How to Control the Helicopter in Ravenfield! | HELI SCHOOL
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How to Control the Helicopter in Ravenfield! | HELI SCHOOL

September 5, 2019

Hello, and welcome. I’ll show you how to learn to fly the helicopter in Ravenfield. Basically what you have to do is… Start with 0 bots… And 1 second spawn time. In reverse mode, on Dustbowl. You don’t need no equipment. Just take the car… *jeep.wav* Press F and ride up there. Now, what you can do here is… You can be the gunner… By pointing in this area… Or you can be the pilot. Let’s start with the gunner, because that is easy! Just… Look at this area, press F… And you can shoot! *helicoptermg.wav* But targeting is weird, so… Right click, hold down the right mouse button. *morehelicoptermg.mp3* And now you can aim properly. *bulletholesgenerator.mp3* You have 50 shots… And it should reload automatically. Press R if it doesn’t. You can also force reload… Without being out of ammo. Press F to get out. And if you target the pilot area… You can’t just get anywhere. Pressing F here doesn’t do anything. You have to target the pilot area. Press F… And the engine turns on. And that can be a bit, err… *explosion.mp3* Scary. Shut up, car! So you should press Escape (Esc)… Go to Options… Probably you want to start with Mouse Roll and you probably want the hele- heli sensitivity… To be not quite 0, but… 3, 4 pixels next to it. I think having it (IHP) off can be helpful. And that’s it. Save and apply, resume, press F. And now, don’t move your mouse! For God’s sake, don’t move your mouse! Press W. (Mmmm, altitude raise.) Or hold down W. This gives you altitude. This is also the up key. The up arrow key. Or how about down arrow key? Or S for going down… But the slightest movement of the mouse will change your direction. You can also go left to rotate left or right, to rotate right. And you can see that I’m a bit… Off. I’m not completely horizontal there… Which I’m goin- which is why I’m gonna move my mouse to the left. Just a bit… Just a bit. And then I wanna look up… So I’m gonna move my mouse, erm, up. Alright. And do you see this? Let me just turn a bit… *270rocketscope.mp4* Whoops. Oh yeah, you can shoot! You can also zoom in with the ou- right mouse button… And you can shoot with the left mouse button. Let’s try not to touch ground here… So the thing is, this little, err, circle with the… Three lines sticking out of it… That one shows you pretty much where you’re heading. If you stop moving, err, your keyboard and mouse… This is where you will crash. So with very slight movements of the mouse… And then pressing up and down very slightly… Or W and S… You can keep your balance! And then at some point, you can also use the left and right, or… A and D is for left and right… So… At some point you can start using those. And yeah, just pick a rock… *simulatedrockdestruction.flv* Then try to shoot it. Don’t panic. Oof. Try to… Oh, o-o-oh… Alright, alright… Okay, so we crashed a little there… But we got up again. (Power of editing, always spicy.) So yeah, in some situations, going up will make you faster, and some situations… Going down will make you faster. Depends all on your heading. Which you… Usually can see with this little circle. And, for a start… Especially without enemies… It’s really useful to just… Focus on the flying on the screen… And not worry about things on the map… Things in the level. But yeah, what you do is, you… Do target shooting… *targetshootingmontage.wmv* Woop, woop, woop… Not good. *crash.mp3* Yeah, and at some point, you crash. (RIP) But it’s fine, you just get in again, and you try again… And you repeat until you have a little more… Security. You can also press Esc, go to Options… Change to Mouse Yaw… Try out how that feels. Actually, I think this is much better. Whoop… Now you can control left and right with the mouse with Mouse Yaw control. And uhh… Rotation, left/right rotation, and with the arrow keys… You can tilt… Like this. I think I’m gonna stick with that. It sounds like a good idea, but I’m not sure. And you can also go totally nuts with the controls… By customizing it all. Why not invert heli yaw as well? (iwan, I think this is a very bad idea) And, uhh, maybe invert the pitch? (Don’t think this is gonna go well, tbh) (And there goes the control.) Oh boy… Maybe not. But basically you have to pick one of these control schemes, and then roll with it. And then after, I’m afraid, a lot of training… Uhh, you’ll get the hang of it. And don’t worry about it. Nobody came into Ravenfield without experience, and was able to… Handle helicopters. And anybody who came into Ravenfield and could fly the helicopter instantly… They have learned it in some other games first. So yeah, enjoy your 16 rockets. Have fun shooting some people and tanks from the helicopter. Like and subscribe, and see you next time!

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  1. the controls are just like in the old battlefield: dessert combat mod. they nailed it. just perfect controls

  2. its easy you just need to don't panic.Also i thing Steelraven7 need to change enemies firing missile to lower cause its kinda hard.

  3. This video is all about driving helicopter, so i'd like to write how to use helicopter effectively.

    First, helicopter is a defensive / support vehicle. Never go to the enemy points alone, you can't do anything effective. You have to go together with your team and help them capturing the point. Even if you don't attack the points with helicopter it's better to always work together with tanks or jeeps. Helicopter is not a one-man-army vehicle.

    Second, you should never fly high. In beta 5 it worked because your only enemy is dagger. But now there are slam-r and plane, two worst enemies for helicopter. So you have to always fly very low, and use covers like mountains or building (this requires memorizing maps) just like when you are infantry. If you found the enemy, don't just go to them directly. Instead hide at somewhere first, go close, and then rise up and shoot rockets so they won't have time to shoot rockets at you. Also you have to avoid shooting them from front and do a surprise attack from side or behind.

    And check the map frequently. Your main job as a helicopter pilot is defending points, so you should know every points' condition.

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