How to Embed your Clicky Tracking Code
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How to Embed your Clicky Tracking Code

August 27, 2019

hey this is Sabrina lead trainer for
Ballen Brands, today I’m going to show you how to set up clicky with your
website so um I did a previous video on how to set up your clicky account but
you do have to put the code on your website and order for it to be able to
track all your visitors so first thing you’re going to do is are going to go
into preferences then you’re gonna go to tracking code you’re going to grab this
red code here and then you’re going to go into your website so I’m going to use
WordPress as an example here if you’re using a web site other than WordPress
you want to make sure that your website allows HTML code and you want to make
sure that they have a header or footer option
clicky does require the code to be put in the footer so you do want to make
sure that your website has that capability if you can’t do it personally
usually if you email the code to your website provider they should be able to
pop that in for you so you may want to double-check with them now on WordPress
we use a cool tool called header and footer scripts so I’m on one of our
WordPress websites here you’re gonna go over to settings and then you’re gonna
go to header and footer scripts you do have to download this plug-in it is free
and then it once activated and downloaded it will show up here so now
you have your header scripts and your footer scripts so all you have to do is
in this footer script option below is paste your tracking code I’m not gonna
leave this in here because we already have our tracking code all set up but
once you paste it in you’re gonna hit save settings and that will update for
you now if you’re using one of our brew websites so if you’re a real estate
agent and you’re using our brew you’re actually going to find it in a different
section we have it built into the theme so you’re gonna go into brew header
footer scripts and it’s gonna look the same here so you have your headed codes
and your footer codes now once the code is placed on your website what you’re
going to do is you’re gonna go back over to clicky and you’re gonna hit verify
tracking code now from here you have your URL for the website so that should
autofill so you should just have to hit submit
and then it’ll tell you your trafficking appears to be installed correctly or
incorrectly if it says incorrectly you may have missed one of the codes when
you went to go copy it or it may have been pasted in the wrong spot so you’ll
want to kind of troubleshoot that as needed but if you do it just like we did
here with the WordPress it should say it is installed correctly now there is also
a clicky plugin that you can download that does override this tracking code
process so with that wine you should be able to go right over to plugins
and add new we already have it installed so I hope it appears here for us and there it is clicky analytics so with
this one you just click install you activate it and it will walk you through
the process of linking your plugin which is actually in the settings option here
if you need to find it again so you could put in your site ID your site key
and they have a step-by-step video tutorial for you walking you through
that whole process again if you haven’t signed up for clicky yet and you do want
to get started with it head over to and we have a link in
there for you and if you have any questions you can contact us at [email protected] – if you like this video be sure to subscribe and if you
want more training videos like this one in a step-by-step process but sure to
head over to and check out our online training course we
have two courses one for online marketing and then we do also have an
expansion specifically for real estate processes if you are a real estate agent
again if you have questions let us know and thanks for watching.

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