How To Customize Belise WordPress Theme #MULTIPURPOSE DESIGN
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How To Customize Belise WordPress Theme #MULTIPURPOSE DESIGN

August 16, 2019

Hi! My name is Robert from and I welcome you to this tutorial about how to customize BELISE, our #1 Restaurant WordPress theme. Let’s start with one of the most important
elements of your website. Head to Appearance/Customize then access the
Site Identity settings. Here is the place for your branding, where
you can upload a custom logo, set the site title and tagline. Use smart words and a compelling title. Now with this done head to the front page
sections. Here is the Big Title section of the front
page where you can change the text over the image and the button text as you wish. Insert a link for the call to action button
then change the Hero Image with your preferred one. The second option in FrontPage sections is
Menus Section where you are able to set the Hours of Operation and wich menus categories
will be displayed, and the last option is the About Section where you can set custom
content using the default WordPress text editor or by accessing the Live Editor powered by
SiteOrigin when you are logged in after visiting the home page. This way, you’ll be able to change the content
in those sections individually and remember that you can use more Widget Styles in the
right sidebar of the SiteOrigin Live Editor. For example, you can change the background
color. Click done after you finish all the settings
then you must click on the Update button to keep the changes. You may notice two more sections on the home
page below the menus. Here is how you can set them up. Head to Widgets/Events section. Add a widget for upcoming events and if you
have events in your list, they will be gathered here automatically as upcoming events. For now, you see the “no events” message here
so let’s see how you can show up some info. Close the customizer then head to events in
your dashboard. Hover over any event then click the edit link. Change the date and time in the Events Details
to be closer to your current date, let’s say this event will be live on 5’th of Jully in 2017. Set the end date accordingly then tick if
the event will be live all day long. If this will be a recurring event, chose the
option from the drop-down list, include or exclude occurrences and choose the venue or
add a new one by completing all details in those fields. One more thing before you hit the update button
is to add category and tags to that event like you do for a simple blog post. Sure you can describe your event with more
text, images, and videos using the standard text editor below the title of the event. After you hit the update button, go back and
reload your homepage then you’ll see the edited event instead of “no events”. Click on that event and you’ll be redirected
to the event page where you can see all the details about it. To see how the Instagram images are gathered
near the events in this section and use that Instagram account to show related images about
that event, click on the suggested video in the top right corner now or check it out in
the description below. Sure you can add more widgets in these areas
and here is the field where you need to enter your Instagram feed shortcode after you install
and setup the plugin. The Ribbon area is where you can add a widget
to display a title, some text and a call to action button. The call to action button can be a “subscribe”
option or “buy a ticket” to the event, for example. Set the background image and visibility according
to your own strategy than save your work. Changing the footer text and copyright info it’s easy. First, head to Footer 2 widget section and
change the centered text with your own business info. To quickly access editable fields, simply
click on any of the blue pencil icons and you will be redirected immediately to that
section in the customizer. Here is the Advanced Options section where
you can change the Copyright Info and enable or disable some function like: – Breadcrumbs on shop pages. – Sorting options on shop pages
– Details tab on single product pages – Link on food menu title in the menu page. – Hide date on single page
– Hide search button in header Now that some settings were done and you have
content on pages, let’s choose the perfect matching colors according to your business. Select a color scheme from the drop-down list
or set colors as you wish using the color picker, but keep in mind to choose it wisely
and according to your branding strategy. The header image is the default image on all
of your pages but you can change them on every single page by adding a Featured Image. For example, if I will delete the featured
image in the About page you’ll notice that after updating changes the default header
image will be displayed here. I go back and set a custom featured image
once again and the header image will become that. The Background image is not used for now but
you can set one as custom gradient background color, for example. I suggest you leave it as it is by default
with no image at all! Menus are the navigation options your visitors
will use to find structured information about your restaurant and your social media profiles
near the phone number. By the way, your phone number and email address
can be changed in the advanced options section. After you Import the Demo Data all of your
menus are displayed like in the demo, of course, and you can edit the elements and custom fields
within like so. For more appealing style and an intuitive
navigation, add icons and you can do that by using instructions in the recommended video
on the screen right now or check the link in description below. Be sure that the Static Front Page settings
are a static page with Frontpage as the Front Page and Journal as the Posts Page. I love to see that nice Related Posts section
under every post. Remember that they will be displayed under
every product on a single product page too. This way you’ll be able to add more valuable
and fresh information your visitors can read about your business. I think I covered every section and how you
can customize them. If not, please tell me about it in the comments
below. I will be happy to answer you all.

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