HOW TO FLY FISH for Peacock Bass
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HOW TO FLY FISH for Peacock Bass

January 28, 2020

Oh, yeah …… in this video I want to share with you five tips for fly fishing for peacock bass My name is Jacob Nixon I want to thank you for clicking on this video if you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet definitely do that while you’re here and Let’s see what we can do with Miami peacock bass fishing…. Let’s go So I am living in Virginia you’re wondering why is a guy from Virginia talking about peacock bass fishing I Got on a plane and flew to Miami and learned how to catch peacock bass on the fly that’s what this video is gonna be really helpful in showing it’s gonna show you how to do it and A little bit of my journey as I went to Miami to catch them So no you can’t catch them in, Virginia but you can go to Miami and they’re super accessible down there and that leads me into my first tip today is Let’s talk about how to access peacock bass Just got dropped off by my uber gonna try to get something on my fly rod Tip number one is gonna be access. How do you find these baths? Where are they and what I’m gonna recommend is become good friends with Google Maps but what I’m going to do is I’m going to open up my phone here and I’m gonna get into Google Maps you’re gonna type in Miami International Airport Let’s do that because that’s where most people are gonna fly in but if you zoom out of Miami International Airport here And then you look at this map You’re gonna start to see some water over to the left of the airport to the south of the airport But most of all you’re looking for is going to be this area What I’m gonna do real quick though to show you is the top right corner there. There’s a terrain Where you can change it’s a terrain or default or I’m going to default first So I like to stay at the fault because you’ll see here the water is actually much more visible in this mode to me But I will say if you hop right there into Miami Airport Take your uber and ride around here a little bit pick a spot as long as you kind of zoom in and check Out to see if it’s got excess So what you can do there is once you say you want to look at a map there the Fontainebleau, that’s a hotel So it’s probably not going to be the best idea but as a canal right there by the Fontainebleau So let’s let’s zoom in and look at that canal So it looks like it’s pretty accessible if we zoom all the way in here. I mean we’ve got accessible water there We’ve got some structure which I’ll talk about later in the video structure is important for the peacock bass But right there is a great example what you can do and you just keep going till you find public access These are some cool fish Love it. I definitely approve Peacock fishing in Miami you got a layover, whatever you gotta do Not too far from the airport You’ll find it another part of the access issue is are you bank fishing or do you have a water vessel? Are you on a kayak in a johnboat? A nice fancy bass boat if you know someone down there with kayaks or you run a kayak or something like that You’re gonna probably have a lot more access to some bigger fish – probably Hate it Another one following them a big though Good because you Came up and yeah The bigger one bigger That’s gonna be close to three pounds Every bit of all, right just got the first peacock of the day. That fight was impressive Let’s jump right into tip. Number two. What kind of setup should I use? I recommend anything in the six to eight weight range I’ve got my eight weight rod here to show you That’s what I use on my trip to Miami this year Now if you’re wanting to throw a little bit lighter streamer a smaller streamer which Downsizing can be very helpful with peacock bass Then you’re definitely going to be fine with that five weight that you use for trout fishing What kind of line do you want to have on your eight weight or your seven or six week? What I’m going to recommend is actually gonna be a sink tip with a running Floating line that sink tip is gonna allow that fly to get down in the water column Faster and get to where you want to fish for these fish You can still use a floating line But what its gonna do is probably limit what kind of flies you can use if you’re using a floating line Your flies have to be dumbbell eyes or something that sinks fast enough like a Clouser minnow, which is fine but if you want to have yourself a chance to kind of control your Your retrieves and different kind of presentations. I’m gonna recommend a sink tip. You’re gonna be fine with just running a straight leader You’re not gonna need a taper a leader when it comes to what leader you use But you can probably get away with any of the wear from 12 to 20 pound leaders There’s a clean floor right here on this bed together My gosh this thing can fight I’m out here location number two of the day. This is to be a little bit different another canal I see some cichlids already really big ones We’ll try to catch some of them then get back on a grind to maybe see bite get any more peacocks Let’s think and I’m gonna strip right through this area and strike them that I know about Had him hit he hit I don’t know if he was the one had a big hit This flies part to you big guy That’s my thoughts right now White is starting to pick up as the day goes on here – don’t know if it’s a middle of date Kind of thing or if it’s an afternoon thing Picking up though They are hitting these flies. Are they hooking up not? Yes flies big Nice big fish a little bit angry about it Got another one right at the bank this time and that’s the first one on that fly I’m time. There’s a stud in that group somewhere Sort where he’s at right now there’s a star – Stud bass. They’re There they stood stood up in there gosh dang That’s a better one feather bass Let’s dive right into tip number three here. I’m gonna go ahead and grab my fly box All we’re talking about is flies their main source of forage is gonna be other fish So cichlids and little minnows and whatnot baby cichlids maybe even baby peacock bass some of the presentations you’re gonna use they’re gonna be real small and some are gonna be Kind of actually bigger than you expect. You don’t need half of these flies I just packed them brought them all with me because I love flies if you’re like me I love having every type of fly in the box. Even if I don’t need it if I got room for it I’m gonna pack it one fly. I want to actually take a moment and Really just kind of say thank you and focus on for a minute is a fly tied by a fellow Instagrammer His name is tail Teller’s VA So if you don’t follow him right there, I’ll provide a link in the video below go check out his Instagram He’s doing an awesome job He ties some great flies and you actually can buy them from him, but the fly is what I would call Honestly a baby peacock bass fly that green With the black stripes on it is what makes me think. It’s a peacock bass, huh? Great tie check it out I don’t know what he calls this fly But I’m gonna call it the baby peacock because that’s what I felt like it was presenting This is the biggest fly of the day that I caught peacock bass on the Flies You’re gonna want to use to catch more of them. It’s probably going to be more along the lines of Your two to three inch range. So let me go ahead and share some flies with you. They’re a Little chartreuse clouds right here. You can’t really go wrong with that. It looks like a little bait fish down there My trip was definitely the Virginia critics. This one is literally torn up I haven’t tied anymore to replace it. It was destroyed by those bass flashy Er smaller sized flies or what? I saw really improved my numbers throughout my day You can use flies that range all the way up to six inches and all the way down to one and a half Two inches and they’re gonna eat them But more readily I’m seeing them eat the smaller presentations Awesome is the better one is the better one. Oh, yeah, you fish it great Look at this. Look at this. Just choking it Choking look up darkness. You’re gonna brighten up for us. Oh my god Fast as you can Whose trip setting It’s not as fast as these fish are Going to drift down close to the bottom and they’re stripping fast as you can it’s quick strips quick strips and burn those things Themselves, there we go Oh my gosh Okay, let’s move right on a tip number four your fly presentation So we talked about what kind of flies are used But your presentation of that fly is kind of the next step in a natural process. You gotta get down Maybe seven eight feet real fast when you get down in what you think is the strike zone Maybe you’ve found that by catching a couple already. We’re gonna haven’t yet You kind of see where they’ve been swimming get down to that level and I kid you not Strip as fast as you can so fast, you might burn your fingers off So strip and guard is highly recommend it if you don’t have a stripping guard so you can strip fast Duct tape duct tape wrapped around the finger in the same area There’s a log, right? Into my rod here that runs probably thirty feet out into probably thirty feet out into the water here And that’s where they’re coming off of the hit my bait. Just had a good one This thing though Yeah, that’s good for an eight wait, oh yeah, yeah, that’s a better one Yeah Gosh these fish are cool Tell you what That Virginia critics man about that Tip number five cast the structure peacock bass are Ambush predators what they’re gonna want to do is hide behind structure and ambush your fly Let’s recap the five tips that we went over today talked about access. How can you access these baths where they at? They’re readily accessible we talked about what kind of setup do you want to use? I recommend something in the six to eight wait range. We also talked about what flies are gonna work more often Not you’re going to want to downsize something in more that one-and-a-half to inch range Then we also talked about what kind of presentation these fish seem to want a lot of times It seemed like they have sped up quick retrieves That’s what they honed in on and then last but not least What kind of habitat they’re gonna be in you’re gonna cast mostly towards where the structure if you found any tips helpful today Be sure to like this video and comment below with any kind of questions You might have about peacock bass Or comment below with any kind of extra just information that you might have that we want to share with everyone else there this is a community YouTube is a great place to learn and I hope that what I share with you today was at least Educational if not fun to watch. So if you’re not already a subscriber Please hit that subscribe button, and I look forward to seeing you in the next video

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  1. Awesome video Jacob! (Doctor) 👍 Those peacocks look SWEET! Definitely a fish on my list I want to catch one day!

  2. I just got back from miami and I managed to catch a couple of nice peas but It took me a couple trips of trial error to get what you said in this video figured out. I like to use smaller size Enrico Pulgusi style flies. Great video, it was no only super informative but well edited and well produced. I subscribed and I hope you will make more in the future.

  3. Awesome…. I recognize some of those places from when I fished for peas a year ago in Miami. We had an epic day. Your videos are very well produced…. drives me to improve mine. I just subscribed, can't wait to see more.

  4. Hello my name is Gleison, I am from Brazil. I'm going to Miami in the next month, can you help me? I want to go to channels from miami to catch these peacock bass, where is this fishing location in the video? Do you can indicate the local? sorry by my english!

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