How to Create a Filterable Portfolio in WordPress
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How to Create a Filterable Portfolio in WordPress

August 23, 2019

In this video you’ll learn how to create
filterable portfolio on your WordPress website. For this video we’ll be using
the Envira Gallery plugin which is a premium plugin and you’ll want to have
the plus plan or higher to access the tags add-on. So to get started head over
to Envira Gallery and purchase the plus or higher plugin then you’ll go to your
account, go to downloads, and you can download the plugin from here. After
you’ve downloaded it let’s head over to our WordPress dashboard, we’ll go over to
our plugins area, add new. After we add new you actually want to upload the
plugin. You can choose the file now let’s click Install Now and once it’s
installed we’ll also want to activate it. Next you’ll see an indication that we
need to add the license key so let’s click on here to take us to our envira license
key area where we can paste the license key. You can find your license key
anywhere on your account area under downloads it’s right here so I’ll take
that, copy it, and now let’s paste it. Make sure we verify the key and now that
we’ve verified we are good to go. You need to go down to our addons area
because we’re looking for the tags addon. To activate so I’ll scroll down
until I find my tags addon right here. Again we’ll install it and activate it
so that then it’s available for us. Now let’s create a new gallery so I’m going
to go to add new create a gallery you can select the files from your computer
or find all the photos that you want to add. Once all the photos are uploaded we
can scroll down and see them these are all the images that are currently in our
gallery and from here we can click on each of the little pencil icons to add
the tag that we want to add. So down here we’ll add a tag for this video, you can
add multiple tags if you want separating it by a comma.
When we click save and close and I’m going to add a couple more tags, again
this will be a landscape as well, make sure you add all the tags that you want
to show up for all of them. After we’ve added all the tags to the images let’s
also make sure that we click on the tags tab and enable filtering here. This is
where the tags will show up when you’re viewing the gallery let’s do it below. Once
we’ve enabled it and added the tags for filtering we can click update on the
gallery to see it in action and we see our gallery here and here are the tags
that we can filter on. It’s a great and easy way to create a filterable
portfolio for your WordPress website. We took the pain out of WordPress gallery
creation and made it easy and fun to use. Get Envira Gallery today and start
building beautiful photo galleries in minutes

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  1. I already have a filterable Portfolio in my WP Photography Theme. What i search for is to specify filterable categories for specific pages?

    For Example: I have Category 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. But i want only a filterable Grid with 2,4,5 ? In my Portfolio i see always ALL categories. Which i don't want. Your Solution can do that?

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