How to connect your Philips TV to WiFi
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How to connect your Philips TV to WiFi

January 20, 2020

In order to connect your TV set to a
Wi-Fi network take the remote control and press the [Home] button. Go to [Settings]
at the bottom of the list, then [Wireless and networks] and press [Ok]. Select [Wired or Wi-Fi], [Connect to network] and then [Ok]. Choose [Wireless] and when pressing [Ok], the
TV will start searching for Wi-Fi networks. Select the Wi-Fi network that
you would like to connect to and press [Ok]. Enter the respective password, select [Next] and then [Ok]. To complete the process, press [Finish]. You can check the option [View network settings] in order to
confirm that the network type is wireless and that the IP address is
filled in with the correct values.

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  1. When I have the list of wireless networks, i choose the one I wanna connect to, but it just jumps over to the next one. It doesn't even let me enter the pwd cause it just jumps over to the following wireless network.

  2. Mine won't find the WIFI connection, it keeps on searchong and my WIFI works on anything else it also can't find my neighbors wifi

  3. Tv phillips series 6200 wireless not working. Tried the wps. Didnt work tried to reinstall tv not working. Is it my phillps tv or is it every phillips tv.

  4. My new Philips 43PUS7363 is connecting to wifi, but it’s slowly! I can’t watch 1080p YouTube videos ever. My router is about 15 meters, and there are two walls between them. Is a new range extender will fix this problem?

  5. But it says I cant see online content because of I have not agreed the terms and conditions. Where can I agree it?
    Please , answer it is important!

  6. Hi the problem my daughter is having.. is she can't connect her hot spot off her iPhone for the apps to work on her new Phillips tv.. it's Netflix she trying to get on . Any help please thanks ??

  7. I hate my Phillip television… I will never purchase another one again, I can’t connect to my wireless network at all, it’s not even showing the networks being available

  8. After updating AndroidTV software the wifi connection disconnects within a minute. Then I need to reconnect again. How can this be solved?

  9. I have 6754 43"inch
    The youtube app doesnt want to star from my home wifi,if i put hotspot from my home it is ok
    I can't connect with wifi it connects with cable(wired)in the shop is ok at my home not.i have also philips 5000 series he is doing great no problems with wifi.if i conect him with my phone wifi is ok but from my home wifi is problem,the oleder tv is ok

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