How To Fly Independently In a Wheelchair – My Top Tips and Tricks
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How To Fly Independently In a Wheelchair – My Top Tips and Tricks

January 19, 2020

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  1. Great video!! Two things I would recommend….One, would be to always get a GATE CHECK for your wheelchair instead of a BAGGAGE CHECK. If you get your chair checked through Baggage Claim you will have to use one of the Airline's clunky old wheelchairs to go claim your personal chair at Baggage Claim (where your bags end up on the conveyor). It is also more likely to be lost, stolen or damaged. With a GATE CHECK your chair is brought up to the jetway waiting for you when you get off the plane! This also saves time if you have to change planes (which typically requires you get to the connection flight quickly). To GATE CHECK your chair simply ask when you get to the service counter at the Gate!

    Two, if you need an Isle Chair or assist onto plane be sure to tell the counter person as soon as you arrive at the Gate so they can get the isle chair ready before boarding begins. That way you can get on first!! You don't want to be taken down the isle on an isle chair while being the last person boarding….everyone looks at you like you are Hannibal Lechter. Happy Travels!!

  2. I use the transporters at the airport because I walk with crutches. My knees pop out often while walking so it minimizes that risk and it makes security and navigation waayy easier! So, transporters are used for other people besides elderly or overweight people:)

  3. It's all a lie, he does NOT fly in a wheelchair!
    He's flying in an airplane while his wheelchair is put a way in a closet!!!

  4. First video I have watched by this guy.
    Fantastic, love the way he takes life. He accepts the benefits and negatives of being disabled. It's a good balance you rarely see.

  5. I had a catheter once, I'm guessing its different for you because that thing hurt like a mf. Or does it everytime for you? Because that is just insane if so.

  6. Here I am, still needing to write a cumulative 17 pages of papers in order to graduate in 13 days, and I am fascinated by this channel

  7. Background music used for those interested.

    0:58 Haywyre – Do you Dont you
    7:42 Conro – Trippin
    11:12 Haywyre – I am you

    Great Monstercat selection btw

  8. I don't know how this came up on my recommendations, but I am glad it did. This is so much more informative and educational than almost anything on TV. This is why I spend most of my entertainment time on You Tube. Thanks.

  9. Hi there! I am a software developer student, and I would like to create an application that would help people with reduced mobility to travel. Is there an app you wish to have that would make the travel process easier? I look forward to your responses!

  10. Would have been funny if it starts normal, goes through TSA, gets escorted to the flight line, gets strapped into two massive bungee cords and he puts on a helmet……

  11. I don’t even use a wheelchair and I watch this because it’s very interesting in how you learned to adapt and it is probably really helpful for those in a wheel chair and those in them I respect you and how you learn to adapt

  12. I work for Southwest (Same position as the gate guy you talked to). Here is my advice. Be on time to your flight, if your late and we already started boarding its very difficult to get everything squared away after the point. If you are running late and are at the ticket counter, ask the agent to call the gate to let us know. If we know ahead of time we can have a flight attendant hold a front seat for you or at least get the moving of other passengers started so when you do arrive everything is ready and we can get you on board. Really, its just communicate with us about what you need. None of the agents ever have problems helping, we just dont know what you need and everyone is different. So just communicate exactly what you need us to do.

  13. At 30 seconds he mentions that he uses Lyft to drive himself to the airport. At 1:06 you can clearly see the man is driving for Uber as in the top left side of the back windows just on the top middle of your screen. Honestly great video though! seem chill af.

  14. Traveling with my wheelchair-bond husband, I have found Southwest is the best and Frontier is the worst. On one Southwest flight, the PILOT helped us with deplaning. They are always accommodating and cheerful.

  15. I'm really grateful I found this video, W2W! My grandpa has had a Cochlear implant for almost 20 years so I'm used to the challenges of traveling with his needs, but my grandmother recently broke her second hip in as many years and may need to trade her cane and walker for walker and chair. I've been looking up videos on wheelchair mobility tips and your channel looks like a treasure to me. Even if my grandmother doesn't end up with the same mobility or compact-size you are able to manage, knowing where to look for elevators or even what issues I may need to discuss during transporting from A to B is good to know.

  16. I had an Aunt & Uncle in wheelchairs who traveled a lot. The FAA passed a rule to require ADA bathrooms only on aircraft with multiple aisles. The Airlines responded by purchasing 737's which led to the 737 Max that are all grounded now because airlines won't go with a widebody plane losing a row or two of seats for ADA bathrooms. I've contacted the FAA & USDOT and the director responded that there are new rules coming.

  17. The first video I watched was why I can walk I totally understand how you feel I had a inflamed foot for 2 months and walked on it sometimes

  18. Happy greetings and best wishes to you. I also have a wheelchair. I do my best to get around and I do a lot of volunteer work where I live. You are making a difference in my life I really enjoyed this video. I need to get a smaller wheelchair something like yours. I know it would be a lot easier for me to transport. You really encouraged me to get out more. Even though I have Tourette syndrome I keep way busy and I love to volunteer and I do my best to work out. Thank you for encouraging me in different ways in your videos. You're a hero in my eyes. Well unlit next time happy greetings and best wishes to you. Keep on the go .This is Joseph on wheels please subscribe to my channel thank you.💪🏆

  19. Why am I watching this when I’m not allowed to fly? I haven’t flown since becoming disabled.

    My wife, who is hemiparuplegic, doesn’t normally use a chair but she needs one when she flies as it would be impossible for her to queue up. When she flies it’s usually for a girl's drunken weekend in Spain, I’ll tell her to hold back on the fluids next time she goes.

    I’m usually in my mobility scooter which is very useful when we sail, my meds and nebuliser fill a small suitcase. Because I’m on Fentanyl and Gabapentin which are controlled drugs here, plus 18 other medications they have phoned my doctor's before now.

    A very useful video, I’m really glad that Mr YouTube recommended this channel for me. Thank you for posting it.

  20. i hope i dont come off as rude but im curious how its possible for you to stand? i know people use wheelchairs for multiple reasons, but i guess the most common thing is peoples legs.

  21. This is my first time seeing his video or channel so I don’t know why he’s in a wheel chair. This may sound ignorant, but why can you stand, but still need a wheelchair. I’m not quite sure what kind of condition that is, but I’m interested nonetheless

  22. As someone new to wheelchair use I’ve been wondering if you could strap a suitcase to the back of the chair and have it roll behind you. Especially the ones with four wheels….

  23. 11:18 i am sorry if this is an misunderstanding but this is my first time here but are you in need of a wheelchair or is this moment something different than i think it is (you standing up).

  24. I think to remember airlines can bend your chair in ways you would think is impossible, so work out who you can call to get a space chair, or may have the tools to get it working again. Some airline like to pull plugs out of powerchair, to they will not do anything while in flight. …….

  25. You know, their expecting you to say the chair is ok…and there is no damage, just shows how impersonal life is today. This is such a sad, sad world we live in.

  26. I flew from Nashville TN to Manchester New Hampshire with connections in Chicago and Baltimore and this video helped prepare me for the pat down

  27. Thank you very much for this. Especially for mentioning the peeing problem and possible solutions. This is one of my big problems always.

  28. This is really helpful, I'm off to Australia in December and due to my condition I'm looking at wheelchair for part time use but especially as it'll be really hot in Australia and I'll be on my own for part of it and don't want to faint whilst out there

  29. Meet the cast
    EM – entitle mother
    ASG – airport security guard

    PRW goes to airport security and EM spots them cutting line for medical reasons. EM, being the nasty bish she is, gets annoyed.
    EM: wHy aRe tHeY cUtTiNg tHe LiNe??
    ASG: oh um, their medical disabled
    EM: sO tHeY gEt tO cUt?
    tHaT sEeMs vErY uNfAir!!
    ASG: ma’am, their disabled, because of them it’s way easier for them to cut to the front of the line than being in the middle of a line in a big wheelchair, or if u are injured.
    EM: tHeN lEt mE cUt!!
    ASG: sorry ma’am you arn’t or have a disabled or injured person with you.
    EM: yEs i dO!!
    EM proceeds to pick up for heavy bag and drop it on her child’s foot.
    Child’s foot proceeds to shatter
    ASG: MA’AM!!! I am going to have to call social services!!!
    EM: cAn I cUt tHe LiNe nOw?
    ASG: what??!!
    EM: cAn I cUt tHe LiNe??
    ASG: no!! You are coming with me!
    EM: Nuuuuuuuuuu

    This is fake but funny

  30. I am a teenager in a wheelchair and I’m going on my first flight alone soon, so I’m watching every video I can! Thank you for all the helpful info! 💜

  31. How difficult would it be to travel nepal through wheelchair since my mother doesn't know english (she knows basic english) from usa?

  32. My cousin is in a weel chair with a 1 in 100,000,000 disease
    And we're going to hawiai next week
    So this helps!

  33. Greeting this is Woodman34x who is a whole time Caregiver, my patient I take care of a who is a full quad. We are planning on traveling to Europe during the summer. I really appreciate the tips and tricks and what to expect with traveling on the airline.

  34. I'm not in a wheelchair why am I watching this idk, but I see your in the la airport… I'm sorry i travel too much

  35. One problem with your video. Often on long haul flights or depending on if an airline has an aisle chair, wheelchair users can go to the toilet if you ask cabin crew, it's not merely impossible having done so myself. Ask beforehand to clarify.

  36. I'm planning a trip from ATL to STL. I am a wheelchair user, but I can walk short distances like you. Do you have any specific advice about the Atlanta airport?

  37. Such good tips and lovely video. I love your humor!! I am a part time wheelchair user due to a collagen defect that makes my joints very unstable and I’ve travelled a couple times by plane. You can also strap your bag/small suitcase on top of your feet to the frame of your chair with those bungee cords.

  38. One time the people forgot my moms wheelchair on the tarmack, she saw this as the plane was pushed back and was freaking out!! The people on plane were pissed at her, and airline was irritated…like wtf maybe they should have put it on the plane!!!!

  39. I saw this out of context: How to fly independently in a wheelchair, and I didn't think of airports so I was like IM DOWN.

  40. Thank you for giving me the courage to fly. My best friend moved 1100 miles away. The only way to get to her is via air.

  41. I fully understand why you made this video but as a wheelchair user I can tell you that 9/10 times you fly with a wheelchair it’s a nightmare. I actually think videos like this are dangerous and it basically says to the aviation industry no changes need to be made all fine here.

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