How to FLY/TAKE OFF like a SUPERHERO in Final Cut Pro

September 26, 2019

flying superhero Welcome to my channel, where I focus on helping
you learn new tips, tricks and techniques for filmmaking and just creating in general. If you’re new here, check out my channel after
this and consider subscribing. So with the filming aspect of this, all you’ll
need to do is show you jumping up or out. Make sure to have about five to 10 seconds
of you not in the shot prior to you jumping. You’ll use this as the bottom layer once you’ve
masked out yourself. Once in the editing room, you’ll speed up
the section where you jump up off the ground to make it seem like you have that raw power
from the get go. Do this by pressing shift B where you want
to start the right timing and Shift B where you want to end the retiming, then adjust
your slider to speed it up when you’re about mid jump or right when you leave the ground,
retime the clip to hold. This will freeze that frame, allowing you
to mask out your superhero like physique. Now we’ll cut out that beginning section of
your clip that shouldn’t have you in. We’ll place it under the jumping section of
the clip. The next thing we’re gonna do is mask out
your body to go into effect, drag the draw, mask on your clip and begin to mask out your
whole body. The more points you add, the better it’ll
look. Unlike other masking effect videos I’ve done
with this one, you do not need to press the keyframes for the mask because you’ve got
the clip on hold after you’ve mask your body, feather the mask so the outline isn’t as sharp. Next, you’ll add the flying motion of your
masked body by using the transform tool. Make sure to click the key frame at the beginning
of the hold. Go over three or so frames and move your body
upward till it’s out of frame. You may need to adjust this so that you can
get the speed just right. You may have noticed something weird was going
on with your body before you jump. Basically your mask is still on when it doesn’t
need to be on that section of the clip. So cut your clip where the mask is supposed
to start and turn off your mask for this beginning section. After you’ve turned it off. Finish or jump up with some directional blur
to really sell the motion of you jumping at supersonic speeds. Go frame to frame, increasing the blur each
time. Make sure to press the keyframes so it saves. After that, you’ll start adding the effects
that are really sell this. You can look up free video overlays in Google
and it’ll probably give you some options to use. Maybe try free explosion overlays. Free smoke overlays. I used to have a subscription with,
so I already had some in my library, which is what I’m using here. Start off by retiming the effect to make it
the speed you wanted to be at playback. Notice that most overlays have a green or
black background, so you’ll need to use a keyer effect to get rid of it. Most of the time you just have to play with
the settings here to figure out what looks best. You’ll always sample the color you don’t want
in the shot, which for me here is black. And go into the matte tools and move your
slider till you find the correct exposure levels that shows the dirt flying. I added some soften to make it not as crisp
and sharp. If you want, you can add a Color Board. to the overlay and change the color using
the color tab and sliders, and then change the exposure using the exposure tab and sliders. You can also change the hue of that color
by adding a hue/saturation curve correction. Press the dropper and choose the color you
want to change and move your center point to find the color you want. After this, use the transform tool on this
overlay to fit it into the right spot at some direction or blur, since this is a fast moving
object. It’ll make it seem a little more realistic. Next, add an adjustment layer over top. This will allow you to make changes to all
the layers underneath. You’re going to use the transform tool with
this layer to make it appear like the earth shook as you flew. So press a key frame right when you start
to jump and go frame by frame, moving the shot from side to side and increasing the
size of the shot ever so slightly. Add some sound effects to help tie everything
visual together. I used random sound effects from the final
cut library like explosion 1 and wind for the blasting off sound. LFE rumble one for a deep cinematic earth
shake and rain 4 for dirt spraying and the just the falling on the ground sound. I also added some bird ambience and some footsteps. You may need to chop up those footsteps to
add with your motion when you hit the ground. Just let you guys know I have over 120 easily
downloadable sound effects on my channels. So if you guys are wanting some free quality
sound effects for your project, you can use those too. I do not get paid for any of them. I just put them up for my subscribers. After you’ve placed the sound effects, adjust
them so they fade out when you fly away. Only need to change the blast of sound effects
for this one. The next thing we’re gonna do is add a drop
shadow to the dirt explosion. You may also need to add a drop shadow for
you as you jump. But as for me in this clip, I was overcast
and I really didn’t think I needed it. So lying your shadow up and angled. So its angle and direction is congruent with
the other shadows in the area. You’ll get to the start of where you like
the shadow to be seen and pressing your key frame so every movement after that saves. Then adjust your shadow according to the explosion. Honestly, you won’t need to adjust too much
here. I probably adjusted it too much actually to
sell the whole thing even more I wanted to add some dirt or burnt grass looking debris
on the ground after I flew away so I brought in a black custom generator. I added a shape mask and made it an oval. I use the transform tool to move it into position
and change its size, and I use the distort tool to change the perspective angle of the
shape. Change the color of the shape to whatever
you like. And once again, use the transform tool to
move the shape with the explosion of the debris. Also, use the opacity slider to change how
solid the shape appears to be. Make sure to press those key frames for both
the transform tool and the opacity slider when you start. The final thing I add, it was a smoke overlay
to trail after me as I flew away. It is the same process as the explosion overlay,
so you’ll need to use the keyer tool, but you can just copy the explosion overlay effects
and paste them on to this trail effect. You do this by pressing command C to copy
and command shift v to paste on the trail effect. Do the same thing you did before and position
and move the smoke using the transform tool with the key frames pressed at the beginning
of where you want the overlay and at the same time change the opacity of the smoke, making
sure to press the key frame at the beginning as well. And boom, you’re off and flying around. I realized that this was a long tutorial,
so if you’ve stayed with me this long, let me know that you did in the comments below. I’d love to see who has grit. And as for everyone else, you don’t have grit,
and you’ll never know that I said this because you’re off watching some other garbage. Just messing around, guys. Please press that thumbs up on if I taught
you something today and till next time. Enjoy your day.

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