How to FLY REALISTIC (like Harry Styles) | Premiere Pro Tutorial
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How to FLY REALISTIC (like Harry Styles) | Premiere Pro Tutorial

January 28, 2020

[Music] Now, this one has been
on our list for quite a while. But now it’s time… …let’s fly like Harry Styles! [Music] Jordy here for!
And welcome to Copy Cat Friday! Now, today’s video is sponsored
by Videoblocks. A library where you can download
stock clips, video effects, templates and a lot more. One of the things you can get from
their site are beautiful sunsets, which we’ll use as our background
later in the video. I could try out many of these
different backgrounds as my year subscription allows
for unlimited downloads every day. Get a 7-day trail for free
by clicking in the first link in the description below. If you haven’t seen Sign of the Times
from Harry Styles yet, definitely do. It’s pretty impressive how
they’ve made Harry fly. They’ve actually attached him to a helicopter
and removed the cable in post. And that’s why his flying
looks so natural. He’s actually in that space. No
visual effects nor green keying. Unfortunately we couldn’t
arrange that helicopter, but I do wanna try the same
idea on a green screen. The first thing that we need
to do is figure out a way to attach yourself securely to a cable. We first tried to lay in a swing, but the pose that I’m in does’t
look quite natural. Just like Harry Styles,
I needed a harness, so that the cable can be
attached on my back. Yannick has a friend who does rock climbing
and he let us borrow his climbing harness. The rope needs to be attached
somewhere above you. We threw it over a beam
in our studio. You could also throw it over a branch,
but make sure it’s strong enough. The harness is actually a pants, but since I needed the cable to be attached
on my back, I put it on like a shirt. It wasn’t too comfortable,
but it worked. Once everything sits in place, make sure to test it out first
and that everything is secure. Next up is the green screen. Make sure it’s big enough so that
you’ll fit completely in the green area. As for the lighting, make sure
it’s evenly distributed. Since we had a lot of daylight
coming through a dome, we had a very soft overall
lighting, which was perfect. By the way, if you wanna
learn all the nifty details on how to setup and pull
off the perfect green screen, then make sure to click
in the cards, up there. And once that was setup, we focused
on the lighting for the subject. It’s best that you know which background
clips you’ll be working with upfront. We went for some sunset
clips from Videoblocks, so, to match the lighting of that, we
placed a big tungsten light in the back. And now we’re ready to swing! We did found out, though, that it wasn’t
so easy to get a natural flying pose. I guess humans just aren’t
so natural with flying. You kinda want to
let yourself hang, but at the same time trying
to keep your balance in the air. After a couple of shots, it’s time
to bring it into Premiere Pro. First let’s remove the green. Under Opacity I create a mask
and draw inside the green screen. Then I apply the Ultra Key effect
to it to remove all the green. If you wanna see an in-depth tutorial
on how the Ultra Key works, you can click in the cards
again, up there. Next up I position myself
where I want to be. But here comes the tricky part. You kind of wanna blend in with the
background to make it look realistic. And the first thing you could
do is color grading. From the Lumetri panel
I make myself darker, add some more orange into the shot
and under the creative tab, increased the faded film to get rid
of the harder contrasts. Now, since I put myself
in the far distance, it’s not so natural that
I look too sharp. So, I’ll add a simple Gaussian blur and
set the blurriness to something around 40. So, that’s going to help. But it still might not
look really natural and that’s because of the movement. I think this is one of the
trickiest things to do. I also don’t think that
we got it all right, but it basically comes down to adjusting a lot
and trying to look for unnatural errors. So, here’s what we’re going to do. For the background, I’m going
to set the scale to 200%. And that allows me to move
the position to one end, create a keyframe and move the frame
to the other end of the clip. What we basically have now
is a pan movement. And I’ll do the exact same
thing with myself. And after the keyframes have been
placed, I click on the Motion property which will reveal the path
of the position animation. To make it less static, I pull the levers
on the start and stop keyframe. That way I kinda float more. You can also move your last keyframe
a little higher in an arch, like this, so that it seems like
you’re flying up. However, this should be
a conscious choice. You can see that I’m also looking up,
changing my arms and feet. So, this pose would match with
that I would suddenly fly faster or higher. And this is that part that I was talking
about which is so hard to do. You constantly wanna change your path,
the speed of the animation, etc. Now, if you are still having trouble
like us to get it right, there’s actually a little trick. Select the two clips, right click
on it and say Nest. We now have the two clips in a group and on that group I will apply
a fake camera movement. I’m using the one from Jarle,
which is actually a free preset and I’ll leave a link to his preset
in the description below. Since we have a camera movement
now on both of the clips, the individual movements
are now a little bit covered up. And we can do the same thing
with the color grading. If you had trouble matching the colors, you could apply an overall
grading to the group. A last problem that
I was running into, was that the background had
more noise because I scaled it up. My clip had almost no digital noise
because I was scaled down. So, from the effects I searched for Noise
and apply it also to the group. Disable color noise and increase
the amount a tiny bit. So, that was it for blending ourselves
into a stock clip from Videoblocks. Lastly we need to remove the wire
that is coming out from behind us. If you have a thin wire, you can actually use
the effect called Simple Wire Removal inside After Effects. But if your head is moving around
too much and the cable is too thick, we’ll need to manually
mask that out. You can do that inside Premiere Pro,
but it’s not so user-friendly. I would really suggest you to use
After Effects for this. I’m working on the source clip
and have a mask around the cable. With the animation enabled for
that mask, I adjust every frame. A lot of work and afterwards we knew that we just should have
wrapped the cable with a green cloth, so that we could use the
Ultra Key on that as well. Looking back on it, a helicopter
might have been easier. But, you know what? We
where very creative. And that’s the most important
thing with whatever you do. Stay creative, guys! -We got to, we got to get away! Get away!

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    From a climbers perspective your use of the equipment is veeeeery cringe worthy :p
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  5. Absolutely amazing tutorial and you absolutely nailed the look. The finished result looks genuine to me, which is not an easy task but you nailed it! Bravo guys!

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  11. Kinda silly tutorial. All you need to do this flying bit is a large warehouse, professional lighting and cameras, and of course a green screen the size of a football pitch. In other words a full scale professional movie studio. Noted.

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