How to Disable Comments on WordPress
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How to Disable Comments on WordPress

August 21, 2019

Hey y’all, welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton at WebTegrity in
San Antonio, Tx. Y’all, listen up. I am so thrilled to say that we
have reached over 1 million views here on YouTube. It’s really just amazing to me that we have so
many awesome people that just love to watch our fun WordPress videos and
we have over thirteen thousand, six hundred and something…something…something
subscribers. So, very very cool. Thank you for being a part of this community
every single Wednesday. Today, I want to teach you how to completely
disable the comments section inside of your website. So, a lot of times you’re building a WordPress site
that actually needs to function like a business website. Maybe you don’t need the ability for people to
comment on your blog post, even if you are gonna use a blog inside of your website. So, how can you disable that if your theme that
you’re using allows that to be there. Obviously, you know you can do that one at
a time. So, you can go in…check this out… You can go into your post area, “View All Posts” and
you can click “Quick Edit” and allow or uncheck that to disallow comments. But, sometimes, even still, your author has
allowed them to be there automatically and it’s kind of annoying. So, how do we block that or disable comments
inside of your WordPress website? This is how you do it. This is a simple plugin to make this happen. So, let’s go here. We’re going to be looking at
“Disable Comments”. Very difficult. That’s the one we’re going to look up. So, I’m going to add that to my clipboard. We’re gonna jump over here and go to
plugins and say “Add New”. We will search for that “Disable Comments”. This is the one you want. Almost a million active installs. It’s been updated recently and it’s
compatible with my version, so you know it’s safe to use. We’re gonna click “Install”. Of course, if you’re looking at this later on
down the road, be sure that those credentials are still there. That it’s got a lot of great reviews. That it’s got a lot of installs. You want to think about that no matter
what plugin you’re using on your website. So, now that it’s installed, I’m going to go ahead
and click “Activate”. I’m going to go ahead and activate that. I’ll slide off the screen, just so you can pay
attention to what we’re doing here. Now, underneath “Settings”, you have a section
called “Disable Comments”. That’s where you go to just take a look at this
really quickly. You can do a global one-click option. “Disable Everywhere” So, if your author has allowed them to appear on
pages and posts, just take them off. Gone. There’s no commenting option available, now. Or you can make it just on your posts or just
allow it on your pages. However you’d like to do it. Most of the time, though, it’s that “Everywhere” button
Click “Save Changes” and that does it. Breaks it down. Done. Taken care of. How exciting is that? What if, though, you have (in your comments section)
a ton of comments sitting here? Now, it says it’s closed. But, what if you had 200 or 2,000, or more
than that. Comments sitting there that you just wanted to
get ride of? Well, I’ve got another video that I created a while back
on how to do that. This little video here. That’s me just about a year ago. Check out that video. I’ll put the link to this
one in the description box below with two clicks.
Just a matter of seconds, you can take away
and delete all of those spam comments in one chunk. So, you’re not spending hours and hours trying to
remove those comments. Hey, I knew it was going to be a quick one. Listen, next week and for the rest of this month in
October, I’m going to be doing theme reviews. We’re going to be talking about some really
popular themes out there in the industry. I’m going to be giving you my two cents and
I’m even going to be giving one away for free. So, it’s a premium theme and it’s about an $80
theme. I’ll be giving it away for free. So, be sure to subscribe to our channel and
I’ll see y’all next WordPress Wednesday. Bye, y’all.

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  1. Wow Really helpful, thank you. You will never guess how many comments I have on my WordPress account. Which isn't even published I might add. I've just come to work on creating a website, since watching your theme list last night and I am greeted with 533 comments yep. Looks like it's going to take a while to delete them all, as the bulk action only seems to clear a page at a time. yikes.
    ooo A big Thumbs up to you, as I run off to the other video you just mentioned, on how I can clear them quickly.

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