How to check if PHP7 works with your WordPress site on WP Engine
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How to check if PHP7 works with your WordPress site on WP Engine

August 27, 2019

Welcome to episode 16 of the ask bunka show
in this show we answer your questions about freelancing running your own business wordpress
websites and more. Today we were asked how do I check if my website
is compatible with php7, if I am using wpengine, so wp engine is a host that we recommend and
php7 is the next version of php that everyone is switching to let’s check it out
as always if you have any questions our website is go ahead and click the
ask a question tab and just ask anything we have gotten quite a bit of questions in here
relating to business blogging wordpress training education and more and then we answer them
via our youtube channel here and we have had quite a few questions come up lately so we
would love to answer them so getting into this Wp engine has announced compatibility with
php7 and they have created a plugin that allows you to test just that so we are going to run
through how it all works so in the wordpress repository there is a php compatibility
checker by wpengine so let’s go ahead and try it so I have logged into my website and I am
going to go to plugins and then we are going to go to add new add new just give it a second
here search for this one here is that elephant install and we will see how this works activate
and we will give it a second to load once activated once we are in here to get here
I went to tools and then php compatibility under this you know it says we are going to check
and report any issues or errors or warnings of the offending code and then you can actually
scan for 7.0, 5.6, 5.5, 5.4, 5.3, and the only scan active plugins and themes or scan all
of them so I am going to do only the active and hit scan then they have some little warnings
down here it might get stuck there might be other errors so its going to scan through
it so I am going to pause it while it’s scanning and I will be right back all right the scanning
took about 5 minutes and making more coffee took about 5 minutes so we are back after
its done you can download a report or you can see it right here 1 out of 31 plugins
may not be compatible so akismet beaver builder event tickets are all good get down to genesis
it says its compatible and there’s 6 warnings and you can toggle the details and see them
here so if I look through here it does not like the function name because it has a double
underscore umm so for future use warning the other ones are all good Gravity PDFit has
no idea Infinite WP which is like manage wp which allows you to manage multiple websites
all without logging into all of them and its excellent I went through their change log and
it says that it works great on php7 but it does give 25 warnings and 22 errors and it
has just a list of them here when Igo through the rest of these jetpack optin monster redirection
galleries testimonials events and yoast all are compatible so the next step is you contact
support and tell them you are ready to move to php 7 and they get the ball rolling so
if you have any questions about this plugin checker please let us know in the comments
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