How To Fly Remote Control Helicopter Big Size | Large scale RC Helicopter
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How To Fly Remote Control Helicopter Big Size | Large scale RC Helicopter

September 29, 2019

Assalam O Alakum ,viewers I am Ayub Khan and you are watching RC Channel Ayub. Today we will review RC helicopter BOLON 903 -Pro series, 3.5 channel And this is built in gyro helicopter Its price is 8 thousand Pakistani rupees. This is a big size helicopter. So lets start. First of all, Unbox it The battery is Li-on 3S 11.1 volt 1500 mah This is manual book Please read completely before flying 1 tail blade, 1 connect buckle is extra. you can replace these in case of damaging . Open back cover radio put AA size 4 batteries Use good quality batteries Normal batteries damage insides of battery connectors Fix antenna at the radio put antenna in center and tight it And you have to open complete antenna before flying This is throttle stick and this is left right stick and this is also elevator stick This is trim button 2 main blades are also in extra 1 A blade 1 B blade It have two parts of charger 1 Adopter ,1 charger And this is On Off switch of helicopter and these are battery connectors and charging connectors. Connect the Adopter to the electricity board and connect it with charger Power green light is On connect battery connector with charger socket. and now Red light is on so charging is start and when red light will off, charging will be completed and if red light blinks you should disconnect all it means any battery cell is dead. or below 2 volts So lets connect it On the helicopter first and then on the radio Move throttle stick to the top and move to the bottom Now this is connected. If you move throttle stick up and down, helicopter will fly up and down. and move left right stick to move helicopter left and right turning. and if your helicopter rotate clockwise you should move trim button Anti clock If the helicopter rotate Anti clock you should move trim button to clockwise. Lets try At 20% throttle helicopter is rotating clockwise I will move trim button, Anti clock If you move trim button more so helicopter will rotate Anti clock and now we need to move trim button clockwise when the helicopter stop rotating we should stop moving the trim button Now if you move left right stick to the left or right the helicopter will turn left and right if you move it a little bit helicopter will turn slowly if you move the stick fully so helicopter will be turn fastly So this is turning stick One more thing The tale blade will be start in case of forwarding or back warding otherwise it will be stop We should go out for test flight Fly only 10 feet hight during practice It has 100 feet range. For range test you should keep the helicopter in the center of groun and go away with radio where it stops working disconnected that is end point so keep flying it that range don,t fly very high, If connection will be lost helicopter will be dropped and will be crashed Fly it near you Don,t fly near mobile towers Don,t fly in wind Don,t fly in public places. go away in open ground Don,t fly near heavy voltage wires of electricity That can disturb the frequency. Don,t fly if the battery is going to end level. Flying time is 15 minutes you should fly for 12 minutes Like and share the video Subscribe the channel Thanks for watching

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  1. Bhai jab mera helicopter udtahai to jab me direction badalta Hun tab wo in balance ho jata hai aur jab me dhire se upar udata hu dhire se uska lever uper karta hu to wo in balance ho jata hai plz isme vd balao

  2. I bought this RC helicopter recently the high ratings and reviews convinced me and I am really satisfied.

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  4. Mere paas velocity 2channel helicopter hai full throtle par bhi kabhi 30%throtle kabhi 60% throtle hoti hai please solve problem sir

  5. Flying 10,000 rs rc helicopter just 5-20 people watching
    Flying a toy normal size drone 2,000 rs
    10-50 people or full area watching

  6. Mere paas isse advance helicopter hai jisme camera bhi hai lekin uske remote mei rotation alag button camera angle ka alag button or tail fan ka alag button hai control hi nahi ho pa raha jab ulata hu to lagta hai ki helicopter pagal ho gaya

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