How to easily complete the mission Demolition Man in GTA Vice City (Must Watch).
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How to easily complete the mission Demolition Man in GTA Vice City (Must Watch).

August 29, 2019

Hello everyone,today i will show you how to
complete the mission demolition man in GTA Vice City So first of all you have to find
a vehicle and go to the mission A After you reach the mission A you will find a pink mark
just stand on it. So after this intro your mission will become started and go to the yellow mark as we can see in our map. Here you will find a topfun car,Just sit inside it. So in this mission you have to plant these 4 bombs to the construction building to make it blast. So first of you have to redefine your controls by go to the options. and you have to change the control num9 to num3 Now go back You must be mastered in heli’s controls for make this mission so easy You will fall 1 time
or 2 time.but this make your mission so easy to be done Pickup your first bomb as you start You can see that i have 7 minutes to do this mission Our first target can be seen easily by going inside this building Kill all the workers they may make your helicopter blast Now go for the second one Just pick it up and you have to plant this one to second floor of this building Just concentrate the way i am going Over the stairs you will see 2 workers kill them And behind this wall here is our second target Now go for the third one Just make the helicopter controls more suitable for you,So you can do this mission so easily And you can see that i got 7 minutes to do this mission and i have saved alot of time,i have 4 minutes still left I have around 4 minutes still left
in this mission You have to plant this last on to 4th floor of the building At 4th floor
you will find two policemens first kill them Because they might make your helicopter blast And remember that all the target are inside a wall. So here is our last target So here is our mission demolition man of GTA Vice City has been completed

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  1. I was stuck and have deletedvice city for you i have win and have also completed GTA vc last mission KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE

  2. i struggled at this mission when i was 5,i completed it when i was 10 years old and now im 11 seems like i was used to the hard controls its just pg down pg up to accelerate not a problem

  3. please reply that how to bomb the bomb from helicopter to the pink marker
    I mean bomb automatically drop in the plase or we have to press any key.

  4. Vice city ka koi bhi mission mah aab sohte sohte par kar du even this mission too
    Edit: that to without cheatcode

  5. bhai ek video remod small helicopter ka video banao jo top fun se paani wale jahaj ke upar bamb fekna hota oo wali video jarur banao

  6. GTA vice में नाव वाला मीशन केसे पार होगा मेरे वाले game में लाल कलर कि नाव केसे पार करे

  7. Thank you very much
    Mein kaafi time se try kar raha tha fir bhi ye mission complete nahi ho raha tha finely aapki video ne mission complete kara hi diya

  8. Thanks dude, im in a notebook using Linux and playing with mouse lagging. God bless you i completed it in the first try

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