How to create a WordPress Plugin using a plugin
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How to create a WordPress Plugin using a plugin

August 11, 2019

Hey there and thanks for watching WPBeginner.
Today I’ll show you how to create a WordPress plugin using a WordPress plugin. First install and activate the pluginception
plugin. Next, we’ll go to plugins and create a new one. Here you want to add all the information about
your new plugin and click create a blank plugin and activate it. Now you see you have your plugin showing
activated here with all the others. You can go in and add the functionality you’re looking
for on your site. You’ll need to know what code to put here. The great thing about this
is if the code doesn’t work, the plugin will just deactivate and it shouldn’t break your
site. It will also be a standalone plugin when you are finished. Which means you won’t need to keep the pluginception activated for your new plugin to work. I hope you liked this video and found it helpful. If you did, click on the like button below and leave us a comment. And if you want to receive more helpful videos don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and check out WPBeginner for more useful information on WordPress.

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  1. My research reveals that you can use Plugins in but you cannot use them in Can someone confirm that?

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