have a working product? What's the holdup?

  14. i really love this channel and the huge number of great videos you all make, but this video felt like such a gross advertisement. They hardly shared anything fascinating, unique, or specific, it was just hyperbole and blowing smoke up boeing's ass. Plenty of other private aerospace companies are building other exciting new technologies for breaking through other frontiers in exploration. disappointing

  15. Okay, the truth. The people that work at NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Orbital ATK are amazing. Unfortunately, the SLS is billions over budget and a decade behind. It is the single most costly project in the NASA budget and is riddled with people dropping and ruining fuel tanks. It will be less powerful and less capable and less reusable when SpaceX's BFR or Blue Origin's New Armstrong are finished. The SLS should be put in the ground before it costs the taxpayers even more of our hard earned cash.

  16. Well if only takes 1 part to fail, to fail completely, then you don't do it like that, people should abandon that '70s space-cowboy space exploration romantic style. You build SABER-engine spaceships, you build them in space shipyard controlled by space stations, you put intermediate automated supply outposts between us and Mars, that would act also as a communications relay, like 6 of them, to control the trip, each will be equipped with 6 launchable resources packages each, to supply the main spaceship on the fly, which should include manufacturing or 3D printing of several parts for the spaceship, also 4 main supply stations on Mars, the main spaceship should be huge, to be completed as a Mars Space Station once it arrives, and build it while studying the planet, we need better space engine thatn the one we have now and a Resource Based Economy to make this trips efficiently

  17. Pft the Interplanetary Transport System is going to be way cooler. I'm saying space x will overtake the space travel industry.

  18. instruction not clear, didn't add enough o-rings and launched the rocket in poor weather condition and it blew up

  19. When are we going to get away from internal combustion engines? The Alternator of a car will generate power just by motion. If you spin the alternator and hook it up to a multimeter you can generate power. The Alternator of a car is most definitely a key in accessing regenerative energy.

  20. And just when are you launching those 22 elephants? Why did starliner cost $4.2 billion but SpaceX can build the Dragon 2 for only $2.6 billion? Why do you keep bragging about SLS when we all know it's going to get canceled soon anyhow? "The biggest most powerful rocket ever to be built" bahahahahaha your not even close to Saturn V and BFR's gonna surpass all yall 😛

  21. i'm hard of hearing. I believe this is solution to reduce overpopulation. We have do to really fast before population is growing faster. We have to get rid off massive liberal population. They believe having more babies. I left nyc because my friend, teacher supports liberalism. if build rocket. we could cut population in half which makes 50 billion in earth vs 50 billion people living in mars. Can't have 100 billion people on earth.

    I tried to designed my own rocket. We need to slave the workers to build iron, ore, steel, Tungsten rocket.

  22. This company came to my school yesterday and we built a fuel monitor and are team passed without instructions

  23. I love that Boeing is committed to help create a rocket to put a human on Mars. However, I think it's ironic that a female spokesperson for Boeing states it will be a "man" making the trip to Mars. Has this been definitively decided this far out from the actual voyage? There are female astronauts and I would assume more will be added to the cadre in the years leading up to the voyage. There are also studies that indicate that women are better suited  to long term space travel. I'm disappointed in what appears to be the casual exclusion of women being excluded as a possibility.

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